Self Loading Concrete Mixers

Self loading concrete mixers are revolutionary construction vehicle that provides one-stop solution by integrating automatic material loading, mixing, conveying and discharging in a single unit, by the way, all of them are four wheels-driving and steering.

Biggest Advantage

Ensure that the concrete is freshly mixed at all times and meets the precise proportions required on site, avoiding material wastage caused by traditional methods.

Choosing a self-loading mobile mixer means investing in a smart and efficient future, taking your construction business to the next milestone of success.

Global Cases Of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixers

In Kazakhstan

In Uzbekistan

In The Philippines

In Russia

Application Fields

It is very suitable for small and narrow construction sites, like residential buildings, road construction, road repair, small building construction, infrastructure projects, precast concrete production, bridge construction, etc, which is very cost-saving for the majority of users.

Our users also use it for concrete roads repair, three to five storey buildings, bridges, parking lots, warehouses, workshops and others.

Concrete roads
Concrete roads
1-2 storey buildings
storey buildings
Parking lots
Parking lots

Capacity – 4.8 To 26 Cubic Meters Per Hour – For All Your Project Needs!

AIMIX concrete self loading mixer has many models for your reference: AS-1.2, AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. During project, without any auxiliary equipment, they can complete the project smoothly and efficiently. You can check self loading concrete mixer capacity below

AS-3.5 is Hot Type, can save 5 labors, productivity is the highest, can finish your project quickly.

Discharge Capacity: 3500L
Concrete output: 14 m³/h
Mixing drum capacity(L): 4740
Water tank: 620
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AS-3.5 A self-loading concrete mixer truck

AS-3.5A self loading concrete mixer machine
AS-3.5A self loading mixer
AS-3.5A self loading concrete mixer truck

AS-1.2 mini self loading concrete mixer is with Yunnei engine, it has small land occupation, can move flexibly among sites freely. If you want to repair a small road, it is ideal choice.

Discharge Capacity: 1200L
Concrete output: 4.8 m³/h
Mixing drum capacity(L): 1700
Water tank: 400

AS-1.2 self loading mixer

AS-1.8 self loading mobile concrete mixer is much more efficient than AS-1.2 self mixer, it can help you save three labors costs, which is very cost-effective

Discharge Capacity: 1800L
Concrete output: 7.2 m³/h
Mixing drum capacity(L): 2680
Water tank: 400

AS-1.8 self loading mixer

AS-2.6 mobile self loading concrete mixer is equipped with brand parts from Italy, Germany and America, ensures long life span.

Discharge Capacity: 2600L
Concrete output: 10.4 m³/h
Engine power: 78
Mixing drum capacity(L): 3580

AS-2.6 self loading mobile truck mixers

AS-4.0 Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer For Sale – Max Speed 35km/h, Discharging Concrete At 270 Degrees.

Discharge Capacity: 4000L
Concrete output: 16 m³/h
Engine power: 91
Mixing drum capacity(L): 6000

AS-4.0 Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer For Sale

AS-5.5 self loading mobile concrete mixers -save labor cost, save electricity resources. An ideal choice for small projects.

Discharge Capacity: 5500L
Concrete output: 22 m³/h
Mixing drum capacity(L): 7800
Engine power: 92

AS-5.5 self loading concrete mixer

AS-6.5 self loading concrete mixers-save 5 workers per day, imported hydraulic components, save electricity 100 degrees, work without concrete mixer truck and wheel loader.

Discharge Capacity: 6500L
Total Hydraulic System Capacity:278 Liters
Mixing drum capacity(L): 9000
Engine power: 92

AS-6.5 self loading concrete mixer truck

However, due to the limited output of self-loading concrete mixer, the maximum hourly output is 26 cubic meters per hour, if customers want to efficiently complete projects such as house building, or long-distance road construction, with a concrete pump is a very good choice. AIMIX for different project sizes put forward the following several options for your reference!

