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The water conservancy and hydropower industry refers to all activities related to the development, utilization, protection, and management of water resources. It mainly includes hydropower generation, irrigation, water resources management, flood control, water supply, and other aspects.

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AIMIX One-stop Water Conservancy and Hydropower Solution Service

Since its establishment, Aimix has been focusing on the production, research and development, design, and innovation of construction equipment, playing a vital role in the field of water conservancy and hydropower construction. With our rich experience and technical strength, we have successfully helped customers around the world to successfully complete their water conservancy and hydropower construction projects.

Water conservancy and hydropower construction is a wide-ranging field that includes many sub-projects, each of which has its uniqueness. Now I will first take you to understand what equipment help Aimix can provide you in the water conservancy and hydropower industry.

Loader for hydropower
crusher equipment for Hydropower

Excavator: Used for excavating earth and stone, it is the basic equipment for earthwork operations in water conservancy and hydropower projects. Aimix’s excavator may have the ability to replace multiple attachments, such as a breaker, grab, drilling device, etc., which can complete a variety of operations and increase flexibility of use.

Loader: Used to load and transport crushed stone or soil to provide raw materials for other construction links.
Aimix’s loaders are easy to replace with different working attachments, such as buckets, claw hooks, etc. This versatility allows the loader to be used not only for traditional loading tasks, but also for cleaning, leveling the ground, or other special operations.

Crushing equipment: Water conservancy and hydropower projects often involve a large amount of earth and stone excavation, processing, and use. Aimix’s crusher plants can quickly crush large stones into aggregates of the required particle size. Emphasize durability and reliability to adapt to the harsh working conditions and long-term operation requirements of the water conservancy and hydropower industry.

self loading concrete mixer for Hydropower
stationary concrete batching plant for Hydropower

Concrete batching plant: Aimix batching plant of concrete can be used in large-scale water conservancy and hydropower projects to provide high-quality concrete for dams, channels, reservoirs, and other structures. The use of automated control systems ensures that the proportions of various materials in the concrete production process are accurate and the concrete quality is stable and reliable.

Concrete pump: Aimix concrete pump can achieve continuous and stable concrete delivery, significantly improving the pouring efficiency. This is especially important for large-scale water conservancy and hydropower projects, as these projects usually require a large amount of concrete pouring work to be completed within a specific time.

Concrete mixer: Aimix concrete mixer is designed with an efficient loading, mixing, and unloading system, which can quickly complete the on-site delivery of concrete. Aimix concrete mixer truck has good off-road performance and reliable durability and can adapt to various complex construction conditions of water conservancy and hydropower projects.

Self loading concrete mixer: Aimix self load concrete mixer is very efficient and can complete the mixing of concrete on the way to the construction site. It not only saves time but also ensures the freshness and quality of concrete. It is very suitable for large-scale water conservancy and hydropower projects that need to quickly complete a large number of concrete pouring tasks.

asphalt paving machine aimix
concrete paving machine for Hydropower

Asphalt mixing plant: Aimix asphalt mixer plant adopts an advanced control system, which can accurately control the production process such as batching and mixing, ensure the stability and consistency of asphalt mixture, and meet the requirements of water conservancy and hydropower projects for asphalt.

Concrete paving machine: Especially suitable for large-scale concrete construction in water conservancy and hydropower projects. Aimix concrete paver ensures the density and uniformity of concrete through an efficient vibration plate system.

Asphalt paving machine: Aimix asphalt paver can achieve fast and continuous asphalt paving through an automated control system. By accurately controlling the paving thickness and speed, the uniformity and density of the asphalt layer are ensured, which improves the durability and service life of the project.

sand making machine for Hydropower

Sand making machine: Aimix sand making machine can process low-value raw materials such as rocks and slag into high-quality artificial sand, alleviating the pressure of shortage of natural sand resources and reducing damage to the environment. The artificial sand produced by aimix sand making machine has good particle shape and reasonable grading, which can effectively control the strength and durability of concrete and improve the overall quality of water conservancy and hydropower projects.

Application fields of Hydropower Industry

The application fields of the water conservancy and hydropower industry have extremely important social, economic, and environmental values, and are the key to promoting sustainable development. With the advancement of technology and changes in social needs, these application fields are also expanding and deepening.

Flood control projects
Irrigation projects
Urban landscape water conservancy

Hydropower generation

Construction and operation of hydropower stations: construction and operation of large reservoirs and dams, development of small and medium-sized rivers and water resources
Pumped storage power stations: use electricity during low-power periods to pump water to high-level reservoirs, and generate electricity during peak periods

Water resources management

Water supply projects: construction of water plants, water pipelines, and water supply networks, development of groundwater and surface water resources
Irrigation projects: construction of irrigation channels and pipeline systems.
Flood control projects: construction of dams, flood storage areas, and drainage systems.
Urban drainage and flood control: construction of urban drainage systems.

