Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine is suitable for soft or medium hard and very hard ore materials with hardness not higher than 320 Pa. Also, we usually call it VSI sand making machine. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable work, easy maintenance, and a high sand production rate. Now, let’s learn some basic information about it.

applications of sand making machine

Fine Crushing – Sand Making Machine

The specific production capacity is based on the customer’s site configuration and actual production capacity.
Feeding SizeFeeding Size: ≤40mm
Production capacity: 70-640T/H

【Product Particle:】

The finished product of the sand making plant has a cubic shape and low flake content, which is especially suitable for stone shaping and producing mechanism sand.

【Applicable Fields:】

A vertical shaft impact crusher is mainly used for crushing and shaping non-metallic ores, construction materials, artificial sand, and various metallurgical slag.

【Processing Materials:】

The materials that can be processed by sand making crusher machine are limestone, river pebble, mountain stone, lapis lazuli, cobblestone, weathered sand, basalt, granite, quartz, gabbro, etc.

Applications of sand making machine

  • Artificial sand making: processing river pebbles, mountain stones (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, stone chips, and other materials.
  • Construction use: construction aggregate, highway road fabric, bedding material, production of asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregates.
  • Engineering use: engineering field of water conservancy and hydropower, high-grade roads, highways, high-speed railroads, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, high-rise construction of the production of mechanism sand and stone shaping.
  • Mining industry: fine crushing process in the pre-mill section of the mining industry, material crushing in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, refractory materials, cement, grinding materials, and other industries.

Sand-making solutions

Sand Making And Washing Line

150tph mobile sand making and washing machine

  • Raw materials used: up to 400mm
  • Yield demands:100TPH
  • Crushing capacity: 150TPH
  • Finished product demand: medium and fine sand between 0-3mm.
  • Configurations: APG-3895W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-6090E (jaw crusher) + APC-160C (middle crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-1860Y2 (primary vibrating screen) + APV-9532 (vsi sand making machine) + APW-2816D (sand washing machine).
  • Customer feedback: “It is a pleasure to cooperate with Aimix Group, it is a well-deserved professional manufacturer. I think it’s a great thing to have a local office because face-to-face communication can increase mutual trust. From the delivery of the equipment to the installation, Aimix was very attentive. After the equipment was delivered, they consulted with me about the installation time and sent engineers to help me install it. Their service is definitely the No.1. Up to now, my project has been in progress for half a year, and the sand-making production line is running well. I think I’d love to recommend Aimix’s crushing plants to everyone.”

200T River Pebbles Sand Making Machine Running Well In Uzbekistan

200T River Pebbles Sand Making Machine

APV-1145 vsi crusher in operation
APC-300M cone crusher
APC-300M cone crusher in operation
  • Output: 200-250 t/h
  • Finished product requirements: 0-5mm, 5-20mm, 20-40mm, and 40-70mm.
  • Configurations: APG-4911W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-7510E (jaw crusher) + APC-300M (cone crusher) + APV-1145 (vsi crusher) + APW-3019D (sand washing machine).
  • Customer feedback: “It is a pleasure to cooperate with Aimix Group, it is a well-deserved professional manufacturer. I think it’s a great thing to have a local office because face-to-face communication can increase mutual trust. From the delivery of the equipment to the installation, Aimix was very attentive. After the equipment was delivered, they consulted with me on the installation time and sent engineers to help me install it. Their service is definitely the No.1. Up to now, my project has been in progress for half a year, and the sand-making production line is running well. I think I’d love to recommend Aimix’s crushing plants to everyone.”

200TPH Sand Production Line In Saudi Arabia For Crushing Granite

200tph granite sand production plant

  • Production demand: 200tph
  • Finished product requirements: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm
  • Configurations: Jaw crusher+Cone crusher+VSI crusher+Sand washing machine.
  • Customer feedback: “I am very satisfied with the granite crushing plant designed by Aimix Group. I got in touch with Aimix through a friend’s recommendation. Everything went smoothly, from buying the equipment to designing the production line. The price of this crushing plant is within my investment budget. Most importantly, the entire crushing plant is highly efficient and has a low failure rate. It also adopts intelligent control system, which is safe and efficient to use!”

