ABT30C concrete pump Indonesia

ABT30C Concrete Pump For House Building Project In Dumai

Today, I will show you our newest case from Dumai Indonesia. We received these feedback pictures and videos. Our customers used this ABT30C concrete pump for their new project, a house building. Below are photos of the customer’s construction site. If your construction situation is similar, this introduction will be a great help for you …

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ABT40C diesel concrete pump Dominican Republic

Feedback From Diesel Concrete Pump In Dominican Republic

Great news from Dominican Republic! We exported one set of diesel type concrete pump to Dominican Republic, and now, the pump worked smoothly. Moreover, we received feedback from our customers. Customer was very satisfied with the pump after it was officially hauled in and sent us a favorable email! Let’s see what our customers have …

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the production of concrete mixer and pump was finished

Electric Type Concrete Mixer And Pump To The Philippines

Good news! The electric-type concrete mixer pump sold to Manila, Philippines is ready to be shipped to its destination! The customer has two new projects to do: offshore pier construction and bridge pouring construction project. Order Introduction This customer chose an electric concrete mixer pump, which can perform steadily as long as the site has …

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AIMIX Exported One Set Of ABJZ40C Diesel Type Concrete Mixer Pump For House Construction In The Philippines

AIMIX Exported One Set Of ABJZ40C Diesel Type Concrete Mixer Pump For House Construction In The Philippines Gosh, time flies, I can’t believe that I haven’t updated the case for you for almost another month. Today, I took an hour and a half to show you a recent case from the Philippines, because our colleague …

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feedback of ABT80C diesel concrete pump Malaysia

Shipment And Feedback From ABT80C Diesel Concrete Pump For Malaysia

This case today is a very perfect transaction process. It’s news from the Malaysian market, and it unfolds in two main ways: shipping in March and post-use feedback in April. Sorry for this late update! For all AIMIX customers, just because it’s not updated doesn’t mean there are no cases. AIMIX has more than 150 …

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concrete mixer pump to Jamaica

The Diesel Type Concrete Mixer Pump Ready To Be Sent To Jamaica Is In Port

Good afternoon everyone, we would like to inform you about a case of diesel-type concrete mixer pump shipped to Jamaica. To give you a brief introduction of this customer’s situation. Customer’s source The customer initially kept searching Google search engine for concrete mixer pump product information, and finally saw our website and was attracted by …

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electric concrete mixer pump exported to Uzbekistan

AIMIX Electric Concrete Pumps Were Exported To Uzbekistan

Good news from the AIMIX factory! We examined and shipped ABJS40D and ABT60D two sets of concrete pumps to Uzbekistan. They will be used for the new building projects. Our salesman sent the customer more than four plans, and the customer eventually choose this combination. Here are some shipping pictures for your reference. Besides these …

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ABT40C concrete pump to Malaysia

AIMIX Exported ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump To Malaysia

The good news here! AIMIX exported one set of ABT40C-12-82R diesel concrete pump to Malaysia in Dec 2021. This is the most popular type of concrete pump in our company. And also it won a good reputation among our users. Now, let’s learn more about this concrete pump with diesel engine. Items: ABT40C diesel concrete …

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diesel cement mixer pump in the Philippines

ABJZ40C Diesel Type Concrete Mixing Pump Has Arrived At The Philippines

Good news! A concrete mixing pump that AIMIX exported to the Philippines in October has reached its destination. This concrete mixing pump is our company’s most sold product, the model is ABJZ40C. If you are also interested, welcome to inquire! Max. theo. concrete output: 40m3/h Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying …

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concrete pumps Morocco

Feedback Of Two Sets Of ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pumps In Morocco

The following is to share with you customer feedback on the diesel concrete pumps. These two concrete pumps are sent to Morocco. The delivery date is February, and the feedback date is February. Our customer used it for tunnel construction. I’m really sorry that it took so long to update this feedback. Our customer chose …

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