Water conservancy projects

River management: clearing river siltation and building bank protection projects
Reservoir construction: construction of water storage reservoirs to provide flood control, irrigation and water supply guarantees

Environmental protection and ecological restoration

Water ecological environment protection: construction of sewage treatment facilities and establishment of water source protection areas
Ecological restoration: restoration of rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

Soil and water conservation

Prevention and control of soil erosion: implementation of vegetation restoration and engineering measures in mountainous and hilly areas
Desertification prevention and control: promotion of water-saving irrigation and soil and water conservation measures in arid and semi-arid areas

Urban water conservancy

Urban flood control and drainage: construction of urban drainage pipe networks and flood control projects
Urban landscape water conservancy: development and utilization of urban water systems, construction of artificial lakes and water landscapes

Water culture and tourism

Water conservancy tourism: development of tourism based on large-scale water conservancy projects and reservoirs, such as visits to hydropower stations and tours of reservoir areas.
Water sports: various water sports are carried out on reservoirs, lakes and rivers, such as boating, fishing, rafting, etc.

Hydropower Industry Prospects

With the development of the global economy and the growth of population, the demand for water resources and clean energy continues to rise, which makes the water conservancy and hydropower industry face unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

Hydropower with aimix concrete equipment

  • Growth momentum: As one of the most mature, clean, and efficient renewable energy sources, the development and utilization of hydropower are highly valued by governments and enterprises of various countries.
  • Technological progress: Modern water conservancy and hydropower technology continue to develop and innovate, improving the utilization efficiency of water resources and the economy of hydropower projects.
  • Environmental and social responsibility: The construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects is often accompanied by environmental impacts and social problems. When implementing projects, more attention should be paid to environmental protection and social responsibility, and promoting green and sustainable development has become an industry consensus.
  • Cross-border cooperation and competition: Hydropower projects usually involve multiple countries and regions, requiring cooperation and management of cross-border rivers. At the same time, with the rapid development of other renewable energy sources (such as wind power and solar energy), the water conservancy and hydropower industry is also facing market competition.
  • Policy support: Many countries have introduced a series of policies and measures to support the development of the water conservancy and hydropower industry, including providing financial subsidies, tax incentives, price guarantees, etc., to promote the construction and operation of hydropower and related infrastructure.

The water conservancy and hydropower industry plays an important role in addressing the challenges of global energy transformation and water resources management. In the future, the development of the industry will pay more attention to technological innovation, environmental protection, and international cooperation to achieve sustainable economic, social, and environmental development.

Case Study: How Aimix Equipment is Making a Difference

Stationary Batching Plants in Malaysia

Stationary Batching Plant in Malaysia aimix

Usage: Production of concrete
Raw material: Cement, gravel, sand, fly ash
Capacity: 35 m3 per hour
Type: stationary
Location: Malaysia

ALQ 100 Asphalt Batch Plant in Indonesia

aimix ALQ 100 Asphalt Batch Plant in Indonesia

Usage: Production of asphalt aggregate
Raw material: limestone
Capacity: 100 tons per hour
Type: Stationary
Location: Indonesia
Finished granule size: 5-10mm

200T Sand Making Machine Running In Uzbekistan

200T River Pebbles Sand Making And Washing Line In Uzbekistan

Usage: sand making and washing
Raw material: River pebbles
Output: 200-250 t/h
Location: Uzbekistan
Configurations:APG-4911W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-7510E (jaw crusher) + APC-300M (cone crusher) + APV-1145 (vsi crusher) + APW-3019D (sand washing machine)
Finished product requirements: 0-5mm, 5-20mm, 20-40mm, and 40-70mm

Aimix’s help in the water conservancy and hydropower industry

Customized solutions

According to the different needs of water conservancy and hydropower projects, Aimix can provide customized products and services, such as specially configured concrete mixing plants, concrete pumping machine with specific flow and pressure, and other related accessories and services to meet specific engineering needs.

Technical support and services

Aimix not only provides equipment sales but also includes a series of services such as preliminary consultation, scheme design, installation and commissioning, operation training, maintenance and technical consultation to ensure that the equipment can operate efficiently and stably, helping customers reduce operating costs and improve construction efficiency.

After-sales service and Spare parts supply

Aimix’s after-sales service includes equipment installation guidance, operation training, maintenance and troubleshooting, etc. High-quality after-sales service is our important advantage. Aimix provides fast spare parts supply services to ensure that customers can quickly obtain spare parts when they need to replace them, avoiding construction delays caused by waiting for spare parts.

Environmental friendliness and sustainable developmenty

The equipment and technical solutions provided by Aimix focus on environmental protection and energy saving, which is especially important for water conservancy and hydropower projects. By using efficient and energy-saving equipment, carbon emissions can be reduced and sustainable development can be promoted.

Investment return analysis

Aimix may also assist customers in conducting investment cost and return analysis of projects, helping customers evaluate the economic benefits of projects and make more scientific and reasonable investment decisions.

Aimix can provide comprehensive equipment support and services for the water conservancy and hydropower industry, thereby helping customers improve project efficiency, ensure project quality and achieve both economic and environmental benefits.

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