HZS25-240 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Picture

HZS25-240 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

HZS25 stationary batching plant
HZS25 stationary batching plant
HZS35 stationary batching plant
HZS35 stationary batching plant
HZS50 stationary batching plant
HZS50 stationary batching plant

Stationary concrete batching plant is a professional machine, which is used to mix semi-dry and harsh concrete, no-slump concrete, fluidity concrete and concrete mixture of various mixing ratio forcibly and mechanically. And it is more suitable for construction projects of large work quantity, long construction period and concentrated sites, especially for road construction, bridge construction and precast factory, etc. With the prosperous development of economy, large-scale mechanization production has reduced many human labor costs. What’s more, more and more countries set out to use stationary concrete batching machine. Therefore, it is no doubt that this machine has been the main current in construction fields. And as a stationary plant manufacturer with continuous effort and innovation, we have updated our machines in many aspects, such as, we use advanced Germany technology and brand spare parts to maximize the performance of the equipment. And also, we learn from other excellent company and aim to do better. Till now, we have many types of HZS series concrete batching plant. For instance, HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180 and HZS240.

Successful cases

HZS35 stationary concrete batching plant was sent to Philippine
HZS35 stationary concrete batching plant was sent to Philippine
HZS50 was in Uzbekistan
HZS50 was in Uzbekistan


There are many kinds of stationary plants in our company. According to the output, stationary concrete batch plant can be divided into large type, medium type and mini type. Usually, the productivity of large type is 75m³, 90m³, 120m³, 180m³, 240m³, the productivity of medium type is 50m³and 60m³ and the productivity of mini type is 25m³ and 35m³.

1. Advantages of large type stationary concrete plant

1) High automation degree, high productivity, high weighing accuracy, good mixing quality.

2) Powder operation are conducted in the close system, environmental performance is strong, intensive and effective production mode highly savesthe concrete materials.

3) It has been put into wide application in large engineering projects, such as, water conservancy, electric power, highway and high-rise buildings.

2. Advantages of small and medium-sized stationary concrete plants for sale

1) Stable output, wide application and less land occupation.

2) During the usual operation, it takes only a small amount of manpower and time to complete the maintenance, which significantly reduce the human cost and financial cost.

3) The main application fields of them are in new rural construction, bridge construction and bridge construction.

HZS60 stationary batching plant
HZS60 stationary batching plant
HZS75 stationary batching plant
HZS75 stationary batching plant
HZS90 stationary batching plant
HZS90 stationary batching plant


Stationary concretebatching plant has five systems: mixing console, materials storage system, materials conveying system, materials weighing system and electrical control system. And the following page will introduce the detailed components one by one.

1. PLD concrete batching machine. PLD batcher is an automatic batching machine. It can accomplish the batching procedure of sand, aggregate and so on materials automatically according to the designated proportions of concrete mix stipulated by user. And it is used to store and weigh the aggregates, including separate weighing and accumulative weighing.

PLD batcher consists of feeding system, weighing system and electrical control system.

1) Feeding system. It includes storage hopper and feeding device. And the main function of it are to store the aggregates and feed to the weighing hopper under the control of control system.

2) Weighing system. Weighing system is the key part in batcher equipment, and it is made of weighing hopper, weighing sensor and batching controller.

3) Electrical control system. It is the core of batcher and it is used to realize weigh, display and operation as well as complete automatic batching procedures. This system constitutes batcher controller and high voltage circuit.

concrete batching machine
three warehouse concrete batching machine
two warehouse concrete batching machine
two warehouse concrete batching machine

2. Feeding system. There are two ways to feed the aggregates: by hopper and by belt conveyor.

By hopper: simple structure and less space occupation, cost is low, it has a less application in large concrete batching plant.

By belt conveyor: high working productivity, long conveying distance, stable performance, low maintenance cost and it is easy to close and it will not be limited by the weather condition.

3. Cement silo. In general, it is cylinder support structure, the whole silo body is supported by the four circular tube legs and the whole silo is steel structure form. There are lamellate cement silo and overall shape. Cement silo can be used as reserve container for bulk cements during the construction projects of building, urban construction, roadconstruction, bridge construction, water conservancy engineering and concrete file factory, also it can be used as batcher equipment for bulk cements storage in the stationary concrete batching plants. The top of the cement silo is dust collecting equipment, which avoids powder leakage. At the bottom of the silo is arch breaker, which prevents dust agglomeration and makes the dust be discharged smoothly. Material level display system can present the position and amount of the materials.

horizontal cement silo;
horizontal cement silos
<strong>welded type cement silos</strong>
welded type cement silos
bolted type cement silos
bolted type cement silos

4. Screw conveyor. It is used to convey the cement and coal ash to the weighing hopper. And it is a conveying equipment and it has a wide application in departments of chemical engineering, building materials and grain. It is mainly used to convey materials of powdery, granular and small bulk. And it is not well suited to deliver materials of perishable, sticky and caked.
The screw conveyor consists of conveyor ontology, in and out of the mouth as well as actuating device and it is high quality material handling equipment made of high-class steel materials.