Perfect And Efficient Combination Of Concrete Mixing And Pumping

The combination of a self-loading concrete mixer and a concrete trailer pump is a powerful pair that can significantly improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of a construction project. This synergistic pair brings both the convenience of on-site concrete mixing and the ability to precisely pump the mixed concrete to various locations, even over considerable distances or heights. Here are some of the main effects and advantages of using this combination:

  • 1. Increased efficiency

    Self-loading concrete mixers can automatically load, mix and deliver concrete to the desired location, thus minimizing manual labor and time spent preparing the mix. When used in conjunction with a concrete trailer pump, the entire process is even more streamlined, as the mixed concrete can be pumped directly to where it is needed, reducing the need for additional loading, unloading or transportation.

  • 2. Increased productivity

    This combination ensures a steady supply of freshly mixed concrete, pumped directly to the point of use, thus supporting continuous operation. It reduces the downtime associated with traditional concrete preparation and transportation methods, allowing projects to be completed faster.

  • 3. Enhanced quality control

    The use of loader concrete mixer ensures consistent quality of the concrete mixture, with precise control of the ingredients and their proportions. When this high-quality mix is then pumped using a concrete trailer pump, the mix maintains its integrity without segregation or loss.


Production Capacity: 14m3/h
Pumping Capacity: 40m3/h
Pumping distance:
120m (Vertical Conveying Distance)
500m (Horizontal Conveying Distance)
diesel concrete pump and self-loading mixer


Production Capacity: 16m3/h
Pumping Capacity: 60m3/h
Pumping distance:
180m (Vertical Conveying Distance)
100m (Horizontal Conveying Distance)
Self-Loading Concrete Mixer And Concrete Trailer Pump

What Are The Components Of SLM Concrete Machine?

Under the mixer is chassis,which is to
support the mixer; its powerful engine
offers power and ensures that the
machine can function on and on;

Mixing drum is driven by the powerful engine and achieves rapid mixing,
mixing quality is high, in addition, self loader mixer, SICOMA twin shaft
concrete mixer also has advantages of large output and good uniformity;

The space of the operating room is small,
but can achieve perfect working process.
It has an attractive appearance and compact
structure, all the compositions co-operate
fully with each other and run efficiently.

Independent water supply system can offer the water continuously
and ensure the normal function of the machine;

Hydraulic system is the core of discharging materials, this kind of
discharging method has been put into wide use, and its discharging
speed is pretty fast,which can effectively save the construction cost;

Knowing the models and applications of self-loading beton mixer for sale, I am also happy to share with you the new tests we have recently made in our technical department for self loaded concrete mixer, upgrading the weighing system and all other components. Knowing that there is no limit to the potential of the equipment and the needs of the people, we need to invest 200% of our energy to make our self loading concrete mixers more perfect to meet the needs of different projects.

Components upgraded – to meet the needs of more projects


Before we mainly use Yuchai engine, now for different project needs, we also successfully tested other engines, but we still mainly use Yuchai engine, the rest of the customers can also choose Weichai, Deutz, Cummins according to demand.


Previously used is customized to increase the load-resistant axle, nowadays the axle shell is enlarged, thickened, internal important parts load-resistant axle.

Weighing system:

The error is within 1%, and it can mix all kinds of concrete.

Hydraulic components:

The use of joint venture, Sunny, Parker, Rexroth piston motor.

How A Self Loading Concrete Mixer Works? – Working Principle

The operator drives the self loading concrete mixers to the materials stacking place and puts all the raw materials needed by production into the mixing drum with the bucket, and the mixing drum begins to mixing all the materials.

After finished concrete mixing, the operator will send the concrete mixture to the designated construction site.

During the transportation, the mixing drum will keep mixing the concrete in case the concrete mixture will freeze.

6 Reasons To Invest A Self Loading Mixer

Time Saving. Self-loading concrete mixers can solve the time spent using mixers to load and unload concrete back and forth.

Save electricity. The whole mixer is driven by hydraulic motors, and does not need to be energized for use.

Cost saving. Self-loading concrete mixer can shovel its own material, saving the cost of investing in shovels or loaders.

Liberate labor. Only one person is needed to drive and operate, instead of 6 people (three mixer personnel, one shovel driver, one tanker driver, one unloading personnel)

Convenient to move. Compared with the traditional concrete mixer, it breaks through the limitation of fixed operation of the mixer.

Easy operation. Four-wheel drive, can work normally under bad road conditions.

