AIMIX is dedicated to the production, development, innovation and after-sales of construction and mining
equipment. Over the years, we have not only continuously improved the quality of our equipment, but also established a complete service
system to protect our customers’ money. Next, I will introduce the service process of AIMIX in detail from three aspects: pre-sales,
sales and after-sales.

Pre-sales Service

Exploring customers’ needs with professionalism
One-on-one service from senior
project consultants.
After receiving your message, our project consultant will
contact you within two hours to understand your project
Customized solutions
We have professional technical managers who can provide 2-3 sets of solutions for you according to your project with pictures, videos, brochures, parameters, configurations, 3D drawings of the equipment. Our engineers can provide different configurations according to your needs.

In-sales Service

Timely communication and supervision of production
During the service process, we will keep improving the product solution according to the customer’s demand for the equipment, if there is any change, please feel free to communicate with us.
Production supervision. After placing the order, we will immediately arrange the factory to produce the equipment. At the same time, we will arrange the supervision department to supervise the whole production process to make sure all the parts are strictly conform to the standard.

After-sales Service
Solve your worries with responsibility

AIMIX has dedicated service personnel in many countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Uzbekistan, Russia, etc. Even specific to a city, AIMIX can provide you with more convenient service. We can provide a complete after-sales service process covering a range of elements such as transportation, customs clearance, installation, training, etc.
Installation Service
Local Warehouse
Transportation Service
Customs Clearance Services
Turnkey Service
AIMIX’s installation team abroad has resident Chinese engineers as well as experienced local personnel who have received professional training and hold professional qualifications. Not only can they skillfully install and commission the equipment, they can also train your operators and provide free technical consultation later.
AIMIX has warehouses in many of the above markets,for example, Surabaya has an agency team and warehouse. The warehouse will arrange the stock of self-unloading concrete mixer, trailer pump and concrete mixer pump according to the local customers’ needs, so that they can easily view and purchase.
We will provide you with the most economical and affordable transportation method. Also, we will provide you with a loading video and all equipment will be reinforced with ropes to protect the product from damage during transportation.
For customers who have no experience in importing, we have local customs clearance companies we work with that can provide customs clearance services.
Turnkey service is a very convenient option. If you choose turnkey service, we will provide you with a one-stop service, in other words, you just need to wait for the ordered machine to arrive and we will do everything for you.
As one of the leading manufacturers of construction equipment and mining machinery,
AIMIX Group has exported its equipment to more than 100 countries, and in the future we hope
that AIMIX’s services will be available all over the world.
If you are interested in our equipment, contact us now! We will definitely give you the most sincere service.


You can contact us via message or call our sales hotline
+86 18569987557(Whatsapp;Wechat);
We would appreciate if your message contains the required equipment, the type of project, the export country, the budget amount, so that you can get the most accurate quote!
and commissioning

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