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Construction Building

From house to skyscrapers, there’s a solution for you!

The building construction industry is an industry that specializes in all types of activities related to the construction of new, altered, expanded, and restored buildings and other structures.

Construction Building

Aimix Offers You an Integrated Building Construction Solution

Since its foundation, Aimix has specialized in the production, development, design, and innovation of construction equipment, which plays an important role in different fields and stages of the building construction industry, and has helped more than 10,000 customers to successfully complete their building construction projects.

Therefore, we have full confidence to help you develop the building construction industry, to enter this industry requires a lot of equipment, and different projects require different solutions, so we will customize an integrated solution for you according to the characteristics of the project, You are welcome to contact us!

aimix Excavator For Construction Building
Loader for Construction Building

Excavator: Aimix excavators are designed to meet the needs of a variety of operating environments, and can be equipped with different working devices (such as buckets, breakers, clamps, etc.), which are suitable for earthmoving, trenching, loading, and unloading of materials, lightweight crushing, pipeline laying, and other operating scenarios.

Loader: Aimix loaders are designed to be flexible and are usually equipped with a variety of attachments such as buckets, hooks, shovels, etc., which can be easily replaced to realize multi-purpose use. From cleaning up construction site residues, and loading bulk materials to handling heavy loads, Aimix loaders can do it all efficiently.

aimix Concrete paving machine for Construction Building
Asphalt mixing plant for Construction Building

Asphalt mixing plant: Aimix asphalt mixing plant has a highly efficient production capacity to continuously provide the required asphalt mixture, precisely controlling the batching ratio and producing an asphalt mixture with good performance. The adoption of environmentally friendly design, such as the use of recycled asphalt mix technology, not only reduces the use of raw materials but also reduces the generation of waste materials.

Asphalt paver: Aimix asphalt paver adopts advanced technology and design, which is able to complete large-area asphalt paving work in a short time. The machine can precisely control the thickness, width, and slope of asphalt paving to ensure a smooth and even road surface.

Concrete paver: Aimix concrete pavers are capable of continuous concrete paving operations, significantly improving construction speed and efficiency. Whether in terms of width, thickness or slope, Aimix’s concrete pavers can be adjusted to suit different paving requirements and meet the needs of diverse construction projects.

trcked crusher for Construction Building
AJ 50 concrete batching plant for Construction Building

Crushing equipment: Aimix crusher can be flexibly deployed according to project requirements. With high production capacity, it can quickly provide the required size of aggregates. By recycling construction waste, raw material prerocurement costs can be reduced.

Sand making machine: Aimix provides sand making machine that not only can effectively control the particle size and shape of sand and gravel aggregate but also can improve the overall quality of sand and gravel, which can meet the high standard requirements of modern building construction.

Concrete batching plant: Aimix provides various types of concrete batching plants to meet different scales and needs of construction projects. Through the automated control system, various raw materials are accurately proportioned to ensure the quality and consistency of concrete. Effective measures are taken to reduce material waste while reducing dust and noise pollution, which is more in line with modern environmental protection requirements.

concrete pump for construction building
self loading concrete mixer for construction building

Concrete pump: This pump is especially suitable for high-rise buildings or long-distance concrete pouring. Using aimix concrete pump for precise pouring can significantly improve the uniformity and denseness of concrete pouring, thus enhancing the durability and stability of the whole structure.

Concrete mixer: Aimix concrete mixer is designed to be flexible, easy to operate, and adaptable to a variety of complex construction environments. The quality of concrete is guaranteed through precise control of material proportion and mixing uniformity.

Self loading concrete mixer: Aimix self loader concrete mixer integrates the functions of automatic loading of raw materials, metering, mixing, and transportation of concrete to the construction site, making the concrete production process more simplified and efficient.

Discover Application Areas in the Building Construction Industry

Construction Material Supply with aimix
Residential Construction with aimix
Infrastructure Construction with aimix

Residential Construction

This includes the construction of single-family homes, multi-family homes, and residential neighborhoods.
Residential construction focuses on providing for the accommodation needs of residents with consideration for comfort, privacy, and functionality.

Commercial Construction

Includes the construction of commercial and public buildings such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, and schools.
Commercial construction focuses on economic activities, taking into account accessibility, environmental comfort, and business benefits.

