Self Erecting Tower Crane

Self erecting tower crane for sale depends on its own special device to increase or decrease standard sections, or self erect on its own, which means attached tower crane or climbing tower crane. Compared to general tower crane, when heighten this type machine, it doesn’t need to be equipped with any other auxiliary hoisting equipment, for it is with jack lifting oil cylinder, and it can achieve self erecting. Moreover, dismantling price is low. In addition, the attachedt framework should be set up in the tower body standard section connection place to tight tower body. This page will take QZT250 for an example, and make an introduction about self lifting crane.
Product model QTZ250
Span 140m
Jib length  70m
Effective lifting height 46/200m
Rated lifting capacity  2-16t
Application range small construction project
Speed of the cart 10m/min
Rated lifting moment 2500kN.m
Maximum rotation speed 0.1-0.6r/min
QTZ250 is a new type hoisting and conveying machinery, which is made for meet to requirement of high building construtcion and equipment installation. This self erecting crane for sale is very multi-functional for horizontal boom, trolley mechanism and top turn self-raising. Jib length is 70m, it also can be customized into 60m or 55m.

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Self erecting tower crane was ready to UK

Specifications of Luffing Jib Tower Crane

Type QTZ40
QTZ40 -4708 QTZ40-4808
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 400
Jib length(m) 2.5 ~ 47 2.5 ~ 48
Max./Min. load(t) 4 / 0.8 4 / 0.71
Height Free standing(m) 28 29.7
Anchoring(m) 120
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 8 / 34 / 52 6.7 / 33.5 / 67–
4 / 17 / 26 3.5 / 16.7 / 33.5
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0-0.6 0-0.7
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 33 / 16.5 38.6 / 25.2
Mast  Section Angel steel seamless tube Angel steel
Jib Upper chord Seamless tube
Lower chord V – steel Square tube
Type QTZ63 QTZ80
QTZ63-5010 QTZ63-5013 QTZ80-5511 QTZ 80-5512
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 630 760 720 800
Jib length(m) 3 ~ 50 2.5 ~ 50 3 ~ 55 3 ~ 55
Max./Min. load(t) 5 / 1.095 6 / 1.3 6 / 0.197 8 / 1.2
Height Free standing(m) 35 40 41.3 46
Anchoring(m) 120 140 151 150
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 11.7/39 /78– 8.5 / 40 / 80– 80 / 40 / 8 — 80 / 40 / 20
5.85 / 11.7/39 4.25 / 20 / 40 80.36 / 41.05
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0-0.7 0-0.6 0 – 0.64 0 – 0.6
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 38.6 / 25.2 44 / 22 44 / 22 60 / 30 / 10
Mast  Section Angel steel Angel Square tube Square tube
seamless tube
Jib Upper chord Seamless tube Square tube
Lower chord V-steel or square tube Square tube
Type QTZ125 QTZ160
QTZ 125 -6014 QTZ 125 -6018
Hoisting moment(KN.M) 1250 1250 1600
Jib length(m) 3.1 ~ 60 3 ~ 60 3.4 ~ 65
Max./Min. load(t) 8/1.4 10 / 1.803 10 / 1.6
10 /1.4
Height Free standing(m) 46.2 50 46.2
Anchoring(m) 161 180 161 -200
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 105 / 53 / 26 104 / 52.05 100 / 50 / 25
80 / 40 / 20
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0 – 0.8 0.61 0-0.6
Trolleying Speed (m/min) 54 / 27 / 8.1 58.6 / 29.3 /8.79 60 / 30 / 9.5
Mast  Section Square tube Square tube Square tube
Jib Upper chord Round steel Square tube Square tube
Lower chord Square tube

How to assemble the self raising tower crane

1. Install the base. The level error shoul be controlled within two thousandths, tighten the nut of foundation bolt, each bolt needs to be equipped with two nuts, the top of the bolt protrudes 2-3 pitch.

2. Install the lifting sleeve frame. There are base section and mast section included in the lifting sleeve frame, which are the heaviest parts, before the installation, it is necessary to check the ability of hoisting equipment, tighten the connection bolt between base section and foundation.

3. Install the turnable platform. If the capacity of lifting equipments permit, you can combine this work with the work referred to in the preceding paragraph. Tighten the connection bolt between lower socket and mast section, install the diameter between lower socket and lifting sleeve frame.

4. Install the tower. There is something need to notice the connection bolts between the tower top and the rotary transition section, and it is necessary to install the connecting pin between the tower top and rotary transition section.

