drum asphalt mixing plant

DHB series Drum Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

60t asphalt drum mix plant in Ukraine
60t asphalt drum mix plant in Ukraine
drum mix plant
drum mix plant
drum asphalt mixing plant
drum asphalt mixing plant

DHB series drum continuous asphalt mixing plant is one kind of asphalt producing equipment, which is used to produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture in batches. And it can totally meet the requirement of highway construction, grade highway construction, urban road construction, ports construction and airports construction, etc. According to the technological process, there are mainly two sorts of asphalt batching plant: DHB series continuous asphalt plant and QLBY series batch type asphalt concrete batching plant. This page will have a detailed introduction about the former. Drum asphalt batching plant can produce the asphalt mixture continuously, aggregate heating, drying and admixture mixing are conducted in the same drum. Also, it can be designed in mobile asphalt drum mix plant, as long as equip the hopper and drum with tires, the plant can achieve free movement.

Compositions DHB series Drum Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Cold aggregate supply system. The amount of bins depends on the varieties of the aggregates, there are usually three to six bins. The sizes of doors can be adjusted and in this way, the speed of aggregate supply can be adjusted accordingly. Aggregate grading machine plays a role in rough matching, after the rough matching, the aggregates will be conveyed to the drying drum through two belts, there is a filter screen at the end of the first belt, which can filter out extra large aggregate. There is material shortage alarm device, when the aggregate hopper is lack of material, it will alarm and vibrate automatically. In addition, cold aggregate supply motor adopts frequency conversion control, stable in performance and convenient in installation and transportation.

2. Tilted belt feeding conveyor. We use brand parts to make the tilted belt feeding conveyor have a long service life and stable performance.

3. Drying system. Drying drum consists of burner and drying drum. The burner offers drying drum heat to heat and dry the cold aggregate. According to the different fuel, there are three kinds of burners for your choice: oil burner, coal burner and gas burner.

4. Burning system. We use well-known brands at home and abroad oil burner, it has a wide oil range, light oil, heavy oil, blend oil even coal tar can be used.

5. Hot aggregate elevator. High strength plate chain bucket elevator, special structure of wear-resistant and noise reduction device, slide type shaft end seal, equip transmission system with the stable mute device, all of these excellent components make great contributions to hot aggregate lifting.

6. Dust collecting system. There are two ways to collect the dust: level dust and two dust. Level dust mainly has volute dust and cyclone dust removal. Two dust has water film dust collector and bag dust collector. The level dust is to remove the large particle materials and lift them to the vibrating screen through the elevator and then use them. Two dust aims to recycle the filter and send them to the old filler storehouse and put them into use, the filler that can not be reused will be mixed with water in the concrete mixer and be discharged out.

7. Vibrating screen system. Screen use high-strength manganese steel prolongs the service life. Unique design of feeding hole has the features of wear-resisting and low noise.

8. Mixing tower. The mixing tower of drum mix asphalt plant has reasonable room for maintenance and safety protection device.

9. Filler supply system. Filler supply system is made up of elevator, filler bin, temporary filler storage bin and screw conveyor.

10. Air control system. We adopt international famous brand air compressor and Germany FESTO high-quality pneumatic elements. Main trachea uses no corroded pipeline and high-performance air purification device. In addition, reserving air connection is convenient to sweep and use other pneumatic tool in the construction site.

11. Asphalt supply system. Asphalt supply system includes dump tank, dump pump, asphalt tank and circulating pump.

12. Electric control system. For asphalt drum plant, there is only manual control.

13. Finished product storage bin. It is used to store asphalt mixture temporarily.

There are two kinds of finished product storage bin: underneath type and side type.

DHB40 mobile type asphalt drum plant in Burma
DHB40 mobile type asphalt drum plant in Burma
asphalt drum mix plant sale
asphalt drum mix plant sale
mobile drum mix plant
mobile drum mix plant

For underneath type

1. Greatly reduce the land occupation, and cancel the lifting of the finished product cart;

2. Bag dust collector is equipped on the drying drum, which reduces the loss of heat and saves fuel and space;

3. Adopt linear vibrating screen driven by the imported vibration motor, which improves the screening efficiency and lower the rate of fault;

4. Using double row plate chain ascension to lift the aggregate prolongs the lifespan of the elevator and improves the stability of the operation;

5. Special mixing blades design makes the mixing much more effective and reliable;

6. Modular design makes it easy and convenient to install and transport.

For side type

It is similar to the underneath type.

