AS-4.0 self-loading mixer to Russia

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer For Russian Building Construction

Good news! Another set of self-loading trucks has been sold to Russia. The customer mainly wants to use this machine for building construction. Over the years we have been selling our self-loading concrete mixers to Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and many other countries. AS-4.0 is a hot selling model of AIMIX GROUP. AS-4.0 self-loading concrete …

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self-loading mixer was exported to Jamaica

AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Was Exported To Jamaica

Hello, old and new friends! Long time no see! Sorry for updating our cases so late! Because of work restructuring, I may not be able to share cases regularly with the frequency of 4 cases a month, but I will definitely take time to update to the website, I hope you can understand. I’m always …

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AS-4.0 self loading mixer to Russia

One Set Of AS-4.0 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Was Exported To Russia

AIMIX exported a self-loading concrete mixer to Russia on October 24, 2021, the model is AS-4.0. This model means that this self-loading concrete mixer truck can produce 16m3 of concrete per hour. If it works 8 hours a day, the capacity is 128m3. This model is a very good one sold in our company. Especially …

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4 cub self loading concrete mixer

4 Cubic Meter Self Loading Concrete Mixer With Pump Test Run For Peru User

Great news! AIMIX exported 4 cubic meter self loading concrete mixer with pump to Peru. And we have tested run the mixer, everything is OK, and it is ready to Peru. Self loading concrete mixer with pump is the hottest concrete production machine in AIMIX GROUP and even in the world. Because we have exported …

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AS-4.0 self loader mixer

4.0 Cubic Meter Self Loader Concrete Mixer To Russia

Good news here! AIMIX AS-4.0 self loader concrete mixer was ready to Russia. Before the order, we sent our customer price list, catalogue, specifications and show them the superiority of our self mixer, now let’s learn about it together. Specifications of self loader concrete mixer truck Equipment Model AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Truck Engine Model …

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self-loading mixer to Russia

AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Transit Mixer Was Sent To Russia

Good news! AIMIX exported AS-4.0 self loading concrete transit mixer to Russia! Here are some export pictures and a test run video before the painting you can see. Export pictures Specifications of AS-4.0 Equipment Model AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Truck Engine Model YCD4J22G Rated Power 85kw Gear Box Model ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox Gear 2 …

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self loading mixer and trailer pump

Perfect Combination Of Self Loading Mixer And Trailer Concrete Pump In Uzbekistan

Good news! Our AS-4.0 self loading mixer and ABT60C diesel type concrete pump have been put into normal use. Here is a video showed us perfect combination of them. You can watch below. Video Of Self Loading Mixer And Diesel Concrete Pump In Uzbekistan Now, you can have a view about the specifications of these …

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self-loading mixer Kenya

4 Cubic Meter Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck To Kenya

Good news! 4 cubic meter self loading concrete mixer truck was ready to Kenya. Show you some photos taken by our salesman. I need to say that color depends you, also we can produce green, white and other colors as you like. Now, let’s learn more basic information about self loading mixer. Specifications Equipment Model …

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self loading concrete truck

4 Cubic Meter Self Loading Concrete Truck To Uzbekistan

Good things! 4 cubic meter self loading concrete truck was going to Uzbekistan. According to export records, our self-loading concrete mixer trucks have been exported to more than 50 units in Uzbekistan. It can be seen how much the Uzbek people like our self-loading mixers, and it also proves that our self-loading concrete mixers have …

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4.0 cub self mixer

4.0 Cubic Meter Self Loading Mixer For Sale Was Going To Uzbekistan

4.0 cubic meter self loading mixer for sale was finished shipment, and ready to the destination: Uzbekistan! Self loading concrete mixer truck is always our hot-sales machine in Uzbekistan. We have exported more than 20 sets of self loading concrete mixers, welcome to contact us for best price! Characteristics of self loading transit mixer 1. …

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