6. Install partial balance weight. The quantity and locating place of the balance weight must be in strict accordance with the instruction book, otherwise there may be major accident because of the over-limit of unbalanced moment.

7. Install the jib. Assemble the jib and the jib pull rod on the ground. After wearing the steel wire rope, install the lifting arm as a whole. Install the connecting pin shaft between the jib and the rotary transition section and install the pull rod pin shaft.

8. Install the remaining balance weight. Install the remaining balance weight on the balance arm.The total amount of balance weight is related to the assembly length of the jib, and is carried out according to the specification.

9. Put on the hoisting rope. According to the work demand, the wire rope should be wound into 2 or 4 ratio, and the end of steel wire rope shall be fixed at the end of the jib according to the specification.

Some limitation about this Self Erecting Tower Crane

1. Torque limiter. Control torque, it will warns when lifting weights reach to 90% of rated lifting torque. When reach to 110% of the rated lifting torque, it will limit rising upwards and trolley.

2. Weight limiter. Control the maximum lifting capacity, lifting weight reach to 40% of the rated capacity, limit high-speed lifting; lifting weight reach to 110% of the rated capacity, limit the lifting up.

3. Height limiter. Control the lowest and highest extreme position of lifting hook.

4. Slewing limiter. Control the extreme turns number of turn left and right.

5. Amplitude limiter. Control trolley limit position of inward and outward.

6. Overload protection. If the material is over the capacity, the crane will give a sharp warning for protection itself.

7. Emergency brake. If the operation staff encounter some emergency situation, we could start the emergency brake system to protection the related treasure.

8. Control Method. Room control or remote control to avoid any injury to the operation staff

9. Main lifting motor. With thermal protection and currency protection.

Steps for jacking of the self erecting tower crane

1. Lift the jib to the lifting equipment frame, bring to the front of the platform, and rotate the brake, fix the direction of the jib, and it can’t go with the wind. There should be no obstacles in lifting arm, balance arm, top lift operation platform and driver’s room (such as scaffolding steel pipe), to ensure of the elevated channel smooth.

2. Dismantle the connection bolts between the top of the tower and the lower support. Before the removal, the connection pin shaft (or bolt) between the lower support and the lifting equipment sleeve must be reliably connected, otherwise shall not remove the connection bolt of this section.

3. Start hydraulic top lift and reduce motor work. Observe whether the working pressure displayed by the hydraulic gauge is normal.

4. Hoist a standard section with the crane’s own hook, and place it on the introduction platform of the jacking frame. Hoist another standard section, run the zoom car to the corresponding amplitude position, and maintain the balance of the tower machine before and after in the lifting process.

5. Install the balance arm. Install the connecting pin shaft between the balance arm and the rotary transition section, and install the pull rod pin shaft.

6. Place both ends of the top beam reliably (or hang) on the tower climb step, turn the manual directional control valve to “up” position, jack-up oil cylinder piston rod will stretch out, and the sleeve set up.When the extended length of the piston rod is close to full stroke length, manually turn the claw to horizontal position (or push climbing claws pin), manipulate of the manual direction valve to “down” position, set down slightly, make climbing claws placed on the step of the mast section, then climbing claws undertakes the superstructure gravity of tower crane.

7. Separate both ends of the top beam from the standard section step manually, and continue to manipulate the manual directional control valve to “down” position, the piston rod retracts, put the both ends of the top beam (or hang) on the higher step, turn hand-operated direction valve to “up” position, the piston rod if the oil cylinder will retract out again, climbing claws (or pin) will come away the standard section step, and the lifting equipment sleeve will set up.

8. Through twice lifting work, there will be a space formed to contain a mast section between lower socket and the last section standard section, pull standard section of the introduction platforms into the sleeve frame, make the standard section on the tower body, use high strength bolt to connect each standard section, and complete the installation of the section of standard section.

9. Repeat work steps of 4-7 and install another standard section.

10. After all the standard sections be installed, must ensure the quality installation of the connecting bolts between the tower and the lower support. This work step should not be neglected.

Cut section is contrary to the above steps, when the self erecting mobile tower cranes back to the original height, it is necessary to dismantle the tower crane with other auxiliary equipment.

In addition self building crane, there is also other tower crane, such as hammerhead tower crane for your reference, you can have a look. If you are looking for a self erecting crane for your building project, please contact us now, we will answer you within 24 hours.

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