dry mortar plant Malaysia

10 Ton Dry Mortar Production Line Set Up In Malaysia

Congratulations 10-ton dry mortar production line set up in Malaysia. Our clients planned to use this equipment to produce all kinds of dry mortar, tile adhesive, wall putty, and ready mix plaster, etc. Now, let’s have learning about this equipment.
dry mortar production line Malaysia

10 ton dry mortar production line Malaysia
10 ton dry mortar production line exported to Malaysia
dry mortar plant Malaysia
cement silo for mortar production line in Malaysia


Models GJ10
Production Capacity (T/H ) 10
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

Dry mortar is a fine aggregate, inorganic cement, water-retaining and thickening material, mineral admixtures, and additives mixed in a certain proportion after drying and sieving.

The main components of the AIMIX dry mortar production line generally include the following parts:

1. Wet sand pretreatment, dry cooling, and storage;

2. Storage of cement, fillers, and additives;

3. Ingredients metering of main and auxiliary materials;

4. Mixing system;

5. Packing system;

6. Fully automatic computer control system.

cement silo for mortar plant
dry mortar mixer machine
10 ton dry mortar production line to Malaysia

Dry mix mortar production plant produced by AIMIX has characteristics of simple design, small footprint, small investment, quick return, continuous production, and high output. Our quality mortar mixer can ensure that the coefficient of dry-mixed mortar will not be reduced due to the damage of the shape of the insulation material. What’s more, we equip this plant with an automatic packaging system, which shows its superiority.

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