Spare Parts

In the process of using the equipment, if there is a problem with your accessories, please contact our staff in time, and we will reply to you within 24 hours and help you solve the problem.

For Batching Plants

Concrete Mixer: Electric lubricating oil pump, Cylinder with solenoid valve, Wear resistant lining board for the main mixer;

Weighing systems: Tension sensor, Black hose, Powder pneumatic butterfly valve, Wire Hose, wafer butterfly valve, Stainless steel bucket, Submersible sewage pump, Flange gasket, Stainless steel pump, Admixture butterfly valve, Vibrator, Canvas cover, Clamp;

Pneumatic triplet, Direct/three-way quick connector, Broken arch head, Nut connector, solenoid valve, Y joint, pressure gauge;

Belt machine/batching machine: Upper roller support, Lower roller support, Electric roller, Batching belt motor, Small vertical roller, Upper roller, Lower roller, Triangle belt, Motor reducer;
Travel switch, pulley, inside and outside guide wheel of lifting bucket, winch, Bearing/bearing seat;

Dust collector, Filter bag, Safety valve, Spiral hanging in the middle, Screw special reducer, High material level meter, Low material level meter;

Electrical components: Contactor, Circuit breaker, Thermal relay, Switch button.

For Concrete Pumps

Concrete delivery pipes

Concrete pump elbows

Concrete pump cylinder

Concrete pump piston

S Valves

Rubber hoses

Hydraulic pipe joint

Spectacle board

Cutting ring


Filter element

For Crusher Plants

Vibrating feeder: spring and V-belt.

Jaw crusher: movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, and liner plate toggle plate, and V-belt.

Compound cone crusher: crushing wall, rolling mortar wall, and V-belt.

Impact breaker: hammer plate, impact block, liner plate, and V-belt.

Vibrating screen: spring, screens, and V-belt.

Among them, the jaw plate, liner plate of the jaw crusher, the rolling mortar wall of the cone crusher, and the impact block and liner plate of the impact crusher are all made of ZGMn13 high manganese steel, which has the characteristics of excellent wear resistance. The hammer plate of the impact crusher is made of KmTBCr26 material, which has good hardenability and corrosion resistance and can be used for abrasive wear with large impact loads. The screen is made of 65Mn material, and after heat treatment and cold drawing hardening, it has high strength, certain toughness, and plasticity.

For Self Loading Mixer

Toolbox: 1, 2036 filter element: 2;

Yuchai machine filter: 2;

Yuchai firewood filter: 2;

6m throttle line: 1;

Material tank: 1;

External suction pipe: 1;

Car wash gun water pipe: 1 set;

Coupling: 2, 50*40*45;

Composite set: 4;

Priority valve: 1;

Vehicle cylinder oil seal: 1 set;

Butter nozzle: 40;

Boom pin: 2;

Bucket pin: 2;

Hydraulic tank oil inlet filter element: 2;

Torque converter oil inlet filter element: 2;

Fuse: 15 pcs;

Pilot filter: 2pcs;

Combination pad per model: 5pcs;

Printer paper: 10 rolls.

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