Two Sets Of Self Loading Concrete Mixers Are In Philippines

Exciting news! Few days ago, we heard that our two sets of self loading concrete mixers have been sent to Philippines. Now we have receivde some feedbacks. You can check some pictures and a working video below.
3.5cubic meter and 5.5cubic meter self loading concrete mixers Philippines

3.5 Cubic meter And 5.5 Cubic meter Self Loading Concrete Mixers In Bataan Philippines

About building project

Client planned to use these two self loading mixers for his building construction. As a small project, client doesn’t need to purchase a concrete plant, so through our advice, client bought two sets of popular self loading concrete mixer trucks. Next, let’s learn about some basic information about self mixer.

building project
building project
two sets of self loading mixers
3.5 cubic meter self loading mixer
3.5 cubic meter self loading mixer
Equipment Model AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Truck
Engine Model YUCHAI 4105 Turbo-Charged
Rated Power 85kw
Gear Box Model ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox
Gear 2 Forward 2 Back,Front Wheels Steering
Fuel Tank 75 L
Total Hydraulic System Capacity 75 Liters
Oil Tank 16 Liters
Reducer HJ80-43
Hydraulic Pump CBGQ 2040/2080
Hydraulic Motor BM5-160
Water Tank 620 L
Water Supply Time Relay
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 7830*2680*4170

5.5 cubic meter self loading concrete mixer
5.5 cubic meter self loading concrete mixer

Main Parameters Model AS-5.5
Overall Dimension 8450*3100*4580 mm
Wheelbase 3350 mm
Curb Weight 11200 kg
Drive Form Torque Converter
Maximum Speed 42 km/h
Maximum Gradeability 45º
Maximum Turning Radius 6200 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 380 mm
Engine Model  FWA XICHAI 6110 Turbo-charged
Rated Power 110 kw
   Gearbox Model ZL-315 power shift gearbox
Gear 4 forward, 4 back
Maintain refueling volume Fuel Tank 180 L
Total Hydraulic System Capacity 75 L
Oil 16 L
Hydraulic System Reducer HJ80-43

Details about self loading mixers

1. It is movable, four-wheel steering, so it is convenient to move on the site.
2. Small volume. Because innovative design, the whole mixer machine has compact structure and beautiful appearance.
3. We use Yuchai, Yunnei engine, brand hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump to ensure stable performance.
4. The drum of self loading concrete mixer truck can rotate 270 degrees, it is beneficial for different types of terrain and project.

In a word, the function of self loading mixer is like a small mobile concrete batching plant, but it is much cheaper than mobile concrete plant. In addition 3.5cubic meter and 5.5cubic meter, we also can customize 1.2cubic meter, 1.8cubic meter, 2.5cubic meter, 2.6cubic meter, 3.2cubic meter, 4.0cubic meter and 6.5cubic meter self loading mixer concrete. If you need such a concrete machine, contact us now:

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