shipment of 2.0 cub self mixer

AS-2.0 Self Propelled Concrete Mixer To Uzbekistan

Celebrate AIMIX AS-2.0 self propelled concrete mixer for sale was ready for shipment to Uzbekistan! I can’t count the number of self-propelled concrete mixers that have been sent to uzbekistan. Such as, 2.0cubic meter, 3.5cubic meter and 4.0cubic meter, all of them are popular types. They make great contributions to development of concrete business in …

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2m3 self loading mobile concrete mixer

2m3 And 3m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Trucks Russia Were Inspected

Afternoon! Congratulations our 2m3 and 3m3 self loading concrete mixer trucks Russia have been painted, we will arrange shipment soon after two days. These following pictures are our salesman went to self loading concrete mixer factory to do inspection. Our self loadind concrete mixer production process mainly are four steps: production, test run, paint and …

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