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Mini Electric Concrete Pump

AIMIX Mini Electric Concrete Pump
Item HBT-50
Max. Theoretical Throughput(m3/h) 50
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa) 43447
Max.Vertical Conveying Distance(m) 150
Max.Horizontal Conveying Distance(m) 600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm) 40/50
Conveying Pipe Radius(mm) 125/150
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity(L) 370
Feeding Height(mm) 1400
Power(kw) 75

Mini Diesel Concrete Pump

AIMIX Mini Diesel Concrete Pump
Item HBTS50-SR
Max. Theoretioal Throughput (m³/h) 50
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa) 13
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m) 180
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance 600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm) 40/50
Slump(cm) 12—23
Conveying Pipe Radius(mm) 125/150
Conveying Cylinder Bore X Piston Stroke(mm) Φ180×1300
Feeding Height(mm) 1300
Hopper Capacity(m³) 0.68
Power of Diesel Motor(kw) 62

Mini concrete mixer pump

Model: JBS10-JZC200
Max. theo. concrete output: 10m3/h
Hopper capacity: 400L
Motor Power: 18.5kw
Max.concrete pumping pressure: 10Mpa
Total weight: 3200kg
Max. Aggregate Diameter: Scree: 20mm

Cement mortar pump

HPS10 AIMIX Cement Mortar Pump

Items Unit HPS10
Max. theo. concrete output m3/h 10
Max.concrete pumping pressure Mpa 10
Max. concrete pumping distance(vertical ) M 150
Max. concrete pumping distance(horizontal ) M 500
Power system / motor
Engineering power Kw 33
Capacity of oil tank L 300
Feeding height mm 1250
Hopper capacity L 0.4
Max. aggregate diameter mm 10

Mini concrete pump as shown in the figure above has been the mainstream in conveying concrete field, which is widely applied to bridge construction, railway construction, housing construction, tunnel construction and so on. Therefore, there is a keen demand for this construction machine. We have been engaged in concrete mini pump for years, there are many types for your selection. With the flourishing development of secondary cities, township building and new countryside and the drawback of the traditional construction method, this kind of concrete pump greatly saves the labor cost and shortens the construction period. And its small power and mini volume, which makes it convenient to convey the concrete mixture. Our mini concrete pump for sale has various kinds of types for your reference. The electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump are continuously sent to Nigeria, Russia, Philippine, etc.

Successful Cases of Mini Concrete Pump for Sale

As one of top mini concrete pump manufacturers in China, AIMIX likes to provide the best mobile mini concrete pump to our users with favorable price and good quality. Our machine has been exported to many countries due to its wonderful performance and long service life. Don’t hesitate to click on our website and get more details for mini mobile concrete pump. If you want to learn more, you can visit this google+ page:

Packing of AIMIX Mini Concrete Pump
Packing of AIMIX mini concrete pump
AIMIX Mini Concrete Pump is Exported to Nigeria
Installation and operation of AIMIX mini concrete pump in Nigeria

Components of mini concrete pump

1. Mixing motor; 2. Pressure gage; 3. Hopper; 4. Oil tank; 5. Shell; 6. Mixing valve; 7. Main valve; 8. Lubricant pump; 9. Oil pump; 10. Heat sink; 11. Diesel engine/electric motor; 12. Electric cabinet; 13. High-pressure pipe; 14. Guide wheel; 15. Accumulator; 16. Power switch; 17. Push machine
pumping system

The core part is pumping system. The following is the figure of the pumping system.
1and2: Main oil cylinder; 3. Water tank; 4. Reversing device; 5and6: Concrete cylinder; 7and8: Concrete piston; 9. Hopper; 10. S valve; 11. Swing arm; 12and13: Swing cylinder;

Working principle of mini concrete pump machine

Mini concrete pump machine is driven by electric motor or diesel engine and generates hydraulic pressure, the hydraulic pressure drives the main oil cylinder and pushes the concrete piston to do reciprocating motion, inhale and pump the concrete. When the concrete piston retreats, inhales the concrete, when the concrete piston pushes forward, concrete in the concrete cylinder is forced to enter into the delivery pipe through the S valve. After finish the concrete pumping, clean the pump body and delivery pipe with high pressure water or compressed air. The principle of this process is contrary to concrete pumping, which is called reverse state. Show you two pictures and help you have a better understanding about these two states.

Pumping state and reverse state

pumping state
reverse state

Features and advantages

1. Anti-pump can exclude the pipe blocking timely and reduce the rate of fault;
2. There is a buffer system in swing cylinder, which reduces the shock to hydraulic system and prolongs the service life of the machine;
3. Wireless remote control and easy operation;
4. Perfect lubrication system, as long as the filter net in the grease box will not be exposed, and there is no impurity, the machine will function normally and smoothly, the major premise is to do a good job of lubrication manifold part;
5. We provide you with the most reasonable price and one-stop considerate service;
6. Small volume and light weight make it more convenient to movement, you can convey the concrete mixture to various construction site;
7. Small power, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and low labor cost willsave you a lot of construction cost;
8. Using diesel as the driving force, which is beneficial to the place where is remote or lacks of electricity.

Electric type and diesel type

HBT20 concrete pump

XHBT-25SR diesel concrete pump

There is another kind of mini pump named cement mortar pump. It is used to convey fine aggregate concrete and mortar for daubing the building wall, engineering revetment. And it can pump the aggregates concrete of less than 10mm. The followings are two pictures of cement mortar pump.

There are countless mini concrete pump manufacturers, while as one of the best manufacturer, the reason why we play an important role in this field is that we AIMIX GROUP use the excellent products and perfect service to win a favorable reception from our customers. Our philosophy is customer first! We advocate perspective taking, that is to say, we will stand in the perspective of the customers to solve the customers’ doubts and meet the customers’ needs. Although we are sellers, we are apt to arrange all things from the view of buyers. Buying and selling are two different things, we know that only start from the mentality of the customers, can we offer them the most considerate service and establish friendly cooperative business relationship with customers and get a win-win situation.

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