Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Mobile asphalt mixing plant, just as its name implies, it is a kind of movable road construction machine to produce the asphalt mixture. But the key is that this machine can move easily and without the limitation of the construction sites. Because its stock bin and mixing drum are equipped with tires. It is usually used to mix asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture for the requirement of highway construction, grade highway construction, city road construction, port construction and airport construction, etc. And according to the installation, there are mobile type and stationary type. But in detail, mobile type also can be divided into two sorts of different mobile asphalt plants. One is double drum type and another is compulsory type. In addition, there are countless mobile asphalt plant manufacturers in the market now, so it is difficult to find a proper machine, and this article aims to introduce some relevant information about mobile hot mix plant to you from six aspects of the definition, purpose, classification, components, working principle, characteristic, and hope it will bring you enormous harvest during the selection of mobile asphalt batch mixing plant.

Types of mobile asphalt mixing plants

ALYJ series batch simple type

ALYJ-60 in Philippines

ALYJ-60 double drum asphalt plant

installation of double drum portable asphalt plant
asphalt tank
cold aggregate batching machine
control panel
control room

ALYJ-10 drum mobile asphalt plant

ALYJ-20 drum mobile asphalt plant

ALYJ-40 drum mobile asphalt plant


Output 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h
Power Fuel Oil 48kw 59kw 68kw 106kw 132kw 146kw 186kw
Burning Coal 67kw 78kw 91kw 129kw 170kw 192kw 262kw
Cold Aggregate Feeding System 3m³×3 3m³×3 3m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin 2t 5t 5t 9t 9t 9t 20t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180℃
Fuel Consumption Fuel Oil 5-7.5kg/t
Burning Coal 13-15kg/t
Option Water Dust Filter、Bag Dust Filter、Contol Room、Asphalt Heat Tank、Mineral Flour Tank

Characteristics of double drum mobile asphalt plant

1. Unit design of drying drum and mixing drum, which saves a lot of investment costs;

2. Drying the materials when the drum rotates clockwise, and discharge the materials when the drum rotates anticlockwise. And the whole structure is compact and simple and is easy to operate;

3. Intensive PLC control, touch screen operation, can switch freely between the automatic operation and manual operation;

4. Mobile chassis structure makes the installation and transportation  more speedily and convenient;

5. Dual-purpose burner with oil or coal, you can choose any one of these two fuels for your project.

Installation Of Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

ALYQ batch type

ALYQ100 in Kazakhstan

AYLQ100 mobile asphalt batch plant in Kazakhstan

mobile asphalt batch plan installation
ALYQ100 asphalt batching plant mobile
ALYQ100 mobile asphalt batching plant

ALYQ40 mobile asphalt batching plant

ALYQ60 asphalt batch plant mobile

ALYQ80 mobile asphalt batch plant

ALYQ100 mobile asphalt batching plant


Model ALYQ60 ALYQ80 ALYQ100 ALYQ120 ALYQ160
Output 60t/h 80t/h 100t/h 120t/h 160t/h
Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper Capacity 4×6.5m³ 4×7.5m³ 4×7.5m³ 4×7.5m³ 5×8m³
Collect Belt Capacity 80t/h 100t/h 120t/h 140t/h 180t/h
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Size φ1.5m×6m φ1.5m×6.7m φ1.65m×7m φ1.8m×8m φ1.9m×9m
Dry Capacity 80t/h 100t/h 120t/h 140t/h 180t/h
Fuel Consumption 100-400kg/h 120-600kg/h 150-1000kg/h 150-1000kg/h 150-1400kg/h
Mixing Tower
Vibrating Screen (Layer) 4 layer 4 layer 4 layer 4 layer 5 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper 800kg 1000kg 1300kg 1500kg 2000kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper 150kg 200kg 200kg 300kg 300kg
Bitumen Metering hopper 120kg 150kg 150kg 250kg 250kg
Mixer Capacity 800kg 1000kg 1250kg 1500kg 2000kg
Cycle time 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s
Dust Filter (Bag Dust Filter)
Filter Area 300m² 420m² 480m² 550m² 650m²
Draught Fan 30kw 45kw 55kw 90kw 110kw
Asphalt Temperature 140-180℃ 140-180℃ 140-180℃ 140-180℃ 140-180℃
Total Power 200kw 300kw 350kw 380kw 490kw

Characteristics of compulsory asphalt mixing plant mobile

1. Unit design of batch-type drying drum and horizontal twin shaft mixing drum, which can mix the materials thoroughly and the finished product will have better quality;

2. Accurate weighing and stable quality;

3. Similarly with the double drum mobile asphalt batching plant, drying the materials when the drum rotates clockwise, and discharge the materials when the drum rotates anticlockwise. Moreover, the whole structure is compact and simple;

4. Intensive PLC control, touch screen operation, can achieve free switch between automatic control and manual control;

5. Mobile type chassis makes the transportation and installation convenient and fast, burner can be supplied with coal or oil, it all depends the selection of the customers.

