Crusher Machine For Sale

Crusher machine for sale is mainly used to crush materials into smaller particles or powders for subsequent processing or transportation. The crusher for sale can be used to process various materials, including rocks, ore, coal, construction waste, glass, chemical materials, etc.

mobile crushing plants in working sites
raw material of the crusher plant

AIMIX, as one of the most reliable crusher machine suppliers, can provide you with a variety of crusher machines for sale. Therefore, if you want to do the crusher machine business, on this page, you will learn about the definitions, types, features, solutions, applications and other related information of the crushers we can provide. First, let’s see the crusher machine types for sale in AIMIX Group.

An Overview of Different Types of Crusher Machine

How many types of crushers AIMIX can supply? AIMIX mainly can supply you with different types of crushers in mining: jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher. The host is very important, of course, and the host in the work together with the supporting equipment is also vital, in addition to the host, we will also show you the crushing and screening machines with the use of the role that can be played. Let’s see them one by one.

Jaw Crusher – Best Crusher for Primary Crushing

Jaw crusher machine for sale in AIMIX
Feeding Size: ≤7500mm
Capacity: 50-800T/H
Crusher Models: APJ-E; APJ-V; APJ-X
Finished Particle Size: 15-300mm

What is A Jaw Crusher?

A jaw crushing machine is also often referred to as primary crushing. It is the use of two jaw plate extrusion and bending of the material, coarse or medium crushing various hardness of the material. This kind of jaw crusher has wide application in mineral processing, building materials, silicate, ceramics, and other industrial sectors because it has advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, and crushing hard materials.

The crushing mechanism of the small jaw crusher is composed of a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate. When the two jaw plates are close to the material, the materials are broken, and when the two jaw plates leave the material less than the discharge port, the crushed materials will be discharged from the bottom. You can check its working principles below.

Working Principle of Jaw Crusher Machine for Sale

jaw crusher working principle

engagement angle of jaw crusher
jaw crusher structure
structure of jaw crusher
  • The work way of this series of crushers for sale is driving and squeezing, its working principle is: the motor drive belt and pulley, make through eccentric shaft dynamic jaw movement up and down when moving jaw rises between the bracket and fixed jaw angle, so as to promote dynamic jaw plate to the fixed jaw close, at the same time the material is crushed or split, achieve the purpose of broken.
  • When the moving jaw goes down, the angle between the toggle plate and the moving jaw becomes smaller. The moving jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate under the action of the pull rod and the spring. At this time, the broken material is discharged from the lower mouth of the crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the motor and the crushing of the mobile jaw to do periodic movement crushing and discharge materials, to achieve mass production.


ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)

Advantages of Crusher Batu

1. Sturdy and Reliable Welding Frame Structure

The welding frame structure is very firm and reliable. We use a high-quality steel plate welding frame, avoid casting defects, and is a more solid and reliable whole body.

2. Vibration-Reducing Flywheel Design

The flywheel design can effectively reduce vibration and make the machine run more smoothly.

3. Convenient Discharge Port Adjustment

The adjustment of the discharge port makes the operation more quick and convenient. We put the adjusting gasket between the bracket and the back frame. If the customer needs it, the hydraulic device can be installed to adjust. This effectively completes the crushing action of the material.

4. Deep Cavity Crushing Mechanism

The crushing chamber of our crusher is deep and has no dead zone, which greatly improves the feeding capacity and output, the crushing ratio is large, and the product particle size is uniform.

cone crusher equipment
Feeding Size: 35-300mm
Capacity: 50-500T/H
Models: APC-Y; APC-C; APC-D; APC-M
Finished Particle Size: 3-60mm

What is A Construction Crusher Cone?

This crusher cone machine has the characteristics of a large crushing ratio, high efficiency, high handling capacity, low operating cost, easy adjustment, economical use, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of ores and rocks with medium and above hardness.

cone crusher working

On Site Crusher Cone Working Principle

During the operation of a cone crusher, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve through the transmission device, causing the moving cone to perform a rotary swing under the force of the eccentric shaft sleeve.

The area where the moving cone approaches the fixed cone forms the crushing chamber, where the material is crushed by multiple compressions and impacts between the moving cone and the fixed cone.

When the moving cone leaves this area, the material that has been crushed to the required size falls under its own gravity and is discharged from the bottom of the cone. The material to be crushed is fed into the cone crusher through the feed inlet.

The crushing process is completed between the stationary fixed cone and the gyrating moving cone.

