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Asphalt Mixing Plant Sale

asphalt mixing plantAsphalt mixing plant sale is a kind of equipment, which is used to mix the proportioned aggregates into the asphalt mixture under the specified temperature. And its main purpose is to produce asphalt, modified asphalt mixture, colored asphalt mixture and meet the requirements of highway construction, classified highway construction, urban road construction, parking lots, airport construction and port construction, etc. And there are dazzling asphalt mixing plant manufacturers in construction machine market and as for our company, we have been engaged in innovation and creation of our machines for years, and with the long history and rich experience of production, we have redesigned our products and have optimized their performance, so we are confident that our products can satisfy you greatly, the following page will give you a detailed introduction about our asphalt concrete mixing plant. In addition, we mainly have asphalt drum mixing plant, mobile asphalt mixing plant, batch type asphalt mixing plant and stationary asphalt mixing plant for your selection.


1. According to the production capacity, asphalt mixing plant for sale can be divided into small type, medium type and large type;

2. According to the mode of transport, it consists of mobile type, semi-stationary and stationary type;

3. According to the technological process, it includes continuous drum type and batch type.


1. Cold aggregate supply system; 2. Burning system; 3. Hoisting system; 4. Screening system; 5. Weighing system; 6. Mixing system; 7. Dust collecting system; 8. Filler supply system; 9. Asphalt supply system; 10. Pneumatic control system; 11. Electric control system.
And tilted belt feeding conveyor and finished product storage bin haven’t been labeled in this figure. But they also belong to the components of the asphalt mixing plant.

Working principle

The working process of asphalt mixing equipment is the combination of aggregates mixing, mineral powder mixing and asphalt mixing. And the first step is conveying all the materials to the mixing cylinder.

1. Aggregates conveying. Aggregates in general are broke stones stored in the cold aggregate supply system. At first, send the broke stones to the drying system through the tilted belt feeding conveyor, and after the drying and heating, the aggregates will be sent to the screening system through the hot aggregate elevator, and in the vibrating screen, aggregates will be divided according to the grain diameter and then they will be sent to the hot aggregates storage bin, and then send the aggregates to the aggregates weighing system, after the weighing, send them to the mixing cylinder. This is the process of conveying aggregates;

2. Mineral powder conveying. During the aggregates conveying, there is a drying process, and this process will produce some dusts, so these dusts will be collected by the dust collecting system and then enter into the recycling powder storehouse, at the same time, new mineral powder will be sent to the mineral powder bin, so mix them up and send them to the mineral powder weighing system and after the weighing, discharge the mineral powder into the mixing cylinder. And this is the process of mineral powder conveying;

3. Asphalt conveying. Asphalt will be pumped into the asphalt tank by the asphalt pump, by the way, asphalt tank plays an important role in keeping warm and heating. And then, send the asphalt to the asphalt weighing system and after the weighing, discharge the proportioned asphalt into the mixing cylinder. This is the process of asphalt conveying.

After those processes above finished, begin to mix them together in the mixing cylinder according to the designated time. And after finish mixing, discharge the asphalt mixture into the finished product storage bin. Finally, send the asphalt mixture to the construction site by the heated bitument tanker.

asphalt mixing plantDifferences of five kinds of machine

There are five main kinds of asphalt mixing plants.

1. Continuous drum type

This kind of machine adopts continuous production, aggregates drying, heating and mixing are conducted in the mixing drum and this kind of mixing method is with the characteristic of high mixing efficiency.

2. Batch type
For this machine, the process of aggregates heating and mixing are conducted forcibly and periodically. The machine mixes the materials in turn and the mixing time is 45 to 60 seconds per pot. And it is with the characteristic of good mixing quality.

3. Mobile type
The stock bin and mixing pot of the machine have tires and they can move with the transfer of construction site, and it is more suitable for county and country highway and low grade highway.

4. Semi-stationary type
This kind of asphalt mixing plant equipment is equipped on the several trailers, and they will be assembled in the construction site and applied to the road construction.

5. Stationary type
Asphalt mixer plant means to fix the operation site, and it also named asphalt concrete processing plant and is well suited to city road construction.