Characteristics of sand manufacturing machine

  • 1. The product particle size is good. With fine crushing and coarse grinding functions. The product is cubic, has good granularity, and has very low flake content; 30% higher than the traditional sand making and shaping effect.
  • 2. New impeller design, optimize the flow of materials, improve the output by 30%.
  • 3. Strong ability to pass non-crushed materials, little influence by the moisture content of materials, the water content can be about 8%.
  • 4. Low consumption of wearing parts: the double throwing combination of the rotor extends the wear time and protects the rotor body from damage due to excessive wear.
  • 5. High crushing rate and energy saving. The stone hit the iron crushing cavity, with higher crushing efficiency.
  • 6. Easy adjustment of feed opening: a movable control flower is designed and installed under the feeding cavity, and the size of the feeding opening can be adjusted by adjusting the screw outside the feeding cavity.
  • 7. Convenient adjustment of discharge size. The height of the inlet divider can be adjusted to control the feeding volume and the ratio of feeding material entering the impeller vertically and dispersing around the impeller, so as to adjust the discharge size ratio.
  • 8. Simple and reasonable structure, low operating cost. It is more suitable for crushing medium-hard and extra-hard materials.
  • 9. Alloy wear-resistant block adopts highly wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials used in important industries in the United States, with longer service life.
  • 10. Strong controllability. Dilute oil lubrication scheme, providing greater speed range.

APV-8518X sand maker


Capacity(t/h)Cascade and Central Feeding120~180200~260300~380450~520
Fully Central Feeding60~90100~130150~190220~260
Max. Feeding
Soft Material<35<40<45<50
Hard Material<30<35<40<45
Rotation Speed(r/min)1700~18901520~16901360~15101180~1310
Double Motor Power(kW)110180264400
Overall Dimension L×W×H(mm)3700×2150×21004140×2280×24254560×2447×27785000×2700×3300
Weight (t)11.814.517.825.6
Thin Oil
Double Oil Pumps Motor’s Power (kW)2×0.25
Safty AssuranceDual oil pump system stabilize oil supply; switch-off automatically without oil flow or oil pressure;
air cooling system /water cooling system available; preheating-start engine adopted.
Overall Dimension L×W×H(mm)820×520×1270
Power of Oil Tank Heater(kW)2

After learning about the characteristics and advantages of crushed sand making machine, let’s have a look at the components.

What are the parts of sand making crusher machine?

AIMIX sand making machine is mainly composed of seven parts, such as feeding hopper, divider, vortex crushing chamber, an impeller body, main shaft assembly, base, transmission device, and motor. Next, we will briefly understand the definition or characteristics of each component.

  • 1. Feed hopper: The structure of the feed hopper is an inverted prismatic body (or cylinder) with a wear-resistant ring at the feed inlet, and the incoming material from the feeding equipment enters the crusher through the feed hopper.
  • 2. Separator: The separator is installed in the upper part of the vortex crushing chamber, the function of the separator is to divert the material coming from the feed hopper.
  • 3. Vortex Crushing Chamber: The structure of the vortex crushing chamber is shaped as an annular space composed of two cylinders, the impeller rotates at high speed in the vortex crushing chamber, the vortex crushing chamber can also reside in the material, forming a material lining layer, the crushing process of the material occurs in the vortex crushing chamber, the material lining layer separates the crushing action of the vortex crushing chamber wall so that the crushing action is limited to the material, playing the role of wear-resistant self-lining.
  • 4. Impeller: The impeller is the key component of the vertical impact crusher. The material enters the center of the impeller from the center feed tube of the upper part of the impeller.
  • 5. Base: The vortex crushing chamber, main shaft assembly, motor, and transmission device are mounted on the base. The base structure is shaped with a four-pronged space in the middle and the center of the four-pronged space is used to install the main shaft assembly, and the two sides form the discharge channel. At the longitudinal ends of the base, there are installed double motors, the base can be installed on the bracket, or directly on the foundation.
  • 6. Transmission: Belt drive mechanism driven by single motor or double motor, above 75kw is double motor drive.
  • 7. Bracket: Users can consider configuring brackets or not according to different working places of crusher – open-air operation or indoor operation.
  • 8. Lubrication system: The sand making machine China adopts special centralized lubrication with automotive grease, and the lubrication parts are the upper bearing and lower bearing of the main shaft assembly, and the oil pipe is led to the outside of the machine for the convenience of oil injection.

But one of the most important components is vibrating feeder, show you three types of vibration feeders and specifications for your reference.

APG-80G vibrating feeder

APG-80GCapacity: 160-230 (t/h)

  • Model: APG-80G
  • Feed tank size (L×B) (mm): 1500×800
  • Maximum feed size (mm): 250
  • Double amplitude (mm): 4
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 160-230
  • Power (kW): 2×0.75
  • Installation angle: -10°-0°
  • Dimension(L×W×H) (mm): 1910×1188×850
  • Weight (t): 0.56

APG-0724Z vibrating feeding machine

APG-0724ZCapacity: 30-80 (t/h)

  • Model: APG-0724Z
  • Feed tank size (L×B) (mm): 2400×700
  • Maximum feed size (mm): 400
  • Double amplitude (mm): 4-6
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 30-80
  • Power (kW): 2×1.5
  • Installation angle: -10°-0°
  • Dimension(L×W×H) (mm): 2480×1130×990
  • Weight (t): 2.4

APG-4911W vibrating feed

APG-4911WCapacity: 120-280 (t/h)

  • Model: APG-4911W
  • Feed tank size (L×B) (mm): 4900×1100
  • Maximum feed size (mm): 650
  • Double amplitude (mm): 4-8
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 120-280
  • Power (kW): 15
  • Installation angle: -10°-0°
  • Dimension(L×W×H) (mm): 4960×2400×2150
  • Weight (t): 5.4

Next, let’s see the working process of sand making.