1. Modular design and convenient transportation.

2. Smooth lifting and accurate location.

3. Insulating layer prevents cementation of the charging door.

4. The bottom pathway can be lifted by the electric block, which is convenient to receive materials and have a maintenance.

Working principle

Asphalt drum mix plant process is very complete. It mainly includes three materials mixing: cold aggregates, filler and asphalt.

1. Cold aggregate usually is broken stone, broken stone will be conveyed to the drying drum through the tilted belt feeding conveyor, and after the drying and heating, hot aggregate will be transported to the vibrating screen by the hot aggregate elevator. In the vibrating screen, the aggregates will be screened according to the different diameters and then, they will be discharged to the hot aggregate storage bin, after that, the hot aggregates will be weighed through the aggregate weighing system, after the weighing process, the proportioned hot aggregate will be discharged to the mixing cylinder.

2. During the drying and heating, there will be some filler, the filler will be sent to the recycle storage bin through the dust collecting system. And new filler, usually is sand, with old filler will be discharged to the filer weighing system, and after the weighing, they will be conveyed to the mixing cylinder.

3. As for asphalt, it will be pumped to the asphalt tank, and after the heating, it will be discharged to the asphalt weighing system, then the proportioned asphalt will be discharged to the mixing cylinder.

4. At last, three materials will be mixed in the mixing cylinder according to the designated time under the electric control. Afterwards, the asphalt mixture will be stored in the finished product storage bin or be conveyed to the asphalt transportation truck and be used in construction site.

DHB60 mobile drum asphalt batching plant in Afghan
DHB60 mobile drum asphalt batching plant in Afghan
asphalt mobile drum mix plant
asphalt mobile drum mix plant
mobile asphalt drum mix plant
mobile asphalt drum mix plant

Asphalt batch plant VS drum plant

They are two various types, the former belongs to batch type and the latter is continuous type, so they have different working efficiency. For batch type, the heating, drying of the aggregate and mixing of the admixture are compulsory and periodic. It takes 45s to 60s to mix one pot asphalt. For continuous type drum mix plant, these three procedures above are proceeded in the same drum. Furthermore, it can be designed to mobile drum mix plant, which is much easier to assembly and disassembly.

Advantages of drum mix plant

1. Stable performance and long service life;

2. Easy operation, maintenance and convenient transportation;

3. Good mixing quality and high working efficiency;

4. Low cost and less noise;

5. Invariable frequency speed adjust and accurate weighing;

6. Available burning system for coal, oil or natural gas, can achieve heat efficiency to maximum.

About us

As the key part of the road construction, drum asphalt mixing plant has been updated many times. As a famous asphalt drum mix plant exporter, we take active measures to optimize our products, such as, we bring in foreign advanced technology, adopt international famous brand parts and adhere to independent innovations. We aim to provide customers with excellent continuous asphalt mixing plant, and also, we will offer the most thoughtful service and the most professional technician to guide the installation and operation of the machine.

As for the asphalt plant price, different kinds have different price, we mainly have semi continuous asphalt plant, stationry asphalt mixing plant, DHB series plant, QLB batch type asphalt plant, QLBY mobile type and continuous double barrel asphalt plant, you can make a specific comparison according to your construction project and decide which one is proper, then our salesman will customize a detailed quotation for you.

Our asphalt mobile drum mix plant has been exported to many countries, for instance, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Karachi and Malaysia, etc. We are ready to serve you, and please feel free to contact us!

Technical Specifications:

Model Productivity (T/h) Total power (kw) Weighing Accurary Fuel Consumption(kg/t)
Aggregate Bitumen Coal Oil
DHB20 20 26 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10 5.5-7
DHB40 40 58 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
DHB60 60 99 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
DHB80 80 196 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
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