AIMIX HBT40 Mobile Concrete Pump

Why AIMIX Concrete Pumps are Favored by Global Users

In recently years, AIMIX mixer pump, electric concrete pump, concrete line pump, trailer concrete pump, mini concrete pump, truck mounted concrete pump, small concrete pump, mobile concrete pump, portable concrete pump, ready mix concrete pump, hydraulic concrete pump, diesel concrete pump, manual concrete pump and cement mortar pump have been exported to many countries in the world. Such as: Vietnam, Jamaica, new Zealand, Singapore, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Philippines, Russia, UAE, Algeria, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Ethiopia and other countries. Why AIMIX concrete pumps are favored by global users? In my opinion, I think this may be due to its advantages.

AIMIX HBT40 Mobile Concrete Pump

Advantages of AIMIX Concrete Pump

It uses dual pump and double circuit open hydraulic system, which has high reliability and low failure rate.

The swing cylinder is equipped with a buffer system, which reduces the impact on the hydraulic system and increases the service life of the concrete pump.

It adopts remote control, and our trailer mounted concrete pumps have more secure and convenient operation.

It uses wear-resistant alloy glasses and floating cutting ring, which has long service life. The longest life expectancy of glasses can reach more than 30 thousand.

The lubrication system directly supply the oil to other parts, and there is no lubrication problem in the whole operation.

The main oil pump uses Japan Kawasaki, which has good quality and stable performance.

It has a anti-pump function, which will help eliminate the block failure and stop waiting for material in a short time.

It uses advanced S pipe distribution valve, which has a good sealing performance and automatic compensation for wear gap function.

It uses an automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure that small concrete pumps sale can be effectively lubricated during operation.

It can continue to work at very low temperatures. For example, if users are from Russia, our concrete pump can be installed antifreeze system to ensure its normal work.

The cooling system uses a forced radiator device, which ensures that the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 70 ℃, thus ensuring the normal working state of the hydraulic system of the main engine.

AIMIX HBTS60 Diesel Concrete Pump in Philippines

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of concrete pump, AIMIX has send many products to more than 60 countries in the world. In addition to our products have the above advantages, and our concrete pumps also have considerable price and good after-sales service. We can provide the right concrete pump according to user’s needs of usage, gravel size, type, power engine, conveying height, ambient temperature and so on. If you trust us and want to get more information of AIMIX concrete pump from us, and you can email us or leave a message for us. Glad to see you, my dear users.

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