concrete pan mixer for sale

Concrete Pan Mixer For Sale

Concrete pan mixer sale is a new type concrete mixer, it also belongs to compulsory concrete mixer. Therefore,there is a big difference between it and concrete drum mixer. This kind of pan concrete mixer for sale is usually applied in construction projects, for instance, highway construction, power station, dam engineering project, construction site, road construction, bridge construction, water-power engineering and large and medium-sized prefabrication plant. Moreover, this pan concrete mixer is used to mix plastic concrete, dry and harsh concrete, fluidity concrete, lightweight aggregate and mortar. Also, it can combine with the batching machine and make up a small and medium-sized concrete batching plant. The mixing cylinder is like a pan with a simple structure, which is more convenient to feed the materials. The pan mixer machine can be used with the tilting cart, and it is an ideal concrete machine in construction site. However, there are so many concrete pan mixer suppliers that it is much more difficult to select an appropriate one.

Features Of Concrete Pan Mixer

1.Tank body and the rack are fixed, the mixing shaft is no longer under the pressure of the materials and the tank, which prolongs the service life of the mixing shaft;
2.Adopt electric discharge materials,which avoids raw materials left and achieves speedy discharge. And it is cost-saving and time-saving;
3.Good mixing quality and high working efficiency;
4.Low energy consumption and less noise;
5.Easy operation and convenient maintenance;
6.Liner and blades have a long service life;
7.Stable performance and reliable transmission;
8.Compact structure and light weight.

concrete pan mixer for sale


The structure of the pan type concrete mixer is compact, it is made up of seven parts.
1.Materials cylinder; 2.Rack; 3.Electrical machine; 4.Reducer; 5.Rotating arm; 6.Stirring spade; 7.Clear materials scraper.

There is a cross assembly connecting stirring spade and rotating arm. And set pull rod or screw rod to adjust and control the working gap of the stirring spade, it can primarily eliminate the phenomenon of hard material jam. And it will lower the functioning resistance and reduce wear. The working face of the stirring spade forms an obtuse angle between vertical and horizontal direction and working direction. This special design can strengthen the mixing effect and improve the mixing quality. The discharge mouth of the pan cement mixer is set in the side wall of the materials cylinder. The materials cylinder, which is contrary to rack, can swing breadthwise. And set clear materials scraper and achieve fast and thorough discharge, also can reduce the leakage of slurry.

Working principle

When the concrete pan mixers are energized, start the stirring main motor. Firstly, check whether all the components can work normally or not. Send aggregates to the mixing cylinder, and add certain water and blend sufficiently. About several minutes later, when the concrete mixture is accomplished, open the discharge door and discharge the materials to the concrete mixer truck, then transport the concrete mixture to the construction site. Finally, close the discharge door, the mixing period is finished. Next, repeat those steps above, and have a cycle operation. The whole working process is easy and fast.

In addition, pan mixers belong to compulsory concrete mixer, therefore, it has three ways to discharge the materials: pneumatic discharge, hydraulic discharge and manual discharge.
concrete pan mixer

1.Hydraulic discharge. When the gear rotates clockwise, inject the oil and open the discharge door, when the gear rotates anticlockwise, stop oil supply and close the discharge door. The discharge speed is not very fast. In general, it is equipped with stationary concrete batch plants for sale, like HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180 and HZS240, or work independently as the stand-alone. The biggest superiority is that this kind of discharge way can make up for the pneuma shortage that can not open the discharge door.

2.Pneumatic discharge. The working principle is the same as hydraulic discharge’s. However, it is driven to open the discharge door by the pneuma, and it has no tires. The discharge speed is faster than hydraulic discharge’s. Usually, it is equipped in the HZS25, HZS35, HZS50 and HZS60.
3.Manual discharge. Opening discharge door will be achieved through pulling the hand shank. Under the context of using stand-alone, if choose hydraulic discharge, only JS500 and JS750 will be equipped manual discharge. At ordinary times, user should disassemble the hand shank and avoid it will hurt people.

How To Choose An Authoritative Pan Mixer Manufacturer

There are numerous concrete pan mixer manufacturers in the market, how to choose an trustworthy one? If you want to buy a pan type concrete mixer, it is important to have a detailed understanding about the manufacturer. As for our company, we have been engaging in pan concrete mixers sale for more than 20 years, our products have been exported to many foreign countries and have got high praise from our new and old customers. What’s more, we will provide you with the most considerate service and the most professional reply. If you choose our company, you will never regret.

What kinds of pan concrete mixers are suitable for your construction

According to the discharging volume, our company has types of pan mixers for sale: JW350, JW500, JW750, and JW1000. You can choose a suitable pan mixer for sale according to the practical construction condition of your project.

Model Discharging Volume Charging Volume Productivity Diameter of Mixing Drum Mixing Power
JW350 350L 550L 10m³/h 900mm 5.5KW
JW500 500L 750L 15m³/h 1200mm 7.5KW
JW750 750L 1125L 22m³/h 1500mm 11KW
JW1000 1000L 1500L 30m³/h 1800mm 18.5KW

How about concrete pan mixer price

Probably, different pan mixer machine manufacturers have different price. But, we can promise that we will give you the most reasonable price, just like we adopt brand spare parts and hope our pan mixers concrete to work best.

We are waiting for your inquiry for our concrete pan mixers for sale! Also, we have planetary concrete mixer for sale, which is same as pan mixer, is with vertical shaft, we all know, vertical shaft concrete mixer has advantages of high productivity and good mixing quality, while, if you are prone to buy efficient horizontal shaft mixer, you can think about JS series twin shaft concrete mixers.

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