Industrial Construction

Includes the construction of industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, refineries, and power plants.
Industrial construction focuses on productivity and safety, while also considering environmental protection and sustainability.

Infrastructure Construction

Includes the construction of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, airports, and ports.

Construction Material Supply

Includes the production and supply of various construction materials such as cement, steel, wood, glass, etc.

Specialized Subcontracting

Includes specialized works such as electrical installation, pipe laying, air-conditioning system installation, and interior and exterior decoration.

Environmental Construction

Environmental management projects, such as sewage treatment, solid waste treatment, etc., to solve environmental pollution problems.

Prospects for the Construction Industry

The building construction industry is one of the important industries supporting the development of the modern economy and has a broad development prospect in the future.

Prospects for the Construction Industry

  • Accelerated urbanization: As the level of global urbanization continues to increase, the demand for the construction of new cities and residential areas continues to grow, providing a huge market space for the building construction industry.
  • Increased investment in infrastructure: Many countries and regions are increasing their investment in infrastructure, including the construction of transportation networks, public facilities, energy projects, and other areas, all of which are generating stable demand for the building construction industry.
  • Green building and sustainable development trend: Green building has become a trend, and the building construction industry has a lot of room for development in introducing advanced environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving technologies, and sustainable design concepts.
  • Technological innovation and digital transformation: The rapid development of modern technology, especially information technology, has brought new opportunities for the building construction industry. The application of technologies including 3D printing, intelligent construction technology, and the Internet of Things can significantly improve construction efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety, pushing the industry toward intelligence and refinement.
  • Government policy support: Many governments have introduced a series of policies to promote the development of the building construction industry, such as tax incentives, financial subsidies, streamlining the approval process, and other measures, creating a favorable external environment for the development of the industry.

Case Study: Aimix’s Products for Building Construction

Mobile Batching Plants in Kazakhstan

AJY60 mobile concrete batching plant Kazakhstan 2023

Usage: Production of concrete
Raw material: Cement, gravel, sand, fly ash
Capacity: 60 m3 per hour
Type: Mobile
Location: Kazakhstan
Max.Aggregate Size: 60mm

ALQ 80 Asphalt Batch Plant in Uzbekistan

aimix ALQ 80 Asphalt Batch Plant in Uzbekistan

Usage: Production of asphalt aggregate
Raw material: limestone
Capacity: 80 tons per hour
Type: Stationary
Location: Uzbekistan

Mobile Jaw Crusher and Screening plant in Madagascar

Mobile Jaw Crusher plant in Madagascar aimix

Usage: Production of sand and gravel aggregate
Raw material: river pebbles
Capacity: 150-200 tons per hour
Type: Mobile
Location: Madagascar
Feeding Size: >425mm
Finished Particle Size: 0-40mm

AIMIX Helps in the Building Construction Industry

Aimix is committed to providing customers with high-quality and high-performance construction equipment and solutions. Our services cover the whole process from equipment selection, installation, and commissioning to after-sales service to ensure that customers have no worries in project implementation.

Our Advantages

  • Diversified products: AIMIX provides a full range of construction equipment including concrete equipment, crushing equipment, lifting equipment, and earth-moving equipment to meet the needs of different projects.
  • Technical support: Our expert team provides professional technical support, from equipment selection to construction program, customers can get the whole process of guidance from installation and commissioning to daily operation to ensure the best construction results.
  • Quality service: We provide comprehensive pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service, including equipment commissioning, operation training, and maintenance services.
  • Customized solutions: According to the specific needs of customers, we provide tailor-made equipment and solutions to ensure efficient project implementation and cost control.

Commitment of Aimix

Choose Aimix, you will get:

  • Reliable equipment quality: All our equipment undergoes strict quality control to ensure its performance and durability.
  • Fast response time: We promise to respond to customers’ needs in time and provide fast and effective solutions.
  • Comprehensive support services: from project consulting to equipment maintenance, AIMIX provides customers with all-around support to ensure the smooth running of their projects.

Welcome to contact us for more information about Aimix construction equipment and services, we look forward to working with you to promote the continuous development of the building construction industry.

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