Luffing Jib Tower Crane

mast section
Luffing jib tower crane, which is generally used in the construction of steel structure, and it is flexible than other tower cranes, and also known as pitching tower crane, from industrial buildings to civil building, from repairing yard to port wharf, from the steel structure to the power station construction, this type tower crane played a huge role. This tower crane has characteristics of large lifting moment, heavy lifting capacity of the single rope, slow rotary speed, and the lifting movement is relatively stable.

Take QTZ6055 for an example

Maximum load moment of this luffing tower crane is 630tm, maximum load weight is 32t, working range can be up to 60m; we can supply you seven types jib length: 30m, 35m, 40m, 45m, 50m, 55m and 60m which can meet the demand of different construction condition.

Each technical parameter of QTZ6055 reaches the international advanced level, it has got several patent technological achievements.

1. It adopts patented technology design installation rope, which is easy to assemble and disassemble, with characteristics of low labor intensity and high efficiency. (ZL200920351252.3)

2. Adopts patented technological design of arm root section, humanization design, keep passageway fluent, convenient and safe, which is beneficial to the installation and maintenance of the tower crane. (ZL201020135529.1)

3. Two combined type A frame achieve portable installation and delivery. We adopt self-produced and developed buffer, greatly decrease the impact peak, which improve the safety of the machine. (Back trim and anti-collision mechanism)

standard section
standard section
slewing gear
slewing gear
travelling machinery
travelling machinery
hoisting system
hoisting system

4. Lifting, slewing, hoisting and jib lubbing mechanism all adopts variable frequency speed control, small start impact and stable operation.

5. Use PLC contral control unit and the electronic control of fieldbus technology, international famous brand electrionical components, high reliability and low fault rate.

6. Specifications and technical parameters are equipped with multi-function monitor, show lifting weight, range, load moment, boom angle of elevation etc parameters, which enhance the safety of the luffing boom tower crane.

7. Static load torque produced by swing arm can be offset by mobile counterweight, through mobile counterweight, lower the boom, and it will reduce the effect of wind. In addition, mobile counterweight is fuel efficient and it makes the lateral force resulting from the amplitude of the movable arm greatly reduced.


Advantages of luffing boom crane

1. The performance parameters are advanced, lifting torque is large, lifting height is high, working range is small, turning radius is small, and it has high use efficiency.

2. It has attractive appearance, light steel structure, superior materials, and it is through pretreatment, such as, the whole type shot blasting and rust prevention; the mast section adopts milled pound and cutting process, has good interchangeability; the jib adopts pin roll and high-strength bolt to connect, which is convenient to assembly and disassembly; there is no driver’s cab.

3. This machine has working forms of fixed, walking, adhesion, internal climbing, which can meet the needs of high-rise buildings, industrial plants and other construction projects in the city.

4. The hoisting mechanism adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation, which can obtain the vertical rising speed and the slow position of the load. The rotary mechanism adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation technology, the work is stable and accurate. The jib is driven by two-speed motor, and the clamping brake is stable and reliable.

5. All kinds of safety devices are available, including torque, weight, range, high monitoring function, meanwhile, it is with functions of alarm and self-locking, etc.

Specifications of Luffing Jib Tower Crane

Type QTZ40
QTZ40 -4708 QTZ40-4808
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 400
Jib length(m) 2.5 ~ 47 2.5 ~ 48
Max./Min. load(t) 4 / 0.8 4 / 0.71
Height Free standing(m) 28 29.7
Anchoring(m) 120
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 8 / 34 / 52 6.7 / 33.5 / 67–
4 / 17 / 26 3.5 / 16.7 / 33.5
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0-0.6 0-0.7
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 33 / 16.5 38.6 / 25.2
Mast  Section Angel steel seamless tube Angel steel
Jib Upper chord Seamless tube
Lower chord V – steel Square tube
Type QTZ63 QTZ80
QTZ63-5010 QTZ63-5013 QTZ80-5511 QTZ 80-5512
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 630 760 720 800
Jib length(m) 3 ~ 50 2.5 ~ 50 3 ~ 55 3 ~ 55
Max./Min. load(t) 5 / 1.095 6 / 1.3 6 / 0.197 8 / 1.2
Height Free standing(m) 35 40 41.3 46
Anchoring(m) 120 140 151 150
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 11.7/39 /78– 8.5 / 40 / 80– 80 / 40 / 8 — 80 / 40 / 20
5.85 / 11.7/39 4.25 / 20 / 40 80.36 / 41.05
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0-0.7 0-0.6 0 – 0.64 0 – 0.6
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 38.6 / 25.2 44 / 22 44 / 22 60 / 30 / 10
Mast  Section Angel steel Angel Square tube Square tube
seamless tube
Jib Upper chord Seamless tube Square tube
Lower chord V-steel or square tube Square tube
Type QTZ125 QTZ160
QTZ 125 -6014 QTZ 125 -6018
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 1250 1250 1600
Jib length(m) 3.1 ~ 60 3 ~ 60 3.4 ~ 65
Max./Min. load(t) 8/1.4 10 / 1.803 10 / 1.6
10 /1.4
Height Free standing(m) 46.2 50 46.2
Anchoring(m) 161 180 161 -200
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 105 / 53 / 26 104 / 52.05 100 / 50 / 25
80 / 40 / 20
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0 – 0.8 0.61 0-0.6
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 54 / 27 / 8.1 58.6 / 29.3 /8.79 60 / 30 / 9.5
Mast  Section Square tube Square tube Square tube
Jib Upper chord Round steel Square tube Square tube
Lower chord Square tube

Power supply requirements of luffing jib crane

Motor power: nameplate power 73.5 watts

Work power: 64 kilowatts

Power supply: 80KVA

Power supply voltage: 380 v (tolerance +/-10%)

Power supply frequency: 60hz

Characteristics of luffing jib tower crane

1. Performance and parameters

A. Big load capacity;

B. Big load height;

C. Fast lift speed

Mast section

2. Structural features

A. Heaving angle of the boom, small slewing radius of the tail.

B. Boom has good stability and wide installation range.

C. Main lifting wire rope has great influence on hoisting characteristics.

3. Internal climbing support system

Due to the difference of the higher buildings, climbing tower crane has different position and internal climbing suppport system adopts variable structure, generally we use triangular support frame and supporting girder form.

4. Climbing system is made up of climbing hydraulic system, climbing section and climbing ladder.

5. Particularity of high altitude demolition.

Use m600d to dismantle 1280d, use 16t roof hanging to disassemble m600d, use 6t roof hanging to demolish 16t roof hanging, then use portable pull rod to dismantle 6t roof hanging, in the end, dismantle the pull rod manually and use the site construction lift to reach the land.

In a word, luffing tower crane is a convenient tower crane, its jib can move according to your demand, if you plan to buy such a tower crane, please contact us right now, we will give you quality machinw with reasonable price!

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