Cone Crusher Specification

ModelCrushing cone diameter (mm)CavityMax.feed size (mm)Outlet adjustment range (mm)Capacity (t/h)Power (kW)Dimensions L×W×H(mm)Weight (t)
APC-30C600 (2'ft)C9510-3820-75302195×1158×16505.3
APC-75C900 (3'ft)C15025-3859-129752660×1640×22409.9
APC-110C1000 (3.3'ft)C16013-3180-2351102760×1954×225510.8
APC-132C1200 (3.75'ft)C18013-38115-2601322850×2365×234015.5
APC-160C1295 (4.25'ft)C20016-51150-3901602960×2450×315523
APC-220C1400 (4.5'ft)C21519-51200-4202203430×2690×338027
APC-250C1650 (5'ft)C23522-64240-5702503940×2954×377037.8
APC-315C1800 (5.5'ft)C26722-64330-6553154310×3250×453044.3
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.
C type: coarse crushing cavity; M type: medium crushing cavity; F Type: fine crushing cavity;
1. The output is calculated based on medium-hard materials and a bulk density of 1.6t/m3.
2. The power is calculated based on medium-hard materials and an altitude below 1000 meters.
3. It can be made into an assembly module structure to meet the requirements of tunnels and transportation.

Advantages of Cone Crushing Equipment

  • 1. Stable and reliable. We adopt spring safety devices, overload protection is stable and reliable.
  • 2. Quick and easy. We use hydraulic cavity cleaning to maintain our compact crushing equipment for sale, this method is simple and quick.
  • 3. Easy to adjust. Discharge port through hydraulic cylinder adjustment, the process is convenient and easy to operate.
  • 4. Can be filled with feeding work, and the lining wears more uniform.

impact crusher machine in AIMIX
Feeding Size: ≤500mm
Capacity: 37-400T/H
Models: APF; APF-V
Applicable materials: Soft or hard rocks

What is The Impact Crusher Machine for Sale?

AIMIX impact crusher combines current domestic and international better impact crusher technology, according to different applications, the rotor and crushing chamber type for fine design, a large number of new high wear-resistant materials, equipment performance, and capacity greatly improved.

Working Principle of Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a kind of crushing machinery that uses impact energy to break materials. When the crusher machine for sale is working, on the motion of the motor, the rotor began to spin at high speed.

Then the hard rock counter-attacking crusher works and the electric motor drives the rotor where installed hammers rotate at high speed. The material is impacted into the plate hammer function area, and the materials and plate hammer impact and break. Then again the material is broken by the impact device.

After this process, the material from big to small is broken into one, two, three counter repeated crushing cavity until the material is broken to the required size, discharged from the discharge port. The granularity and shape of the material can be changed by adjusting the clearance between the counterattack frame and the rotor.

impact crusher working principle

Specification of Impact Crusher

ModelRotor diameter × length (mm)Feed opening size (mm)Feed particle size (Max,mm)Production capacity (t)Power (kW)Weight (t)Dimensions L×W×H (mm)

What Are The Advantages Of An Impact Crusher?

  • 1. AIMIX uses a large number of new high-wear-resistant materials to prolong the replacement cycle and save costs.
  • 2. A strong heavy-duty rotor structure improves the capacity and crushing ratio of the crusher plant.
  • 3. Ship type plate hammer, firm locking structure, with good impact resistance, wear-resistance, and keep the discharging particle size stable.
  • 4. The fine design of the rotor and cavity type, meet the coarse crushing, medium, and fine crushing and material recovery and other different choices.
  • 5. Hydraulic cover opening and counterattack plate and plate hammer clearance hydraulic auxiliary adjustment, reduce labor intensity, shorten the downtime.
  • 6. A high-quality welding structure ensures that the crushing plant can withstand large impact forces and obtain a good crushing effect.

These individual mining crusher machine plays vital roles in size reduction. But the crusher mining equipment is often configured together in a strategic arrangement to form a complete crushing plants for operation on-site. Next, let’s explore kind of crushing plants that are formed by these crushers.

Various Crushers Configured to Form Crushing Plants

By combining multiple crusher types into an integrated circuit, operators can optimize the comminution process through a multi-stage approach. In general, there are different stages of crushing plants, like 2 stage crusher plant, 3 stage crusher plant, and 4 stage crusher plant based on the number of crusher screener. Before know the stages of crusher plant, it is necessary to know what is crushing process. Here is an working gif pictures helping you better understanding it as follows:

flow chart of crushing machine

Besides, according to the requirements of projects, the crusher machine plant can be designed to stationary crusher plant and mobile crusher plant. Next, I will introduce you some cases about the crushing plants, explaining their stages and configurations below.

150tph Stationary Crushing Plant Working in The Philippines

stationary crushing plants on-site
3 Stage Crushing Plant – Stationary Type
  • Processing capacity: 150tph
  • Configurations: jaw crusher + impact crusher + screen machine
  • Maximum feeding: 350mm
  • Crushing materials: Limestone
  • Applications: production of aggregates that used for raw materials to the concrete batching plant
AIMIX 150tph Limestone Crusher Plant for Aggregate Production
Limestone Crushing Plant on-site

200tph River Stone Crushing Plant Working in Uzbekistan

crusher screener working on-site
4 Stage Crushing Plant – Stationary Type
  • Processing capacity: 200tph
  • Configurations: jaw crusher + cone crusher + VSI crusher + screen machine
  • Maximum feeding: 400mm
  • Crushing materials: river stone
  • Applications: sand and aggregate production for sale

Mobile Crushing Plant For Limestone Crushing In Madagascar

Mobile Crushing Plant For Crushing Limestone in Madagascar
3 Stage Crushing Plant – Mobile Wheeled Type
  • Processing capacity: 250tph
  • Configurations: jaw crusher + cone crusher + screener
  • Maximum feeding: 320mm
  • Crushing materials: limestone
  • Applications: road construction

A crawler mobile crusher is a type of mobile crushing and screening equipment that is mounted on crawlers, or tracks. This unique design allows the crusher to be easily transported and maneuvered on various terrains, including rough and uneven surfaces.

