HZS Series Automatic Concrete Batching Plants

HZS Series Automatic Concrete Batching Plants

Our HZS series automatic concrete batching plants for sale are equipped with computer, and the computer can control all the concrete production process. Moreover, our automatic batching plants has convenient operation, and our automatic batching plants can directly put into production after users set a good formula in the computer. Of course, if you not have larger budget, and our semi-automatic concrete batching plants are your good choice. Our automatic concrete batch plants have the advantages of small occupancy, easy installation and convenient operation, so our automatic concrete batching plants are more suitable for many concrete construction projects. Such as: electricity power, water conservancy, airports, highways, roads, bridges, buildings and so on.

HZS Series Automatic Concrete Batching Plants 35

Features and Advantages of Our HZS Series Automatic Concrete Batching Plants

The various types between our mini automatic concrete batching plants are different, especially configuration and production. However, all types of our full automatic concrete batching plants also have common features. The common features of our automatic concrete batching plants are:

Our Automatic Concrete Batching Plants adopt full automatic system, and the whole operation process is controlled by the computer, which is really convenient.

Our Automatic Concrete Batching Plants adopt compact structure, which is convenient for install and transport.

Our automatic batching plant has high efficient and reliable working performance, which can brings a satisfactory results for users.

Our automatic batching plant adopts twin shaft mixers, which has good mixing quality and high production efficiency.

Our Automatic Concrete Batching Plants adopt independent and accurate weighing system, and there is no error in the whole operation.

Our Automatic Concrete Batching Plants have an outstanding environmental performance to keep away from environmental pollution.

HZS Series Automatic Concrete Batching Plants


Type HZS25 HZS35 HZS50 HZS75
Theoretical production capacity(m³/h) 25 35 50 75
Concrete mixer Type JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Power(KW) 24.75 38.6 51 65.5
Discharging capacity(L) 500 750 1000 1500
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm) 80/60 80/60 80/60 80/60
Aggregate Bin volume(m³) 2/3×3.2 2/3/4×7.3 2/3/4×8.3 2/3/4×12
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate (KG) 1500Kg ±2% 2200Kg ±2% 3000Kg ±2% 4500Kg ±2%
Cement(KG) 300Kg ±1% 450Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1% 1500Kg ±1%
Fly ash(KG) 400Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1%
Water (KG) 200Kg ±1% 200Kg ±1% 400Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1%
Additive(KG) 30Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1%
Discharging height(M) 3.8 m 3.8 m 3.8 m 4.1m
Gross weight(T) 10 15 40 50

Our Services

For reference, we can provide a series of services to our Automatic Concrete Batching Plants users. Such as: equipment list, equipment layout, foundation drawing of civil engineering, installation drawing of equipment and other related technical information. We also can design and produce Automatic Concrete Batching Plants according to different user’s requirements. We still provide our users with the best way to install Automatic Concrete Batching Plants. We can offer our users with some accessories of Automatic Concrete Batching Plants. If you have any problem, please contact with us, and we will help you to solve the problem. If necessary, we will send free technical personnel to help you.

HZS Series Automatic Concrete Batching Plants 60


Type HZS60 HZS90 HZS120 HZS180 HZS240
Theoretical production(m3/h) 60 90 120 180 240
Concrete mixer Type JS1000 JS1500 MAO3000/2000 MAO4500/3000 MAO6000/4000
Power(KW) 18.5 65.5 74 110 150
1000 1500 2000 3000 4000
Aggregate size
80/60 80/60 80 150 150
Aggregate Bin volume(m3) 8.38 12 20 30 40
Belt conveying Capacity(t/h) 300 450 550 650 900
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate (KG) 3000Kg ±2% 3000Kg ±2% 2200Kg ±2% 3000Kg ±2% 4200Kg ±2%
Cement(KG) 1500Kg ±1% 1500Kg ±1% 1200Kg ±1% 1800Kg ±1% 2200Kg ±1%
Fly ash(KG) 600Kg ±1% 900Kg ±1% 400Kg ±1% 500Kg ±1% 800Kg ±1%
Water (KG) 600Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1% 500Kg ±1% 800Kg ±1% 1000Kg ±1%
Additive(KG) 50Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1% 80Kg ±1% 80Kg ±1%
Total power(KW) 120Kw 165Kw 130Kw 170KW 220KW
Discharging height(M) 3.8 m 4.1 m 4.1m 4.1m 4.1m

Our Superiority

We AIMIX are the most professional concrete batching plant manufacturers in China, and we have more than thirty years working experience in the manufacturing concrete equipment industry. We have a professional engineer and team to produce and sale automatic concrete batching plants. We have professional business, electricity providers and documents team, which will provide the best program to help users to save money in trans-portion and operation. We AIMIX automatic concrete batching plant has considerable and excellent quality, and we accept all kinds of payment and terms of trade. More important of all, we can make users enjoy the best services. With the best quality and services of automatic batching plant, we have established long-term relationship with our users around the world. Such as: Russia, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Algeria, Indonesia, Burma, Philippines, Malaysia, Kampuchea, Uzbekistan.

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