Three Sets Of Mobile Crawler Crushers Worked Well In Malaysia

This page mainly shows you the site working picture and the operation video of the three crawler mobile crushing machines we installed in Malaysia. Below you will find a brief description of this customer’s project configuration.

crusher plant worked in Malaysia
mobile crusher plants worked in Malaysia

Project Configuration

After the communication between the customer, the technical engineer and the solution consultant, the customer finally purchased three mobile crushing plants, which are equipped with jaw crusher, cone crusher and screening equipment host. Here we show you a picture of a complete set of equipment containing three crawler mobile crushing machines.

Next, let’s look at the overview of this combination mobile crawler crusher plant.

three mobile crushers worked in Malaysia

working view of mobile crusher plant in Malaysia

Introduction about this configuration

This combination mobile crusher plant can reach a capacity of 150 to 180 tons, and the main raw material is river pebbles. However, due to the different particle sizes required by the customer for the final product, our technical engineers were able to recommend this combination to the customer and maximize the benefits of each unit. As you can see in the video below, firstly the jaw mobile crusher is used as primary crushing, followed by the cone mobile crusher as secondary crushing, and finally to get the best particle size product, we use the mobile screening machine as the last process. The customer has given great affirmation and praise to the program, and the following shows you a letter from the customer to us personally.

customer feedback for three sets of mobile crushers

Then, taking mobile cone crusher as an example, let’s see the assemble process. The followings are some assemble pictures took by our technician.

Assemble the mobile cone crusher

assemble cone crusher
cone crusher for mobile crusher plant
mobile cone crusher plant
mobile crawler cone crusher

Then, show you a video about the working condition.

How to get an ideal mobile crusher?

Some customers may ask, can I buy a mobile crusher alone, or a crusher alone? Of course you can! But what we need to consider is the specific needs of your project, if a suitable mobile crushing machine can fully meet your needs, we will definitely equip you with the most suitable model. Our aim is to help our customers succeed, which is actually to help them save money while bringing into play the comprehensive capabilities of the equipment, while improving their return on investment.

If you are also looking for a mobile crushing machine with convenient transfer, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help you complete your project with more than 40 years of experience in production, R&D and sales.

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