How does a sand making machine work?

  • The wheel loader sends the raw materials into the feeder, and then the materials are sent into the crushing cavity of the stone crusher sand making machine by the feeder;
  • Then, under the action of centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation, the materials collide with another part of the material in the form of umbrella shunt around the impeller;
  • After that, in the powerful vortex formed between the impeller and the casing, they again or repeatedly collide with each other, rub, and crush;
  • Finally, it is discharged from the lower discharge port of the sand making machine to complete the crushing of materials.

APV-8518X impact crusher machine

This is a complete sand making process. Now, let’s see how to maintain the small sand making machine.

Maintenance of stone sand making machine

  • 1. The operators need to stop regularly to open the observation door to observe the internal wear of the impact sand making machine, the wear degree of the central feed tube, cone cap, impeller upper and lower runner liner, circumferential guard plate, wear-resistant block, wear should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner, replace the wear-resistant block should be replaced at the same time to ensure that the weight of the wear-resistant block is the same.
  • 2. It is strictly forbidden to open the observation door to observe the internal working condition during the working of the sand making machine for sale to avoid danger. The impeller body is found to be worn and replaced in time to find the manufacturer to repair it. Special attention, without the consent of the manufacturer, is strictly forbidden to make the impeller by oneself.
  • 3. The size of the transmission triangle tape tensioning force of the sand making machine should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangle tape is evenly stressed, and when the double motor is driven, the triangle tape on both sides should be grouped together to make the length of each group as consistent as possible, in order to ensure that the sand making machine from stone is energy efficient.
  • 4. The sand making machine works for 400 hours when the appropriate amount of grease should be added, to work to 2000 hours when the spindle assembly should be opened for cleaning if the work to 7200 hours after the time must be replaced by a new bearing.

So how about the price of sand making machine? Here are some tips for you.

sand making machines in the workshop

Ways to get the best sand making machine price

Now there are many online rely on the principle of low price to attract the eyes of customers, but in fact, after communication and understanding found that it is not the low price you want. Moreover, a low price doesn’t mean good quality. Therefore, customers need to strictly check the price quoted by the manufacturer when buying this large sand-making machine. Here are a few suggestions for you, I hope you can use these strategies when you negotiate with the manufacturer.

  • 1. Consult the raw materials used to produce the sand making machine. For example, you can ask the manufacturer what material this sand-making line is produced from, such as steel, but steel is also divided into grades, and the price of different steel is also different, so you need to refine to the specific steel model, and then make a comparison with other manufacturers.
  • 2. Ask about the low cost of that raw material. If you do not have requirements for raw materials, but simply want to invest in a sand making equipment, you can ask which kind of cost is low, the reduction of production costs is very beneficial to entrepreneurs; if you have specific requirements for raw materials, you can also ask about the return on investment, so that you can easily make a plan.
  • 3. Ask about the impact of production capacity on price. Capacity is the most direct impact on the price of the product, but this is very difficult to change because of the price because you will be limited by a variety of factors, such as the duration of the requirements, there are production requirements, this must choose the most appropriate capacity.
  • 4. Choose reliable sand making machine manufacturers. For this kind of large engineering equipment, in the process of use or use for a long time, is certainly the need for repair and maintenance, finding the right manufacturer is vital, and will provide great support for the later after-sales. If you find a manufacturer who only gave you this deal, and then never contacted, you will need to spend extra high maintenance costs on this machine.

AIMIX-made sand making machine

AIMIX 5X Series Sand Making Machine Specifications:

Capacity (t/h)Central Feeding150~280240~380350~540500~640
with Circular Cascade Feeding
Fully Central Feeding70~140120~200180~280250~360
Soft Material<35<40<45<50
Max. Feeding Size (mm)
Hard Material<30<35<40<45
Rotation Speed (r/min)1700~19001500~17001300~15101100~1310
Double Motor Power (kW)150220320440
Overall Dimension LxWxH (mm)4100×2300×23004140×2500×27004560×2600×29005100×2790×3320
Power Supply380V,50Hz
Double Oil Oumps Motor’s Power (kW)2×0.31
Thin Oil Lubrication StationSafty AssuranceDual oil pump system stabilize oil supply; switch-off automatically without oil flow or oil pressure;
Air cooling system /water cooling system available; preheating-start engine adopted.
Power of Oil Tank Heater(kW)2

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service team in AIMIX

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