The movable crusher is typically used for recycling, quarrying, mining, and construction applications, as the crawler crusher can efficiently process a wide range of materials. It offers the advantage of mobility, enabling operators to bring the crusher directly to the job site, reducing transportation costs and improving overall productivity.

The crawler mobile crusher is equipped with features such as a high-performance jaw crusher or impact crusher, vibrating feeder, and vibrating screen, providing efficient and reliable crushing and screening processes.

1000tph Crawler Crushers Working In Malaysia

crawler mobile crusher on-site working
3 Stage Crushing Plant – Mobile Tracked Type
  • Processing capacity: 1000tph
  • Configurations: crawler jaw crusher + cone crusher + screener
  • Maximum feeding: 380mm
  • Crushing materials: cobblestone
  • Applications: road construction

What Is The Crusher Machine Price?

When you are looking for a crushing and screening equipment for sale, the first thing you may concern about is the crusher price. In fact, the cost of crusher machine can be affected by many factors. Such as production technology, production materials, spare parts, shipping logistics, etc. So how about the prices in AIMIX aggregate crusher machine company? Here is a overview of AIMIX crusher machine price list for reference:

ProductsModelPrice Range
Jaw CrusherAPJ-E$18000-$210000
Cone CrusherAPC-Y$26000-$124000
Impact CrusherAPF$19000-$66000
Sand Making MachineAPV$27000-$65000
Primary Mobile Crushing PlantAPY2-57J-APY2-110J$550000-$960000
Secondary Mobile Crushing And Screening PlantAPY2-1010F-APY2-1214F$620000-$940000
Construction Waste Mobile Crushing and Screening PlantAPY3-1010F-APY3-1315F$910000-$1420000
Integrated Mobile Crushing and Screening PlantAPY4-4660S-APY4-6912S$730000-$1240000
Crawler CrusherAPYL$950000-$2300000

Taken together, crushers and crushing plants are a critical and indispensable part of the modern engineering landscape, bringing tremendous value and success to your projects. No matter what challenges you face, choosing the right crusher and screener will be the key to achieving outstanding results.

Now, do you know what is a crusher construction machine? When you choose a preferred model of the stone crusher plant for sale, our salesman and engineer will help you judge whether the type is suitable for your project. As long as you tell us your requirement in detail. If the standard types of crushers in mineral processing can’t meet your demand, we can customize crushing solutions for you.

Apart from the crusher machine plant price, you also need pay attention to the quality of products from crusher machine manufacturers. So, how to choose crusher machine suppliers in the market? Here are some suggestions for reference.

Advice on Choose A Best Crusher Manufacturers


Reputation and Track Record

Opt for a crusher company with a well-established reputation in the industry, backed by a proven track record of delivering high-quality, reliable, and durable rock crusher for sale near me. Look for crusher suppliers with a history of satisfied customers and positive industry feedback.


Customization and Flexibility

Choose crusher equipment manufacturers that offer a diverse range of crushing solutions and the ability to customize the crusher industry to meet your specific requirements. This ensures you can find the right crusher machine for sale that aligns with your processing needs, material characteristics, and production goals.


After-Sales Support

Select mining crusher manufacturers that provide comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance, repair, and spare parts services. This ensures your crushing equipment operates at peak efficiency throughout its lifecycle, minimizing downtime and maximizing your return on investment.

choose a best mobile crusher plant

After reading the above guidances, you are bound to find best crusher supplier, like AIMIX. AIMIX, as a leading crusher manufacturer, meets all of the above three crucial points. Customers can rest assured that by choosing to cooperate with AIMIX, we will offer high-quality crushing solutions, customized to your needs, backed by exceptional after-sales support. AIMIX’s reputation, flexibility, and customer-centric approach make us an excellent choice for your crushing equipment requirements. Welcome to visit AIMIX!

Take A Tour About AIMIX

We are located in Zhengzhou City, Henan province. And we are one of the most experienced crusher plant companies in China. We have types of crusher plant, including crawler type, mobile and stationary crusher plant. We can supply you with the best and most timely service. Click here for more AIMIX crushers.

In addition, we set up overseas offices in Uzbekistan, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Our salesmen and engineers will give you the best on-site service. Choose us, we will supply you with a quality mining crusher plant at a reasonable price.

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