Features of asphalt mixing plant sale

1. Modular cold aggregate supply system;

2. Fuel-efficient heating and drying system;

3. High strength plate chain bucket type hoisting system with zero decibel mute reverse device;

4. Screening system is established on the basis of strict experiment;

5. Weighing system with high accuracy and good stability;

6. Even and high effective large circulation solid boiling system;

7. The dust particle size can be adjusted and has high pressure pulse cloth dust-collecting system;

8. Vertical up and down modular new and old powder hopper, powder supply system has various powder conveying patterns;

9. Fast installation of modular asphalt supply system;

10. Finished product storage bin is with the characteristics of low rate of fault and good insulating effect;

11. Adopt international famous brand air compressor with large air volume and air control system with Germany FESTO pneumatic elements of high quality;

12. PC + PLC control system with independent intellectual property rights and easy operation.

asphalt mixing plantOther information

The capacity of the machine is from 8t per hour to 320t per hour and its main raw materials are asphalt, stone, sand, ashes and mineral powder, the main fuels are coal, oil and natural gas. In addition, there are two ways to collect dust. One is wet dust collection, another is cloth dust-collecting, the former is cost-saving and the latter is environmentally friendly.


As the most representative asphalt mixing plant manufacturer in henan, we have the confidence to make you be satisfied with our price and product, for we set the reasonable asphalt mixing plant price for the customers all around the world according to the performance, brand parts and technology of machines. And our product must function smoothly and bring you enormous benefits. And we spare no effort to serve for you and offer you the most cost-effective product. And we aim to be the first asphalt mixing plant in China, as long as you search for the machine, our company will be the first search station of the asphalt mixing plant suppliers.

Successful cases

1. In 2013, our three sets mobile type machines of 40t were sent to Burma.

2. In 2014, our two sets mobile type machines of 20t were sent to Sri Lanka.

3. In 2014, our mobile type machine of 40t was sent to Burma.

4. In 2014, our mobile type machine of 40t was sent to Algeria.

5. In 2014, our mobile type machine of 60t was sent to Brazil.

6. In 2016, our stationary type machine of 120t was sent to Pakistan.

7. In 2016, our mobile type machine of 60t was sent to Botswana.

8. In 2016, our stationary type machine of 120t was sent to Algeria.

9. In 2016, our mobile type machine of 20t was sent to Ukraine.

10. In 2017, our mobile type machine of 60t was sent to Tajikistan.

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Type  LB500  LB750  LB1000  LB1500
 Rated production  40t/h  60t/h  80t/h  120t/h
 Cold Aggregate Bin  4×6m3  4×6m3  4×9m3  4×9m3
 Dry Cylinder  1.1m×4.2m  1.3m×5m  1.5m×6m  1.8m×7m
 Bag-type Dust-collector  CNM156  CNM240  CNM357  CNM476
 Emission Standard  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3
 Vibrating Screen  4 layers  4 layers  4 layers  4 layers
 Hot Aggregate Bin  12t  12t  26t  26t
 Mixing Kettle Capacity  500kg  750kg 1000kg  1500kg
 Mixing Cycle  45s  45s  45s  45s
 Mineral Powder Tank Volume)  30t  30t  26+36t  26+36t
 Asphalt Tank Volume  30000L  30000L  50000L  50000L
 Heat Conduction Oil Stove  200,000 kcol/h  200,000 kcol/h  300,000 kcol/h  300,000 kcol/h
 End-product Container Volume  50t  50t  90t  90t
 Control System Manual /Semi-auto / Automatic/
 Weighing Accuracy  Aggregate  ≤±0.4%  ≤±0.4% ≤±0.4%  ≤±0.4%
 Powder Material  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%
 Asphalt  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%
 General Installed Power  190kw  190kw  190kw  190kw
Type  LB2000  LB2500  LB3000  LB4000
 Rated production  160t/h  200t/h  240t/h  320t/h
 Cold Aggregate Bin  5 ×11m3  5 ×11m3  5 ×11m3  5 ×11m3
 Dry Cylinder  2.2m×8m  2.2m×9m  2.2m×10m  2.2m×11m
 Bag-type Dust-collector  CNM654  CNM832  CNM1012  CNM1308
 Emission Standard  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3
 Vibrating Screen  5layers  5 layers  5layers  5 layers
 Hot Aggregate Bin  5/40t  40t  80t  100t
 Mixing Kettle Capacity  2000kg  2500kg  3000kg  4000kg
 Mixing Cycle  45s  45s  45s  45s
 Mineral Powder Tank Volume)  30+43t  30+43  50+35t  60+35t
 Asphalt Tank Volume  2×50000L  2×50000L  3×50000L  4×50000L
 Heat Conduction Oil Stove  500,000 kcol/h  500,000 kcol/h  800,000 kcol/h  1000,000 kcol/h
 End-product Container Volume  110t  110t  200t  200t
 Control System Manual /Semi-auto / Automatic
 Weighing Accuracy  Aggregate  ≤±0.4%  ≤±0.4% ≤±0.4%  ≤±0.4%
 Powder Material  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%
 Asphalt  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%
 General Installed Power  400kw  530kw  720kw  820kw
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