How To Install The Tower Crane

How to install tower crane

1. Installation of chassis and mast section

mast section
mast section

Put the chassis on the tower crane base, fix the chassis on the base with pressing plate and nut, after tightening the nut, use balance level to check whether the four supporting point are flat, the deviation should not be higher than 1.5mm, otherwise, it is necessary to use steel plate to tight between base and chassis. After the adjustment, tighten the nut, but each foot margin must be tightened with double nuts. It is a must that use high-strength bolt and high-strength nut to connect and tighten with chassis. Mast section and other parts should be in strict accordance with this step.

2. Installation of vertical section

vertical section
vertical section

Use derrick to set the erection in the base section of the transverse abdominal rod, install the guard, then start up the hoist, make it slow running, check whether there is bit rope phenomenon and whether the fastening part meets the requirements of operation.

3. Installation of mast section

mast section of tower crane
mast section of tower crane

Lifting one mast section for tower crane to the top of standard section, rotate the derrick, aim at the mast section, lifting mechanism loose the rope, the standard section fall down to the top of base section, align the connection hole, connect and tighten the nut with high-trength bolt, use the same way to install the mast section and assemble four sets of inclined poles, continue to lift standard section. Note: it is not allowed to pull or adjust with big rope, when use adjusting wrench to rotate erect stem to adjust workpiece position.

4. Installation of slewing mechanism, tower top and driving cab

slewing mechanism
slewing mechanism
tower top
tower top
driving cab
driving cab

Before hoisting the slewing mechanism, needs to disassemble the up and down rotary table, make the lower turnable with the rotary support in one, upper turnable with the lewing mechanism in one, connect the lifting frame to the last section of the standard section, fix and strenghten the boom, after lifting up and down the turnable, check whether meshing condition between rotary support large teeth ring and rotary pinion is normal.

When lift the tower top, should install two transition plate at the direction of jib boom, install long pull rod and short pull road; at the direction of balance arm, place the top two pull rods on the top of tower top. Then assemble the platform, handrail and ladder and start to lift, insert support pin of the connection part and finish fix before installation of the driving cab. At the end of the above work, it is a necessity to recheck whether tighten bolts for each connection part and support pin are loose or not up to requirement.

5. Installation of balance arm and jib boom

balance arm
balance arm
jib boom
jib boom

Before the installation of balance arm and jib boom, connect the pull rod, and fix them on the boom, check whether the plywood of the boom is distorted, prepare the pin roll and split pin, install the handrail.(Each place connected with a pin shaft must plug the split pin.)

During the hoisting process of the balance arm and jib boom, the pulley group shall wear the rope strictly according to the specification. Must check whether there is dilapidation during the operation of steel rope, the operator should be concentrated and lift slowly. Note: the speed of the pull rope should be consistent with the lifting speed, in case the steel rope disorderly.

Connect the jib boom on the ground, assemble the transformer, and start test run, after the debugging, lift the crane boom, each process of lifting for balance arm and jib boom, each change about the wear around of steel rope must check the working condition of the rope, after hoisting the pull rod, connects each connection part to check whether it meets the installation requirements.

6. Lift the counter weight

counter weight
counter weight

Switch on and debug, check whether the stopper, safety device, lubricate each lifting mechanism and slewing part, check the verticality of the tower body, connection part and circuit are normal.

Things need to consider before building a tower crane

1. Coverage area and hoisting capacity. All construction sites needs to be covered as far as possible. For the convenience of construction, it is necessary to cover storage yard, loading and unloading and part processing area. As for those projects with large templates, it is essential to cover all construction sites. For hoisting capacity of the tower crane is related to distance, layout and position of machine should consider the lifting capacity of corresponding construction components position.

2. Basic conditions of tower crane. The position of tower crane generally is inside or outside a buildind. If outside, use natural foundation or pile foundation; if inside, tower crane is located in foundation mat or bearing wall. Generally, the base foundation of the tower crane requires 25t/m?, otherwise, should buy pile foundation. If the exterior foundation of the building is weak, or construction site are limited and not allowed to pile, the tower will be displaced. If the tower crane will be inside building, needs to consider whether it is conflicted with bottom board. As for around the tower is the structure of the podium, tower crane is often located on the basic raft, while upper structure will be left, after the structure is capped, do the plugging again.


3. The relative relation between tower position and building elevation. Mainly check whether the tower machine and surrounding building facade interference, special building protruding parts, such as, balcony, roof shape, space shape, etc, which is necessary to avoid conflict as soon as possible. Structure reservation can be considered if the highlight is limited to a local floor.

4. Attached condition of tower crane. Attached condition generally considers whether the structure of attachment distance and attachment point is reliable. Attachment point usually are frame colume, shear wall and framed girder. Common standard attachment is usually from 2m to 4m. For special situations, far attachment need to redesign and custom processing. For the tilting structure, whose the lower part is big, while the upper part is small, whether there is structure attachment is the key element determining the positioning of tower crane.

5. The installation and dismantling of the tower crane. The installation of the tower crane needs depend on crane or other used tower crane. As for internal tower crane, be sure to coordinate installation plan and set aside the corresponding construction channel. Dismantling of the tower crane is similar to installation of tower crane, during the dismantling process, it is going to be very difficult. If the position of the tower crane is unreasonable, it will make it harder to dismantle.


Type QTZ40
QTZ40 -4708 QTZ40-4808
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 400
Jib length(m) 2.5 ~ 47 2.5 ~ 48
Max./Min. load(t) 4 / 0.8 4 / 0.71
Height Free standing(m) 28 29.7
Anchoring(m) 120
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 8 / 34 / 52 6.7 / 33.5 / 67–
4 / 17 / 26 3.5 / 16.7 / 33.5
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0-0.6 0-0.7
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 33 / 16.5 38.6 / 25.2
Mast  Section Angel steel seamless tube Angel steel
Jib Upper chord Seamless tube
Lower chord V – steel Square tube

Type QTZ63 QTZ80
QTZ63-5010 QTZ63-5013 QTZ80-5511 QTZ 80-5512
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 630 760 720 800
Jib length(m) 3 ~ 50 2.5 ~ 50 3 ~ 55 3 ~ 55
Max./Min. load(t) 5 / 1.095 6 / 1.3 6 / 0.197 8 / 1.2
Height Free standing(m) 35 40 41.3 46
Anchoring(m) 120 140 151 150
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 11.7/39 /78– 8.5 / 40 / 80– 80 / 40 / 8 — 80 / 40 / 20
5.85 / 11.7/39 4.25 / 20 / 40 80.36 / 41.05
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0-0.7 0-0.6 0 – 0.64 0 – 0.6
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 38.6 / 25.2 44 / 22 44 / 22 60 / 30 / 10
Mast  Section Angel steel Angel Square tube Square tube
seamless tube
Jib Upper chord Seamless tube Square tube
Lower chord V-steel or square tube Square tube

Type QTZ125 QTZ160
QTZ 125 -6014 QTZ 125 -6018
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 1250 1250 1600
Jib length(m) 3.1 ~ 60 3 ~ 60 3.4 ~ 65
Max./Min. load(t) 8/1.4 10 / 1.803 10 / 1.6
10 /1.4
Height Free standing(m) 46.2 50 46.2
Anchoring(m) 161 180 161 -200
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 105 / 53 / 26 104 / 52.05 100 / 50 / 25
80 / 40 / 20
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0 – 0.8 0.61 0-0.6
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 54 / 27 / 8.1 58.6 / 29.3 /8.79 60 / 30 / 9.5
Mast  Section Square tube Square tube Square tube
Jib Upper chord Round steel Square tube Square tube
Lower chord Square tube

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