Hammerhead Tower Crane

Selection guide for hammerhead tower crane

Basic hammerhead tower specifications mean height, arm length and the maximum lifting weight of arm end. In addition special conditions, maximum lifting weight won’t be taken into consideration. According to the dimensions of length, width and height of the construction building, you can make a preliminary determination of tower crane arm length. Arm length should be long enough to cover all project and a slight margin is appropriate. Height of the hammerhead tower crane need to be 10 to 15m above the maximum height of the building. Arm end lifting weight can be decided by the staff according to the weight of the object to be lifted.

Successful Cases of Hammerhead Tower Crane

Our QTZ4708 hammerhead tower crane was ready to Russia.

QTZ4708 was installed successfully and work smoothly in Russia.

Hammerhead tower crane is a kind of hoisting equipment, which is used for building construction. According to the national standard, the model of tower crane is QT, Q means crane, T means towerd. This type tower crane is very general in our life, we can see it everywhere. When you see it, have you have a question why there is a hammerhead? What is the effect of it? The pull rod on the hammerhead connects the jib boom with balance arm and form a triangle support, which ensure the overall balance of the horizontal direction of hammerhead tower crane for sale. The hammerhead connects the tower body and slewing bearing, which keep the balance of all the tower body. Therefore, when the machine turns, there will not be excessive distortion of the mast section. Now we mainly have such hot models for your reference: QTZ4708, QTZ5515, QTZ5010, QTZ5013, QTZ6010, QTZ6012, QTZ6013, QTZ6015, QTZ6020, QTZ7030 and QTZ7032. Actually they all belong to QTZ series tower cranes.

Take QTZ4708 for an example

Model QTZ4708
Maximum lifting moment  40t/m
Maximum working range 47m
Independent lifting height 29m
Maximum lifting height 120m
Maximum lifting load 4t/3-10.96m
Front-end lifting capacity 0.8t/47m
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 400
Mast Section Angel steel seamless tube
Trolleying Speed (m/min)  33 / 16.5

2. Main characteristics

A. QTZ4708 hammerhead type tower crane is currently the latest hoisting and conveying machinery, which adopts all kinds of technologies like group technology, combinatorial design technique and finite element analysis technique.

B. This is upper rotary hydraulic jacking crane with horizontal boom and trolley mechanism. The maximum effective amplitude is 47m, and it is with the biggest amplitude of the same type in the country. The maximum lifting moment is 43.8t.m. When use the tower crane independently, free-standing height is 29m and attached lifting height is 120m.

C. The speed indicator of this topkit tower crane is up to or surpass the national standard. It is with features of advanced parameters, reliable performance, attractive appearance, high quality and simple structure, what’s more, it is equipped with advanced safety device, which is easy to maintain and safe to use. It is indeed an ideal choice for small and medium-sized construction enterprises.

D. It includes metal structure, mechanical transmission, hydraulc hoist, electric control and safety protection device, when the lifting height is lower than 29m, we adopt free-standing type, if higher than 29m, adopt attached type.



Type QTZ 40
QTZ40 -4708 QTZ40  -4808
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 400
Jib length(m) 2.5 ~ 47 2.5 ~ 48
Max./Min. load(t) 4 / 0.8 4 / 0.71
Height Free standing(m) 28 29.7
Anchoring(m) 120
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 8 / 34 / 52 6.7 / 33.5 / 67–
4 / 17 / 26 3.5 / 16.7 / 33.5
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0-0.6 0-0.7
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 33 / 16.5 38.6 / 25.2
Mast  Section Angel steel seamless tube Angel steel
Jib Upper chord Seamless tube
Lower chord V – steel Square tube

Advantages of hammerhead tower cranes

1. Reasonable design of structure and beautiful appearance. We adopt cone forward tilting hammerhead, rigi rod, and the drive’s cab is independent.

2. Advanced parameters and stable performance, fixed lifting capacity, maximum lifting moment and maximum working range can better conform real operation condition.

3. The entity joint of jib cranes adopt mechanical processing after forging, it can achieve high matching accuracy; last quarter of the jib crane and force structure of box body adopts high strength molding square pipe; support arm and main stress member adopt strengthen design.

4. The design of jib crane achieves varies work range and base form.

Price of hammerhead tower crane

Different engine can achieve different performance, and quality machine deserves good price, which means if you want to get a best machine, you need to choose a brand machine or choose a machine with brand parts, and the price must will be little higher than other machines, but don’t you think that a perfect project is truth? Just as an old saying goes, you get what you pay off. If the hammerhead tower crane will cost you much, you need to check whether your machine is equipped with brand parts and whether the hammerhead tower crane manufacturers adopt patent technology to ensure the quality of your machine.

Specifications Of Hammerhead Tower Crane

Type QTZ63 QTZ80
QTZ63-5010 QTZ63-5013 QTZ80-5511 QTZ 80-5512
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 630 760 720 800
Jib length(m) 3 ~ 50 2.5 ~ 50 3 ~ 55 3 ~ 55
Max./Min. load(t) 5 / 1.095 6 / 1.3 6 / 0.197 8 / 1.2
Height Free standing(m) 35 40 41.3 46
Anchoring(m) 120 140 151 150
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 11.7/39 /78– 8.5 / 40 / 80– 80 / 40 / 8 — 80 / 40 / 20
5.85 / 11.7/39 4.25 / 20 / 40 80.36 / 41.05
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0-0.7 0-0.6 0 – 0.64 0 – 0.6
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 38.6 / 25.2 44 / 22 44 / 22 60 / 30 / 10
Mast  Section Angel steel Angel Square tube Square tube
seamless tube
Jib Upper chord Seamless tube Square tube
Lower chord V-steel or square tube Square tube

Topkit tower crane manufacturers

When you choose a manufacturer, what you need to note firstly is its comprehensive strength, there are several steps for you to choose a reliable manufacturer.

1. Search suppliers on the internet, enumerate top 10;

2. Filter them from these aspects: workshop scale; staff professionalism; technical skills; number of old customers; exporting country; the number of orders per year;

3. Take service into serious consideration: pre-sale service, on-purchase service and after-sales service.

According to above tips, you must find professional topkit tower crane suppliers.


Type QTZ125 QTZ160
QTZ 125     -6014 QTZ 125     -6018
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 1250 1250 1600
Jib length(m) 3.1 ~ 60 3 ~ 60 3.4 ~ 65
Max./Min. load(t) 8/1.4 10 / 1.803 10 / 1.6
10 /1.4
Height Free standing(m) 46.2 50 46.2
Anchoring(m) 161 180 161 -200
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 105 / 53 / 26 104 / 52.05 100 / 50 / 25
80 / 40 / 20
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0 – 0.8 0.61 0-0.6
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 54 / 27 / 8.1 58.6 / 29.3 /8.79 60 / 30 / 9.5
Mast  Section Square tube Square tube Square tube
Jib Upper chord Round steel Square tube Square tube
Lower chord Square tube

Maintenance of parts for topkit tower crane

Safety check

1. The weld of metal structure shall not crack and shall not be plastic deformation;

2. Connect bolts and pin quality should be up to standard;

3. Ensure good lubrication of steel wire rope;

4. Keep the reducer, transmission system and oil tank from leakage;

5. Ensure the brake braking and limit insurance are sensitive and reliable;

6. The rope connector should neet the standard;

7. Keep the hydraulic system normal.

Change spare parts

1. Stop the hammerhead tower crane and change the spare parts;

2. If it is necessary to change important parts, should dismantle the tower crane.

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