5. Mixing console. In stationary concrete mixing plants, we adopt JS series twin shaft concrete mixer as the mixing console. JS series concrete mixer is composed of feeding system, mixing system, discharging system, water supply system and electrical control system. The mixing system is made of electric motor, belt pulley, gear, mixing cylinder and oil supply device. There are two horizontal mixing shafts and each shaft is equipped with mixing blades. And there are side blades at the mixing arms near two ends of mixing cylinder, which can scrape the concrete of the cross section.

twin shaft concrete mixer for sale;
twin shaft concrete mixer for sale
mixing blades
mixing blades

6. Electrical control system. There are two ways you can choose. One is PLC with computer and it can achieve full automatic control, another is semi-automatic control under the control of panel.

Working principle

1. Send the aggregates to the PLD batcher by the wheel loader and weigh them through separate weighing or accumulative weighing, and then deliver the proportioned aggregates to the waiting storage bin through the hopper or belt conveyor;

2. Discharge the cement and coal ash from the cement silos to the screw conveyor and convey the powder to the powder weighing hopper through the screw conveyor and after the weighing, discharge them into the mixing console;

3. Pump the water from the pool to the water weighing hopper, pump the additive from the additive pump to the additive weighing hopper and after the weighing, discharge the additive to the water weighing hopper, and then discharge the mixture with water and additive to the mixing console;

4. Mix powder, mixture with water and additive first and discharge the aggregates to the mixing console and mix them together. After the mixing, discharge the concrete mixture to the concrete mixer truck and send them to the construction site.

The first three steps are conducted at the same time, which shortens the construction period effectively.

HZS120 stationary batching plant
HZS120 stationary batching plant
HZS180 stationary batching plant
HZS180 stationary batching plant
HZS240 stationary batching plant
HZS240 stationary batching plant

Features and advantages

1. Compact structure and reliable performance;

2. It is convenient for users to operate under the control of computer;

3. We use JS series twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer as the mixing console, which makes high working efficiency, low energy consumption and even mixing;

4. It is beneficial to friendly environmental protection, for it works in a close state;

5. Hopper and belt conveyor, these two feeding ways can meet different  demands of users.

Welcome to contact us and get the latest stationary concrete batching plant price. And we also have mobile concrete batch plant with characteristics of easy movement and installation for your selection!


Type HZS25 HZS35 HZS50 HZS75
Theoretical production capacity(m3/h) 25 35 50 75
Concrete mixer Type JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Power(KW) 24.75 38.6 51 65.5
Discharging capacity(L) 500 750 1000 1500
Aggregate size(mm) 80/60 80/60 80/60 80/60
Aggregate Bin volume(m3) 3.2 7.3 8.3 12
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate (KG) 1500Kg ±2% 2200Kg ±2% 3000Kg ±2% 4500Kg ±2%
Cement(KG) 300Kg ±1% 450Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1% 1500Kg ±1%
Fly ash(KG) 400Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1%
Water (KG) 200Kg ±1% 200Kg ±1% 400Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1%
Additive(KG) 30Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1%
Total power(KW) 45Kw 60Kw 115Kw 110KW
Discharging height(M) 3.8 m 3.8 m 3.8 m 3.8m
Gross weight(T) 7.7 15 40 50
Type HZS60 HZS90 HZS120 HZS180 HZS240
Theoretical production(m3/h) 60 90 120 180 240
Concrete mixer Type JS1000 JS1500 MAO3000/2000 MAO4500/3000 MAO6000/4000
Power(KW) 18.5 65.5 74 110 150
1000 1500 2000 3000 4000
Aggregate size
80/60 80/60 80 150 150
Aggregate Bin volume(m3) 8.38 12 20 30 40
Belt conveying Capacity(t/h) 300 450 550 650 900
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate (KG) 3000Kg ±2% 3000Kg ±2% 2200Kg ±2% 3000Kg ±2% 4200Kg ±2%
Cement(KG) 1500Kg ±1% 1500Kg ±1% 1200Kg ±1% 1800Kg ±1% 2200Kg ±1%
Fly ash(KG) 600Kg ±1% 900Kg ±1% 400Kg ±1% 500Kg ±1% 800Kg ±1%
Water (KG) 600Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1% 500Kg ±1% 800Kg ±1% 1000Kg ±1%
Additive(KG) 50Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1% 80Kg ±1% 80Kg ±1%
Total power(KW) 120Kw 165Kw 130Kw 170KW 220KW
Discharging height(M) 3.8 m 4.1 m 4.1m 4.1m 4.1m
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