Water Reducing Admixture

Water reducing admixture is a concrete admixture that can reduce the water consumption for concrete mixing while maintaining the slump of concrete unchanged. Most of them are anionic surfactants, such as lignosulfonate, naphthalenesulfonate formaldehyde polymer and so on. After adding the water reducing admixtures in concrete, it can disperse the cement particles, thereby improving its workability, reducing the unit water consumption, improving the fluidity of the concrete mixture, or reducing the unit cement consumption and saving cement. And achieve the goal of reducing cement costs for investors.

Types of water reducing admixtures

Water reducing admixture can be categorized into liquid and powder types according to their appearance. The solid content of liquid agent is generally 20% and 40% (also known as mother liquor). According to the water reducing and reinforcing capacity of the water-reducing agents, they can be categorized into standard typepumping type, slump-preserving type, regarding type, and antifreeze type. You can learn more below.

Powder water reducing admixture
Powder water reducing admixture

liquid water reducing admixture
Liquid water reducing admixture

Standard type high range water reducing mixtures

Scope of application of standard concrete water reducer

Standard type water reducing agents are widely used in high-speed railways, highways, bridges, tunnels, wharfs, power plants, airports, water conservancy projects, as well as ready-mixed concrete production units such as concrete mixing plants and construction industry integration enterprises.

1. High-strength, high-performance concrete of C30 and above.

2. Other kinds of commodities, cast-in-place and precast concrete.

3. It can be used as a parent component for compounding.

Standard type water reducing admixture
Standard type water reducing admixture

How to use standard type water reducing admixture

1. The powder content is 0.3-0.7% of the total glue, and the liquid content is 1.0-1.2% of the total glue volume.

2. Concrete water reducing admixture need to be added with the mixing water into the mixer and stir until the specified time.

Advantages of standard type water reducing admixtures

1. The water reducing agent in concrete has good water-reducing performance at low content, especially in high-grade concrete, and its maximum water-reducing rate can reach 40%.

2. Water reducing admixture for concrete is alkali-free and chlorine-free, and has no corrosion hazard to steel bars.

3. It has a strong dispersing effect on cement, which improves the fluidity of the mixture, and the concrete slump can reach 20-25mm.

4. Compared with the benchmark concrete, the bleeding of concrete mixed with this water reducing agent is significantly reduced, and there is no segregation phenomenon, which makes it easier to achieve construction operations.

5. The density of cement water reducer is 1.08-1.12KG/1, the PH value is 6.0-8.0, the solid content is 40%, and there is no residual harmful chemical substances.

Ways to pack and store standard water reducing chemical admixtures

1. Liquid products are packed in bulk or barrels according to users’ requirements.

2. Store water reducer in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

3. The shelf life of this water reducing agent in concrete is one year, and the expiration date should be confirmed through experiments.

Pumping water reducing agent

It is an admixture specially designed for long-distance transportation and on-site delivery of commercial concrete. The same water-cement ratio, mixed with this product, can increase the slump of concrete by more than 10cm. Under the same cement dosage and same slump conditions, the strength of concrete can be increased by 40%-70% in three days, the strength in seven days can be increased by 30%-60%, and the strength in 28 days can be increased by 25%-50%.

Advantages of pumping type water reducer

1. The powder content is 0.8-1.5% of the total glue, and the liquid content is 1.0-2.5% of the total glue.

2. The slump loss is small over time, which can meet the long-distance transportation of commercial concrete.

Pumping water reducer
Pumping water reducer

Polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer—slump-preserving type

This type water reducing agent can be widely used in pumping concrete, super-fluid self-compacting, high-strength and high-performance concrete and commercial concrete, with a concentration of 38%-40%. When you store, need to notice that prevent leakage, exposure and high temperature during storage.

How to use polycarboxlic superplasticizer

1. Water reducers with different slump retention effects can be compounded with mother liquor as required.

2. The usual dosage is 0.6%-1.2% (calculated based on the total amount of cementitious materials). The optimal dosage should be determined by experiment according to the engineering materials and characteristics.

3. It is suitable for compounding use of high water reducing polyslump carboxylic acid water reducing agent.

4. The water reducing agent can be dissolved in water or added separately to the concrete mixer.

Slump preserving type water-reducing admixture in concrete
Slump preserving type water-reducing admixture

Retarding type water reducing agent

Retarding type high-efficiency water reducer is developed according to the needs of on-site concrete pouring, large-volume concrete, tied concrete, and long-distance concrete transportation.

Advantages of retarding type water reducing admixtures

It can greatly reduce the water consumption of concrete and improve the workability of concrete, can effectively reduce the heat of hydration and delay the appearance of hydration heat peaks, and reasonably delay the setting time of concrete. This product contains low alkali content and does not contain harmful substances such as chloride ions.

Retarding type water reducing admixture
Retarding type water reducing admixture

Antifreeze type water reducing admixture

It is suitable for cast-in-place, precast, pre-stressed reinforced concrete and pumped concrete for winter construction. The dosage can be adjusted after testing according to engineering requirements. Generally, it is added to the mixer at the same time as the mixing water. If it is added later or before the concrete is poured, the plasticization effect is best if it is stirred and a little bit.

Antifreeze type water reducer
Antifreeze type water reducer

Features of AIMIX high range water reducing admixtures

1. It has moderate air content, and there is no adverse effect on the elastic modulus of concrete, good frost resistance and durability.

2. Excellent adaptability, good compatibility of cement and admixtures, good temperature adaptability, and good compatibility with different types of cements and admixtures. Water reducing admixture solves the problem of using other types of water-reducing agents and cementing materials. The problem of poor tolerance.

3. Low shrinkage, which can significantly reduce the shrinkage of concrete, and its freeze-thaw resistance and carbonization resistance are significantly better than ordinary concrete; concrete water reducer plasticizer significantly improves the volume stability and long-term durability of concrete.

4. The high superplasticizer has good stability, no stratification or precipitation occurs in long-term storage, and no crystallization at low temperature.

5. Concrete water reducing admixture is environmentally friendly, does not contain formaldehyde, and is environmentally friendly.

6. Good economic benefits, the overall project cost is lower than using other types of products, and cement can be saved by 15-25% under the same strength conditions.

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