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Impact Crusher For Sale

Impact crusher for sale is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. It can crush all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) whose feed particle size does not exceed 500mm and compressive strength does not exceed 350MPa and is widely used in various ore crushing, railways, highways, energy, cement, chemical, construction, and other industries. It adopts newer manufacturing technology and unique structural design. The finished product is cubic, free of tension and cracks. Our company’s series of counterattack breakers are divided into two series: two-chamber and three-chamber series.

impact crusher machine

Impact Crushers

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Feeding SizeFeed particle size: ≤1000mm
Capacity: 15-850T/H

【Applicable Material:】

Limestone, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, bluestone, coal, pebbles, construction wastes.

【Applicable Fields:】

Widely used in various ore crushing, railways, highways, energy, cement, chemical, construction, and other industries.

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The impact crusher definition

The impact crusher machine is used to crush various raw materials into the desired sizes for different construction projects. What does PF stand for in the model name? The model is mainly represented by the diameter and width of the rotor in the crushing chamber. P means crushing, F means impact. Take PF1007 for an example, 10 means rotor Φ1000mm, the width of the rotor is 700mm.

impact crusher machine from AIMIX

Types of impact crusher

We mainly supply customers with a single rotor impact crusher, horizontal shaft impactor, and vertical shaft impact crusher. Models are: PF0807, PF1007, PF1010, PF1210, PF1214, PF1310, PF1315, PF1415, and PF1520. you can check the pictures and specifications below. You can choose the right type of impact crusher China according to the capacity, if your project is not very big, you can choose a small impact crusher for sale.

PF1010 impact crusher
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PF1214 impact crusher
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PF1310 impact crusher
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PF1315 impact crusher machine
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Impact crusher components

  • 1. The frame. It is composed of upper and lower parts, which are connected by bolts. Replaceable lining plates are set in all parts of the frame that contact with broken materials, and a chain curtain is set at the inlet to play a role of safety protection.
  • 2. Transmission mechanism. The motor drives the spindle and rotor to rotate at high speed through the belt.
  • 3. The rotor. Adopt integral cast steel structure, have large mass-energy, at the same time it is very durable, and it is also easy to install hammer head.
  • 4. Counterboard. Made of new wear-resistant materials, freely hanging in the impact crusher for sale, one end of the suspension shaft hinged on both sides of the upper frame, the other end is supported by the rod bolt spherical washer on the cone washer on the upper frame while playing a crushing material, but also has an insurance role, to prevent damage to the equipment caused by non-crushing things.
  • 5. Hammer head. It is made of new wear-resistant material, fixed to the rotor.

Working Principle Of Impact Crusher

How an impact crusher works

When the impact crusher machine is working, driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at a high speed. When the material enters the action area of the plate hammer, it will collide with the plate hammer on the rotor and be broken, and then be thrown to the impact crusher device to be broken again, and then it will be broken again from the lining plate of impact crusher machine. It bounces back to the action area of the blow impact crusher hammer to be broken again. This process is repeated. The material enters the first, second, third, and counterattack chambers from large to small for repeated crushing until the material is broken to the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the impact crusher rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the material discharge particle size and material shape.

Advantages of impact crushers for sale

  • 1. High efficiency and energy saving;
  • 2. The feeding port is large, the crushing cavity is high, and the material is suitable for high hardness, large block, and less product stone powder;
  • 3. The product has a good particle shape, the gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer can be easily adjusted, effectively control the discharge particle size, and the particle shape is better;
  • 4. The structure is compact, the machine has strong rigidity, and the rotor has a large moment of inertia;
  • 5. High comprehensive benefit, high chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, wear-resistance, and large impact force.

Mobile impact crusher for sale
Mobile impact crusher

Mobile impact crusher machine sale
Mobile impact crusher machine

working process of impact crusher
working process of impact crusher

Impact crusher manufacturer in China

China has a lot of impact crusher manufacturers, but how to make a choice? We often tell customers several steps to choose a reliable manufacturer, such as the scale of the manufacturer, the export cases of the manufacturer, the after-sales service, the cost performance, and pay a visit, etc., but in fact, the most important point is to see the possibility of the manufacturer to provide you.

