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Batching Plant User From Indonesia

Basic Information

Lampung, Indonesia
Product Name:
Concrete Batching Plant
House building and road paving construction
Shipment Time:
October, 2021
Use Time:
December, 2021
Final Choice:
AJ-35 concrete plant and 2 sets of 100-ton cement silos

The Installation Video

Cooperation Process

Customer Introduction

Today, it is my honor to introduce one of our friends to you, Luyya. Luyya is one of our clients from Indonesia. We get acquainted about 3 months ago. Once Luyya does the investigation for a cost-effective concrete mixing machine through the internet. Then, she finds AIMIX Group. After that, our story begins. She and her husband are one of the local building contractors in Lampung, and often undertake some house building and road paving construction projects in Indonesia. They have one set of self-loading mixer to mix concrete on site. But now, they want to purchase more sets of self-loading mixers to meet their growing need for concrete.

Then, Luyya starts to search on Google and finds our website. She first browses all the products on our website and then sends us an inquiry about our self loading concrete mixers. In the following days, our sales, Bob contacts Luyya and introduces her to the details of our self-loading mixers and other construction machines. What is more, Bob also informs Luyya that AIMIX has a local installation team and staff in Lampung. Afterward, Luyya makes a telephone call with our local staff and gets more information about AIMIX. After learning about AIMIX services in Lampung, Luyya starts to trust us and cooperate with AIMIX. Go on reading to check more about our cooperation details.

hopper batching plant 35m3
Initial Need & Our Advice

At the beginning, Luyya wants to buy 1-2 sets of our self-loading mixers for his projects. But our sales, Bob recommends her with our stationary concrete batching plants after knowing that she has undertaken a road paving project for this time. The concrete outputs of our self-loading mixers can not provide enough concrete for her road paving projects. In addition to this, she also wants to sell concrete to other building contractors and supply concrete for her other construction projects. Therefore, Bob gives her two solutions, one is to purchase 3-4 sets of self-loading mixers, and another one is to buy a stationary concrete plant.

Solution 1

With regard to the first solution, increasing the number of purchases of the self-loading mixers means that it will add a lot of extra investment costs and labor costs.

Solution 2

Conversely, the second solution of buying a concrete batch plant will be more suitable. That is because the concrete plant can not only produce concrete for Luyya’s own use but also make a lot of concrete for Luyya’s commercial concrete-selling business. Apart from this, the stationary batching plants can improve the working efficiency and save the construction period. So, our engineers and Bob have highly recommended the second batching solution.

AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer

hopper batching plant AIMIX

Final Choice Of Luyya

After discussing with our professional engineers, Luyya finally accepts the second solution and decides to purchase a set of our 35m3 concrete batching plant. What is more, Luyya also mentions that cement transportation is inconvenient in the local areas. Thus, our engineer’s advice is that Luyya should also equip with two sets of our cement silos with larger volumes so that the cement transportation and storage problems will be solved. In the end, Luyya makes his order for one set of AJ-35 concrete plant and 2 sets of 100-ton cement silos.

Installation & Training


Aimix dispatches our local installation team to Luyya’s site to help her install the AJ-35 concrete plant. Our installation services not only include installing and testing the plant but also concluding the equipment rental fees for the crane or other equipment. The installation time lasts about 20 days. They first build the foundations for the concrete plant, then splice the pieces of cement silos, and assemble the concrete mixer, aggregate batching machine, batching hoppers, lifting track, screw conveyor, and all the electric parts. Finally, they test the whole plant and make sure it can be normally put into production for the concrete. During the installation process, Luyya is well-pleasing about the profession of our local installation teams.


Our engineers also help train one superior worker to master all the knowledge and skills on operating the control systems of the AJ-35 mini concrete batching plant and testing the strength of the concrete. However, Luyya is especially satisfied with our training services. She tells us that she could not contact the supplier once she bought a machine from this supplier. At that time, she could not complete her construction projects according to the established plan. That thing has caused a lot of trouble. Thence, Luyya tells us she now pays more attention to the after-sale services than the machine price.

installation of concrete plant
stationary concrete plant AJ-35
AJ-35 concrete plant in Indonesia
concrete plant installed in Indonesia

Friendly Cooperation With Luyya

After our first cooperation with Luyya, we always keep in contact with her. Once Luyya told us that her workers have reversed the order for the electric wires and caused the malfunctions of the blade. When receiving this information and we send a set of new blades for free. Luyya is moved by our timely help even though this mistake is made for personal reasons. While Aimix is always willing to help her without any complaints. Luyya said that she is very happy to know Aimix Group.

At a later time, her operator went out and had a bad car accident. We offered condolences and helped Luyya to train a new operator again. Thanks to our timely services, Luyya can continue with her road paving projects without any delay. After that, Luyya expressed her gratitude and satisfaction to AIMIX Group. What is more, Luyya expresses that our local services and the degree of the profession are better than some local suppliers in Indonesia although we are a Chinese concrete batching plant manufacturer. And Aimix has kept its promises of supplying lifelong after-sale services for local customers in Indonesia.

Hereafter, Luyya continues to help us promote our brand in Indonesia and introduces our products and brand to his friends. We are good friends now and our relationship goes beyond the partnership. Thanks for reading.

Customer Feeback


For The Batching Plant

Luyya said the AJ-35 concrete plant can fully meet her daily requirement for concrete. What is more, our plant can produce dry hard concrete, semi-dry hard concrete, and plastic concrete, which has made his commercial concrete selling business very popular in Lampung. Besides, Luyya has saved a lot of transportation costs for the cement due to these two 100-ton silos. To sum up, Luyya is very satisfied with our concrete plant.

For The Services Of AIMIX

AIMIX has supplied Luyya with custom clearance services, installation services, and training services. In the beginning, Luyya is worried about how to import machines from China, how to install the concrete plant on her site, and how to let her workers master the skills of operating the concrete plant. Then, Bob answers all her questions and solves all of her worries. In the end, she successfully completed her road paving project by our batching plant and gave us a thumbs up, and expressed her willingness to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship with AIMIX Group.

After Sales Service


On-site installation, commissioning and production engineers accompany the entire process and continue to help customers solve problems;


Provide professional training to help customers build a professional production and operation team;

spare parts

To provide customers with spare parts for life.



You can contact us through the website or by phone for more project information and concrete batching plant support. We will answer your questions in time and provide professional technology and after-sales service.

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