What Services Can AIMIX Provide For You? – After-Sales Service

  • 1. One year warranty
  • 2. Go to your site and help you install and debug;
  • 3. Free training for your operator;
  • 4. Any problem, we will be here to serve you, or go to your city, check and maintain;
  • 5. Spare parts are in stock, any needs, please leave your message on my website, we will arrange shipment within 48 hours;
  • 6. Introduce other users to buy our self loading concrete mixers, we will give you some commission.

AIMIX after-sales service team

Above all is our pre-sales service and on-sale service, we also pay much more attention to after-sale service, when our self-loading beton mixer arrived your city, our salesman and engineer will go to your city, and do training for your operator, tell him how to operate the machine and how to do maintenance, and some notes when using the machine, till he can operate the machine successfully.

In addition, if later there are some problems in machine, you can ask us for help, we will provide you with an online reply or phone call, even going to help you! You are the first position in our heart, we will try our best to serve you!

Our service concept is to make customers have a satisfactory selection, secure purchase, and happy utilization. And one-stop service means once you place an order, we will eliminate your trouble back at home and we will do everything for you, for our mission is to make it easier to buy and sell industrial products and we put the customers first.

How To Choose The Best Self Loading Mixer? – Ways

Nevertheless, self loader concrete mixer has so many advantages and superiority, it must be very expensive. Maybe most of customers will have this doubt. Of course, good products with good quality deserve a good price. But when you want to buy self loading concrete mixer for sale, some issues you need to pay attention to…

  • 1. Consider the suppliers and manufacturers.Making a detailed comparison among several self loading concrete mixer suppliers is a necessity. Only doing this, you will get much affordable and reasonable price of self loading concrete mixer. Aimix is a reliable self loading concrete mixer supplier, they can give you the most competitive price. Good self-loading beton mixer manufacturers will have a big factory and workshop, advanced technology and professional technicians, etc. Aimix not only has a big factory and office in China but also abroad. They have set up LBS centers in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. If you choose them, you will save a lot of shipping costs and maintenance costs.
  • 2. Consider the brand of spare parts. Each spare part constitutes a whole self loading concrete mixer machine, you must choose a quality mixer with the best brand parts so that your machine will have a long service life. Aimix has been engaged in the production, marketing, and sales of self loading concrete mixers for many years, and has gained much high praise from customers all over the world. The most fundamental reason is they use imported brand parts from Italy, Germany, and America. If you want to more details, please send us an inquiry, you will get specifications for each type.
  • 3. Look at the export cases. In addition self-loading concrete mixers price, parts, comprehensive strength, export cases will be best evidence to evaluate a self loading concrete mixer supplier. Aimix has exported more than 50 sets of self loading transit mixers to abroad, such as, Argentina, Botswana, Russia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uzbekistan, etc.
  • 4. ISO certificate. Aimix self loading cement mixer for sale has obtained ISO certificate, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our products. And the second reason is our considerate service. Recently, we AIMIX GROUP have updated our own enterprise culture. Our prospect is to build global industrial products one-stop service platform. Of course, the core of it is the service.
  • 5. Service concept. Our service concept is to make customers have a satisfactory selection, secure purchase, and happy utilization. And one-stop service means once you place an order, we will eliminate your trouble back at home and we will do everything for you, for our mission is to make it easier to buy and sell industrial products and we put the customers first.

How Does Self-loading Concrete Mixers Save Costs For You?

