Hydraulic Concrete Pump of Aimix Group

Hydraulic Concrete Pump

Hydraulic concrete pump is a kind of concrete conveying machine that continuously delivers concrete to a construction site to meet the pumping conditions through a horizontal or vertical laying pipe. Our hydraulic concrete pumps have the characteristics of high construction efficiency, low cost, convenient operate, high reliability and long service life like ordinary diesel concrete pump and electric concrete pump. Our hydraulic concrete pump are widely used in concrete construction projects of urban construction, mining, electricity, energy, transportation and other departments.

Hydraulic Concrete Pump of Aimix Group

Working Principle of Hydraulic Concrete Pump

The two hydraulic cylinders of our hydraulic pump for concrete mixer are connected in series with the two concrete conveying cylinders. Under the drive of the two hydraulic piston , the two concrete conveying cylinders alternately inhale and discharge the concrete under the control of the distribution valve. The distribution valve of our hydraulic concrete pump is an S-shaped pipe valve with one end connected to the conveying pipe and the other end being alternately connected with the two concrete conveying cylinders by swinging, and cylinder is aligned and discharged concrete. At the same time, the other cylinder draws concrete from the hopper. Swing of S valve is achieved by the thrust arm, which is symmetrically arranged in the S pipe valve rotary shaft on both sides of hydraulic cylinder.

AIMIX Hydraulic Concrete Pump for Sale

Features and Advantages of Hydraulic Concrete Pump

It adopts the main oil pump of Japan Kawasaki, which has high reliability and stable performance.

It has a anti-pump function, which will help eliminate the block failure and stop waiting for material in a short time.

It uses advanced S pipe distribution valve, which can automatically compensate for wear and tear with sealing performance.

It uses wear-resistant alloy glasses and floating cutting ring, which has long service life. In addition, the maximum life of glasses more than 30,000 square meters.

The automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure that the hydraulic pump for concrete mixer received effective lubrication in running process like electric concrete pump for sale.

It  adopts remote control, which is really secure and convenient to operate the whole hydraulic concrete pump.

The cooling system uses forced and air-cooled radiator device to ensure that the operating oil temperature of hydraulic system is below 70 ℃, and so as to ensure that the host hydraulic system is in a normal working condition.

It offers various types of concrete pump for users. Such as: BTS80 hydraulic concrete pump and HBTS80 hydraulic concrete pump.

AIMIX Hydraulic Concrete Pump


Parameter BTS80.13-130R HBTS80.16-145R HBTS80.16-162R
Max. Theoretical Concrete Conveying Capacity 80 88 88
Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa) 13 16 16
Distribution Mode S Valve S Valve S Valve
Concrete Cylinder Specifications 200*1800 200*1800 200*1800
Hopper Volume (m3) 0.68 0.68 0.68
Diameter of Out-let (mm) 180 180 180
Feeding Height (mm) 1450 1450 1450
Engine Model Weichai DEUT 226B Weichai DEUT 226B Weichai Steyr WD615
Engine Cooling Form Water Cooling Engine Water Cooling Engine Water Cooling Engine
Rated Power (kw) 130 145 162
Maximum Torque (n/m) 572/1400r.p.m 572/1400r.p.m 843/1400r.p.m
Rated Rotation Speed (r/min) 2200 2200 2200
The Smallest Rotation Speed (r/min) 600 600 600
Hydraulic Circuit Form Open Type Circuit Open Type Circuit Open Type Circuit
Pumping System Oil Pressure (MPa) 32 32 32
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume (L) 580 580 580
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 250 250 250
Dimension mm (L*W*H) 6550*2160*2700 6700*2160*2700 6700*2160*2700
Overall Weight (kg) 6480 7000 7100

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Our company is engaged in the development, production, sale and maintenance of concrete pump, and we have a high reputation in china. Our concrete pumps have been delivered to more than 60 countries, such as Algeria, Australia, France, India, Indonesia, Kenya, USA and other countries. In addition concrete pump, we also offer concrete batching plant, concrete mixer, stationary asphalt mixing plant, dry mortar plant, tower crane, construction lift, block making machine, concrete mixer truck and other products. You know, if you choose the right machine, which will not only improve the progress of the construction project, and it can also save your’s costs. If you decide to choose us, and we’d more pleasure to introduce and offer our products for you. If you believe in us, we will never let you down.

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