For example, at AIMIX GROUP, we can not only provide you with high-quality impact crusher for sale but also provide you with a variety of concrete equipment. If you have enough capital, you can invest in a whole production line to provide local customers with one-stop services in the construction industry. For example, recently we have developed a crushing + production of concrete + production of the brick program, with such a production line, you can not only sell all kinds of sand and stone materials but also can sell concrete, also can sell bricks, to achieve the effect of three birds with one stone.

impact crusher AIMIX

Therefore, when you go on the offensive to break the manufacturer, you can’t just look at the strength in the field of crushing equipment manufacturers, the more to prepare for future career, AIMIX GROUP salesman and engineers can plan out of many kinds of investment programs for you, as long as you tell us your idea, we will according to your idea for you to provide a variety of investment plan for you to choose, Earn more revenue for you.

Comparison between impact crushers with other types of crushers

What is the difference between a jaw crusher and an impact crusher?

Jaw Crusher Vs Impact Crusher

First, the crusher material is different, relatively speaking, the hardness of the jaw crusher broken material is stronger.

The second, the jaw crusher is the first crushing process.

Third, the cost is different. The cost of investing in a jaw crusher is lower than investing in an impact crusher.

The fourth, wearing parts are different.

The vulnerable parts of the impact crusher are the plate hammer, and the vulnerable parts of the jaw crusher are the tooth plate and jaw plate.

In addition to impact crusher for sale, we also sell impact crusher plant for users. Usually, it means an impact crusher is equipped on a mobile crushing plant. In the whole crushing process, the impact crusher is generally used as the secondary crushing equipment after the jaw crusher.

jaw crusher and impact crusher

Impact crusher vs cone crusher

Impact crusher for sale and cone crusher are both the two crusher machines of the sand and stone production line. There is no good or bad problem. They are different in terms of crushing mode and applicable materials.

Here are the specific differences:

  • 1. Different principles of crushing methods. Impact crushers use impact energy to crush the material, the material between the hammer and the impact plate is repeatedly broken, cone crusher adopts the principle of laminated crushing, rolling mortar wall constantly to the broken wall movement, squeezing sandwiched between the material, so that it is crushed.
  • 2. Various scope of application. The crushing principle of the two machines is not the same for the various hardness of raw materials.
    Generally speaking, a cone crusher is suitable for crushing granite, basalt, pebbles, iron ore, gold ore, and other high hardness rock and metal ore, and an impact crusher is suitable for crushing limestone, calcite, and other low hardness stone. Click this page about granite crushers, you can also choose a crusher from the aspect of applicable raw materials.
  • 3. Different handling capacity. Compared with impact crusher, cone crusher has larger processing capacity, higher crushing efficiency, and is more suitable for large-scale production line operations.
  • 4. Input costs are different. Early investment of the cone crusher is relatively large, but the late impact crusher cost for maintenance is high.
    If it is broken hard rock, in the long run, the cone crusher is more cost-effective than the impact crusher.
  • impact crusher and cone crusher

Impact crusher vs hammer crusher

Hammer crusher and impact crusher use impact principle to crush the material, the finished material particle shape is excellent.

Although from the point of view of the shape, the hammer crusher and the impact crusher for sale are somewhat similar, there are great differences between the two in many aspects, so which is better?

The following from the structure, principle, scope of application, and other aspects of the hammer crusher and impact crusher are introduced.

In structure

Hammer crusher: mainly by the body, transmission device, rotor, and so on. The transmission device includes a triangle belt, a winding motor, and a pulley; The rotor with hammer head is the component of the hammer crusher, and its surface has a layer of wear-resistant material to avoid excessive wear of the rotor.