  • 1. Reduction in Labor Costs
    Traditionally, mixing concrete requires separate loading of materials (cement, sand, gravel, and water), mixing, and then transportation to the site. Each step typically involves different sets of workers. Self-loading concrete mixers combine these steps into one machine operated by a single individual, dramatically reducing the number of laborers required.
  • 2. Decrease in Material Wastage
    Self-loading mixers allow for precise control over the amounts of materials used in the concrete mix, reducing the likelihood of excess material that usually results from manual measurement errors. This precision helps in minimizing waste, leading to significant savings in material costs over time.
  • 3. Enhanced Productivity
    By speeding up the process of concrete mixing and delivery, self-loading mixers enable faster completion of construction projects. The quicker turnaround times can lead to reduced overall project durations, allowing contractors to take on more projects within the same timeframe, thus optimizing revenue generation.
  • 4. Improved Fuel Efficiency
    The all-in-one nature of self-loading concrete mixers means that only one machine needs to be fueled and maintained instead of multiple vehicles like traditional loaders, mixers, and transport trucks. This consolidation results in lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs.
  • 5. Flexibility and Reduced Transportation Costs
    Given their ability to produce concrete on-demand at the job site, self-loading mixers eliminate or significantly reduce the need for ready-mix concrete deliveries, which can be costly and subject to minimum order quantities and delivery fees. Additionally, it avoids the risk of having excess concrete that needs to be disposed of if over-ordered.
  • 6. Minimized Downtime
    Waiting for concrete deliveries can lead to idle time for workers and machinery, increasing project costs. With self-loading mixers, concrete is available on-demand, ensuring continuous work progress and minimizing unproductive downtime.
  • 7. Long-Term Durability and Resale Value
    Due to their robust construction and versatility, self-loading concrete mixers tend to have a long service life, which, coupled with their high demand, can result in good resale values. This potential for a higher return on investment further contributes to their cost-saving benefits.

Why Is It Safer To Use A Selfloadingmixer? – Operational Safety

The double brake not only guarantees the fixed parking, but also guarantees the safety of the operator.

Adopting an integral body structure. The advantage of this structural design is that when it is fully loaded, the center of the entire body will be in the middle of the four wheels, and the stability during operation is very good.

self loading concrete mixer and concrete mixer pump

What Is The Difference Between Self Loading Mixer And Concrete Mixer Pump?

  • 1. Self-loading concrete mixers for sale are generally used for horizontal projects, such as roads and parking lots. Concrete mixing pumps are generally used for vertical projects, such as high-rise buildings, and can also be used for horizontal projects, such as roads.
  • 2. For installation of self loading mobile concrete mixer, it is easier to change the field, and needs less operator, 1-2 people are enough. While the concrete mixer with pump requires 3-5 people to operate, and other equipment is required to tow away.

self loading concrete mixer with mobile concrete plant

What Is The Difference Between Self Concrete Mixer Machine And Mobile Batching Plant?

  • 1. Self loading concrete mixer for sale is like a mini mobile concrete batching plant, can finish the whole concrete production process.
  • 2. Compared with the batching plant, investing in a self loading concrete machine is much more profitable. Because we can’t invest in a self loading concrete mixer with pump only focusing on the self loading concrete mixer machine price, there will be a lot of money to be spent subsequently. But choosing a good manufacturer and investing in a proper self loading concrete mixer, it will save a lot of cost, such as, construction site cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, even, if you want to build another project in different construction site, operator can drive self loaded concrete mixer away at anytime.
  • 3. While mobile concrete batching plant can’t, although it is easy to install and disassemble, process of installation and disassemble will cost you much. Such a multi-function self loading concrete mixture, it only needs one driver, come on to choose the right type for your business!

Basic Need When You Investing A Self Propelled Concrete Mixer:
Take AS-3.5 For Example

Hot Model AS-3.5 SLM Concrete Mixers

Just one operator.

Self loading concrete mixer for sale has a small volume, and the driving cab is large enough to accommodate one person. Providing you need an AS-3.5 small self loader concrete mixer, you can leave us a message: you need AS-3.5 type. Our salesman will negotiate all of things with you about the self loading mixer, such as harga self loading concrete mixer, color, driving method, shipment method, payment method, etc; then after you pay us, our salesman will monitor the whole production of self-loading concrete mixes for sale, he will do test run and inspection before shipment, ensure the machine can function normally.

AS-3.5 A self-loading concrete transit mixer

Self loading concrete mixer for sale is like a mini mobile concrete batching plant, can finish the whole concrete production process. Compared with the batching plant, investing in a self loading transit mixer is much more profitable. It will save a lot of cost, such as, construction site cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, even, if you want to build another project in different construction site, operator can drive self loaded concrete mixer away at anytime, while mobile concrete batching plant can’t, although it is easy to install and disassemble, process of installation and disassemble will cost you much. Such a multi-function self loading concrete mixture, it only needs one driver, come on to choose the right type for your business, we will supply you with the most reasonable self loading mobile concrete mixer price!

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