asphalt batch mix plant in Sri Lanka

Finished The Installation Of ALQ100 Stationary Asphalt Batching Plant In Sri Lanka In June

Exciting news! AIMIX has completed the installation of ALQ100 stationary asphalt batching plant in Sri Lanka, our customer wanted to use this equipment for road repair. Because ALQ100 stationary asphalt batching plant has characteristics of stable performance, computerized control, and good mixing quality, our customer chose it finally. Specifications of ALQ100 Model ALQ100 Output 100t/h … Read more

Complete Installation Of ALQ100 Stationary Asphalt Batching Plant In Indonesia

Congratulations ALQ100 stationary asphalt batching plant was installed and debugged successfully in Indonesia! Few days ago, we have installed ALQ80 asphalt mixing plant. As you can see, stationary type asphalt mixing plant is very popular in Indonesia. Now let’s learn more about some basic information about ALQ asphalt mixer plant. Speficications of stationary asphalt plant … Read more

80t asphalt plant Indonesia

Successful Installation Of 80t Asphalt Mixing Plant Indonesia

Congratulations ALQ80 stationary asphalt batch plant has been installad successfully in Indonesia, it is tha same as Russia 80t asphalt plant, only the color is different. If you like other color, we also can meet your demand. User comes from Indonesia, and the construction site is seven hours away from Palembang, he wanted to build … Read more

shipment of LB1200

Delivery Of LB1200 Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Indonesia

Congratulations our LB1200 stationary type asphalt mixing plant was ready to Indonesia. I heard that our customer came from Surabaya. And he played important role in local construction market. On 12th, January, 2019, our customer found us on the internet, and In February, 2019, he placed an order for LB1200 asphalt mixing plant. Our salesman … Read more

QLB60 mobile asphalt plant for sale

Successful Installation And Debug Of QLB60 Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Philippines

Recently, Aimix received good news from Philippines. Our engineers send us some pictures of installation and test run of QLB60 mobile asphalt plant. How beautiful it is! During the installation, Aimix engineers and local engineers pool their efforts together. In the end, mobile asphalt mixing plant has been put into normal use. Appreciate all of … Read more

Successful Installation Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Thailand

Happy news! Our 175t stationary asphalt mixing plant has been installed successfully, after debug, we will do test run ensure the normal function! Our customer want to supply asphalt for their city, investing a stationary asphalt plant is an ideal choice, because stationary asphalt plant is suitable for long-term and large-scale project. We mainly have … Read more

120t Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Uzbekistan Was Finished Installation

Congratulations 120t stationary asphalt mixing plant Uzbekistan has been installed successfully! Our engineer ans technician told us everything was well, the plant has begun to work smoothly. Buying an asphalt mixing plant is an expensive investment, but also is a profitable investment. Because stationary asphalt mixing plant is suitable for large asphalt production, it will … Read more

120t Asphalt Mixing Plant Karachi Pakistan Installation

Congratulations LB1500-120t asphalt mixing plant has been installed successfully in Karachi, Pakistan. This asphalt mixing plant belongs to stationary asphalt mixing plant, also can name it hot mix asphalt plant, because it is equipped with burning system, raw materials will be heated, so finished products have good quality. Shipment Procedure Of Asphalt Mixing Plant Pakistan … Read more

60t Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Indonesia With Compulsory Concrete Mixer Has Been Installed Successfully

Good news! our 60t stationary asphalt mixing plant has finished installation smoothly in Indonesia! Our engineer and salesman help local operator and engineer install, test run and maintain the asphalt plant, till now, local operator has mastered the operation guidance of stationary asphalt mixing plant! The folloing pictures will show you some details for each … Read more

DHB40 Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Myanmar Was Ready To Be Installed

Good news! Our DHB40 drum mix asphalt plant has arrived Myanmar smoothly, our engineer began to install it. Our customer arranged one operator to learn from our engineer from three aspects: how to install drum mix plant; how to test run the plant and how to maintain the asphalt drum mix plant. So that when … Read more