Working principle of mobile asphalt plant

The working principle consists of three steps. And the asphalt mixture is made of cold aggregate, mineral powder and asphalt. So after finished the arrangement of these three materials, discharge them into the mixing drum and begin to produce the asphalt mixture. The following is detailed working process.

1. Break stones through the tilted belt feeding conveyor are sent to the drying drum from the cold aggregate supply system, and then the materials will be heated and dried by the burning system, then the hot aggregate will be lifted through the hot aggregate elevator to the screening system, and the hot aggregates will be screened according to the diameters of the aggregates. Next, send the aggregates to the hot aggregate stock bin, and the aggregates enter into the aggregate weighing system, after the weighing, discharge the proportioned aggregates into the mixing drum;

2. In the process of heating and drying in the drying drum, there will be some dusts produced, and the dusts enter into the dust collecting system and after the dust removal, enter into the recycling powder storehouse. The mineral powder enters into the mineral powder stock bin. Then, combine the sand in the recycling powder storehouse with the sand in the mineral powder stock bin, discharge these two powders into the powder weighing system and after the weighing, discharge them into the mixing drum;

3. Asphalt will be pumped into the asphalt tank through the asphalt pump, moreover, asphalt tank has a heating and insulated effect on the asphalt. And then send the asphalt to the asphalt weighing system and after the weighing process, discharge the asphalt into the mixing drum.

After these three preparatory processes above, begin to mix according to the designated time and after the mixing, discharge the asphalt mixture into the finished product storage bin. And then discharge them into the heated bitument tanker. There are too numerous mobile asphalt mixing plant suppliers to mention one by one, while our company has devoted ourselves to innovate our mobile asphalt plant for sale and learn form the other good factories for years, and we make up our mind to export our mobile asphalt mixing plant China to all over the world. And we will never stop doing this!

Components of asphalt mixing plant mobile

mobile cold aggregate supply system
mobile cold aggregate supply system
control room
control room
dust collector system
dust collector system
finished production bini
finished production bini
hot aggregate lifting system
hot aggregate lifting system
mixing tower
mixing tower

1. Cold aggregate supply system of asphalt mobile plant. Cold aggregate usually is break stone;

2. Tilted belt feeding conveyor of mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale. It is used to lift the cold aggregates to the drying system;

3. Drying drum. In the drying drum, the cold aggregates will be heated and dried;

4. Burning system. It exists in the drying drum and is to heat and dry the cold aggregates;

5. Hot aggregate elevator. It is a lifting system used to lift the hot aggregates to the next system;

6. Vibrating screen. The hot aggregates are sent to the vibrating screen through the hot aggregate elevator. And vibrating screen begins to screen the aggregates according to different diameters of the aggregates;

7. Storage warehouse. It is applied to store the proportioned hot aggregates;

8. Filler supply system. It is to store the mineral powder, such as sand;

9. Dust collecting system. In the process of heating and drying the cold aggregates, there will be some dusts produced, so this part is to do dust removal and send the dusts to the recycling powder storehouse;

10. Asphalt supply system. Offer the asphalt;

11. Mixing tower;

12. Pneumatic control system;

13. Electric control system. Control the whole working process;

14. Finished product storage bin. It is used to store the asphalt mixture.

Advantages of mobile asphalt mixing plant

1. Modular design makes it more rapid and convenient to move;

2. Special design in mixing blades, with the special driving force, the operation of the mixing drum is more reliable and effective;

3. We adopt imported vibration motor to drive the vibrating griddle, which improves the efficiency and reduces the fault of rate;

4. Cloth-sack-type dust removal is in the oven-dried condition, it is equipped on the top of the mixing drum, which reduces the heat loss and saves the space and fuel;

5. The bottom structure of the stock bin is opposite, which reduces land occupation, cancels the lifting space of small lanes of finished materials and reduces the fault of rate;

6. Aggregate lifting adopts double row plate, which prolongs the service life of the elevator and enhances the stability of the function;

7. Adopt dual machine of fully automatic control computer or manual control with the automatic fault diagnosis procedure. The operation is safe and easy.

Things Need To Notice When Choose Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Supplier

1. Note the scale of mobile asphalt batching plant supplier;
2. Note the mobile asphalt batching plant price different manufacturers provided;
3. Note which type mobile asphalt mixer they use, different mixers can achieve different effect, such as, drum mixer can improve the efficiency, while compulsory mixer can produce high-quality asphalt.
Anyway, if you want to get right mobile asphalt mixing plant, and you wanna a reasonable mobile asphalt batch plant price, the first thing you need to do is choose a reputable mobile asphalt mix plant supplier. There are numerous mobile asphalt plant suppliers on the market, but you need to make detailed comparison, you can make a decision. We are from China, we are reliable mobile asphalt batch plant supplier, our company has many types mobile asphalt mixing plants for sale, stationary asphalt mixing plant, drum asphalt mixing plant, etc, and we sincerely welcome you to contact us and get the detailed information, we will give you the best mobile asphalt plant price.

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