QT4-24 cement block machine

ABM-4S Cement Block Machine Philippines Has Been Shipped

Good news! AIMIX ABM-4S cement brick machine was going to Philippines! This is the fifth set of brick equipment to Philippines. Obviously our cement bricks manufacturing machine greatly meet the demand of customers from Philippines. ABM-4S means, this type cement block machine can produce 4 blocks every 24s. In addition, we also sell ABM-3S, ABM-4S, ABM-6S, ABM-8S, ABM-10S and ABM-12S.

shipment of ABM-4S brick machine
control system of cement brick machine
delivery of cement-brick machine

Characteristics of ABM-4S cement block machine Philippines

1. Stable performance;
2. Strong mould vibrating power;
3. Brand PLC control system and hydraulic elements;
4. Multiple-function, changing the mould, you can produce all kinds of bricks, such as, grass planting tiles, interlocking bricks, perforated blocks, hollow blocks, standard blocks, etc.

ABM-4S cement block machine
Brick Size(L*W*H) Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 18-23s 2504-3200
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 18-23s 1565-2000
hollow bricks 390*190*190 15-20s 720-960

stacker of cement brick machine
concrete mixer machine

rack of cement brick machine

About us

The following picture is our factory, as you can see, how beautiful our cement brick machines are!

ABM-4S cement brick machine factory
ABM-4S cement brick machine factory

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after-sales team
after-sales team
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