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Excavator for sale is a kind of engineering machinery and equipment with the functions of digging, loading, unloading, and leveling. Its unique design enables it to easily perform all kinds of earthwork, road construction, mining, and other tasks.

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With the rapid development of modern society, the demand for construction and land development industry is also growing. An indispensable role in this field is the excavator.

As a kind of heavy engineering machinery and equipment, excavator machine enjoys a great reputation for its high efficiency, flexibility, and versatility.

In this article, we will introduce the product features, working principle, selection suggestions, application areas, and investment guidelines of excavators, so that you can have a better understanding of this engineering tool.

Wheeled Type Excavators

R150WVS excavator wheeled type
  • Engine power: 108kw(145HP)/2,200rpm
  • Operation weight: 13,700kg
  • Bucket capacity: 0.58m³
R150WVS PRO excavator wheeled type
  • Engine power: 124kW/2,050rpm
  • Operation weight: 13,780kg
  • Bucket capacity: 0.58m
R210WVS excavator wheeled type
  • Engine power: 129kw(173HP)/2,200rpm
  • Operation weight: 20,800kg
  • Bucket capacity: 0.92m³

Crawler Excavators

R130VS PRO excavator crawler type
  • Engine power: 86kW/2,200rpm
  • Operation weight: 13,400kg
  • Bucket capacity: 0.52m³
R215VS PRO excavator medium crawler type
  • Engine power: 125kW/1,900rpm
  • Operation weight: 21,500kg
  • Bucket capacity: 1.0m³
R395LVS large excavator crawler type
  • Engine power: 232kW/1,700rpm
  • Operation weight: 40,500kg
  • Bucket capacity: 1.9m³

First of all, let’s look at the application areas of excavators. The original intention of buying any equipment is because we have the need in this area, only fully understand the excavator can be used in which engineering construction, you have better control of your project. In fact, buying equipment is not a one-time thing, if you invest in a piece excavator machine for sale for this one thing, it is certainly not cost-effective, so you need to know what you plan to invest in the excavator can do and what engineering projects, so that you can plan for future projects, in order to better utilize the excavator for you to make money.

Where Excavators Are Commonly Used

Excavators have a wide range of application areas, including but not limited to the following:


Excavators are widely used in construction projects, such as earthmoving, foundation construction, and underground pipe laying.

excavator for construction wastes
For construction wastes

Road construction

Crawler excavators can be used for road repair, roadbed excavation, and slope preparation to improve construction efficiency and ensure road quality.


Excavator plays an important role in ore mining in open pit mines. It can dig and load ore quickly and accurately, and improve production efficiency.

mining excavator
For mining

Water conservancy project

Crawler excavators for sale can be used in water conservancy projects such as river dredging, dam construction, and reservoir dredging to improve the safety and reliability of water conservancy facilities.

excavator for water conservancy project
For water conservancy project


Excavators are also widely used in agriculture, such as land preparation, drainage and irrigation system construction, and storage of agricultural products.

excavator for stone moving
For stone moving
excavator for Floor Construction
For Floor Construction

In addition, you also need to fully understand the composition of the excavator, and figure out the role of each part, in order to use this medium excavator for sale scientifically. Proper use of the machine will not only improve the efficiency of the project but also help to extend the life of the equipment. Here we look specifically at how the excavator works.

Comprehensive Understanding Of How These Powerful Excavators Operate

Hydraulic system The core part of the excavator is the hydraulic system, which includes components such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and control valves. The hydraulic pump converts pressure into mechanical energy by transmitting hydraulic oil, which is supplied to the hydraulic cylinder and other hydraulic components.

Rotating Platform. The upper structure of the medium-sized excavator for sale is called the rotating platform, which can rotate 360 degrees without restriction. The rotating platform is fitted with key components such as the engine, hydraulic pump, and hydraulic oil tank.

Track system. The excavator chassis is equipped with tracks or wheels for movement and positioning. Adjusted by controller commands, the hydraulic motor drives the track system to move the excavator forward, backward, or steer it.

Work Device Control. The working unit of the long-reach excavator for sale consists of the bucket, boom, and breaker hammer. The hydraulic system controls the flow of hydraulic oil through control valves, allowing the hydraulic cylinders to realize various actions. Through the control lever or button, the operator can control the lifting, telescoping, and tilting of the digging bucket, and adjust the telescoping length and angle of the boom.

Digging Function. When the excavator is ready to dig, the operator positions the digging bucket to the desired position and controls the hydraulic system to provide sufficient force and flow. Hydraulic oil is pumped into the hydraulic cylinders to drive the bucket to perform the digging action. The bucket applies pressure to the ground or material such as rock to cut or dig it out.

Loading and unloading functions. The loading function involves filling the excavator’s bucket with material and unloading it to the target location. By controlling the lifting and tilting of the bucket, the operator can load the material into a truck or other transportation equipment.

After reading all this, do you have a clearer idea about investing in an excavator? It’s easy to choose an excavator, but it’s very difficult to choose the right one, here are some suggestions for you to choose an excavator, whether you are new to this business or you are already familiar with this business, it’s always good to know more.

Valuable Advice To Guide You Select The Most Suitable Excavator

When choosing the right excavator for your needs, we need to consider the following factors:

Budget Planning

Before purchasing an excavator, it is crucial to set a reasonable budget plan. Considering that the excavator price is affected by factors such as size, brand, and configuration, you should set a reasonable budget range based on your financial situation and project needs. Such as the price for an excavator of 1 ton and an excavator of 50 tons is different.

Operating environment

Different operating environments require different excavators. For example, when working in a small space, we can choose a small excavator, while in a large construction site, you need to consider the operating capacity of a large excavator.

Operation scale

According to the size of the operation scale, choose the corresponding size of the excavator. Small excavators are suitable for small-scale earthwork, while large excavators are suitable for large-scale land development or mining.

excavator machine
excavator chinese
chinese excavator

Fuel efficiency

The fuel consumption of excavators is directly related to operating costs. Understand the fuel efficiency of different models and choose an excavator with energy-saving and environmentally friendly features to minimize fuel expenses and environmental impact.

Functional configurations

Different excavators have different functional configurations, such as loading function, rotary function, etc. According to the actual demand, choose the function configuration that meets the requirements, in order to improve the working efficiency.

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excavator in China

Repair and maintenance costs

Repair and maintenance of excavators is part of a long-term investment. Understand the repair costs of different models and brands, and consider the technical support and spare parts availability of excavator suppliers. Choose models that are easy to repair and maintain to reduce excavator costs.

Brand and quality

Choosing excavators of well-known brands can guarantee product quality and after-sales service. It is also important to consider the balance between excavator machine price and cost-effectiveness in order to make a wise choice within a limited budget.

As an efficient and excellent engineering machinery and equipment, excavator for sale has become an indispensable presence in the modern construction and land development industries. Through proper selection and application, Chinese excavators for sale can greatly improve work efficiency and save time and labor costs. Choosing the right excavator for your needs and combining its multifunctional features will bring greater success and benefits to your project. Whether it’s for building construction, road construction, mining, or water conservancy projects, excavators will be your right-hand man.

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