Shipping and Installing Mobile Batching Plant in Kazakhstan

Great news! Aimix mobile concrete batching plant has been successfully put into production in Kazakhstan!

This customer chose Aimix’s AJY-60 mobile concrete batching plant. Let me give you a detailed introduction to this casaas
AJY60 mobile concrete batching plant Kazakhstan 2023

Purchase and Production

After comparing several suppliers, this customer selected aimix. After comprehensively considering the engineering needs, our team recommended the AJY-60 concrete batching plant to the customer. The customer trusted us, agreed with our proposal, and placed an order.

Kazakhstan Production AJY60 mobile concrete batching plant
Production AJY-60 mobile batching plant Kazakhstan

In April 2023, upon receiving the order, aimix quickly mobilized resources and completed the equipment’s production within 20 days. The strong manufacturing capabilities of the aimix factory can quickly respond to customer needs.

Delivery and Installation Guidance

After meticulous logistics planning, the customer received the equipment in August 2023.

Considering the complexity of the equipment and the customer’s need for efficient installation, Aimix dispatched an experienced team of engineers to the construction site in Kazakhstan.

on site Installation Guidance of ajy60 mobile concrete batching plant

The engineers were responsible not only for guiding the installation but also for ensuring that each step was compliant with safety and technical standards.

Problem Solving and Successful Commissioning

During the installation process, some parts were lost due to the negligence of the local construction team. This could have led to project delays, but aimix responded swiftly, immediately sending the required new parts in consideration of the client’s urgency.

Thanks to Aimix’s timely support and the hard work of the professional team, the potential delay in the planned deployment was effectively avoided. Within two weeks, the AJY-60 mobile concrete batching plant was successfully installed and officially commissioned by the end of August.

Kazakhstan Successful Commissioning ajy60 batching plant
Kazakhstan Successful Commissioning ajy60 mobile concrete batching plant
Kazakhstan Successful Commissioning ajy60 concrete bathcing plant

Aimix was able to successfully overcome this challenge thanks to something we have always adhered to.

  • Rapid Response and Immediate Solution: Faced with an unexpected situation that could affect the project timeline, aimix demonstrated high efficiency and responsibility, ensuring that the client could complete the project deployment on time.
  • On-Site Support from the Professional Team: The on-site guidance and technical support provided by the experienced engineering team were key to the smooth implementation of the project.
  • Reliability of High-Quality Products: The high performance of this mobile batch plant itself is also an indispensable factor for success, proving the importance of choosing quality equipment for improving production efficiency and ensuring construction quality.

For more detailed information about this case, you can watch the video below.

Aimix understands that every project is unique. Apart from our mobile units, we offer a comprehensive selection of concrete batching plants designed to fulfill a wide array of requirements.

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