Impact crusher machine: impact crusher is mainly composed of a frame, transmission mechanism, impact plate, and rotor, the frame is divided into upper and lower two parts, with bolts in the middle; The impact plate is hung inside the crushing chamber; The hammer on the rotor is its main wearing parts, most of the cast steel structure.

impact crusher and hammer crusher

In working principle

Hammer crusher: By feeder into the crusher inlet mineral aggregate, under the action of the high-speed rotating hammer head is broken, after the rebound, and with a high-speed bump on the backboard is further broken, in the whole process, ore by repeatedly broken, broken qualified ore material passed through sieve unit discharge, unqualified mineral aggregate to remain in the crushing cavity, large pieces of stone in crushing chamber was broken many times, qualified ore material is discharged in time, there will be no crushing phenomenon.

Impact crusher: It is suitable for the production line of two broken links, mainly for the finely, satisfy the feed particle size of materials by the feeding device into the impact crusher in the crushing cavity, the rotor spinning, materials into the crushing chamber first hit the rotating hammer head, high-speed counter to impact plate, so has broken material along the tangent direction at high speed into the crushing chamber at the other end of the backplate, again broken, a stone after many times broken, broken more fully, broken qualified stone discharged in time.

In applications

Hammer crusher: mainly used in cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, and other industrial fields of medium hardness of materials, such as limestone, gypsum, brick, slag, coal gangue, salt, chalk, and other materials coarse crushing and fine crushing operations.

It can directly crush the material with a large particle size of 600-1800 mm to 25 or less.

Impact crusher: suitable for processing side length not more than 500mm, compressive strength not more than 350 Mpa of all kinds of coarse, medium, and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), it is widely used in expressway construction, water conservancy projects and construction with gravel processing and other fields is the ideal processing equipment for aggregate.

What about the impact crusher plant?

In addition to a small impact crusher, we also can provide you with a complete impact crusher plant, which is much more efficient than an impact crusher.

Usually, we will use an impact crusher and a sand-making production line as a collocation to form a crushing production line. If the particle size of the material is not allowed, the jaw crusher can also be added as a primary crushing line. If you want to know more about collocation, you can click the button to leave a message to us, tell us your real needs, we will tailor a reasonable plan for you.

impact crusher plant in AIMIX

Characteristics of impact crusher plants

  • 1. Integrated complete unit. The integrated unit equipment installation form eliminates the complicated site infrastructure installation work of the split components and reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of site stationing.
  • 2. Mobility and flexibility. The plant site of mobile impact crushing plant is high, the width of the plant body is smaller than that of the operating semi-trailer, and the turning radius is small, which is convenient for driving on ordinary roads and more convenient for driving in the rough and harsh road environment in the crushing field. What’s more, it saves time for a quick entry into the construction site. It is more conducive to stationing in reasonable construction areas, providing more flexible space and a reasonable layout for the overall crushing process.
  • 3. Reduce material transportation costs. The mobile crusher plant can crush the materials on the first line, eliminating the intermediate link of transporting the materials away from the site and then crushing them, and greatly reducing the transportation cost of the materials. In addition, the lengthened unit can directly send the crushed materials into the box of the transfer truck and transfer them away from the site.
  • 4. Directly and effectively. The integrated series of mobile crushing plants can be used independently, and can also provide more flexible process configuration according to the customer’s requirements for material types and products in the process, to meet the user’s mobile crushing, mobile screening, and other requirements, so that the production organization, The logistics transfer is more direct and effective, and the cost is minimized.
  • 5. Strong adaptability and flexible configuration. The impact crushing plant is aimed at the coarse crushing, fine crushing, and screening systems. It can be operated independently by a single unit or can be flexibly formed into a system to configure the unit to work together. The side discharge of the unloading hopper provides the flexibility of various configurations for the conveying method of the screening material. The diesel generator in the integrated unit configuration can not only supply power to the unit, but also can provide the combined power supply to the processing system configuration unit, and the performance is reliable and maintenance.

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