self-loading concrete mixer truck in Cebu

Installation Of AIMIX Self-Loading Concrete Mixer In Cebu

In Cebu, Philippines, an installation of a self-loading concrete mixer has recently taken place, bringing convenience and efficiency to construction sites. Join us as we explore the on-site installation video and delve into the benefits of these innovative machines. Installation Video On-Site The installation video showcases the seamless on-site installation process of the self-loading concrete …

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self-loading cement mixer is in stock Surabaya

Concrete Equipment In Stock In Indonesia

Hello everyone! Here’s a spot sale for you on our branch’s Indonesian market. At present, our concrete equipment is in stock in Surabaya, customers who are interested in buying this equipment or know about this equipment can take a look at the site now. Let’s learn more about the uses and features of these products: …

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self loading concrete mixer truck in the Philippines

Customer From The Philippines Bought Self Loading Mixer For Flood-Control

Hello everyone! Here’s the latest news! Self-loading concrete mixer trucks started operation in the Philippines. All pictures and videos are taken by our salesman and engineer on site. Next, show you a video of how the self-loading mixer worked on the ship. The customer wanted to control flood You should remember that there was a …

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selfloading mixer test run in the Philippines

Shipment, Assemble, Installation, Test Run And Functioning Of Self Loading Mixer In The Philippines

Long time no see! Today we show you a case of an AIMIX self-loading mixer at the construction site in Calapan, Mindoro, Philippines. Why did the customer choose to buy a self-loading mixer? Application: The customer bought this truck mainly for road construction and house building. Condition of the project: Because the site conditions are …

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self-loading mixer was exported to Jamaica

AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Was Exported To Jamaica

Hello, old and new friends! Long time no see! Sorry for updating our cases so late! Because of work restructuring, I may not be able to share cases regularly with the frequency of 4 cases a month, but I will definitely take time to update to the website, I hope you can understand. I’m always …

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Self loading concrete mixer to Malaysia

AS-3.5 Self-Loading Concrete Transit Mixer Was On The Way To Malaysia

The good news here! AIMIX exported self-loading concrete transit mixer to Malaysia for workshop construction. In the beginning, our customer wanted to purchase a mini mobile concrete batching plant, but through the analysis of the engineer, he chose a self-loading concrete transit mixer eventually. Because investing in a mini mobile concrete batching plant is much …

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AS-3.5 self concrete mixer Russia

Delivery of AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer To Russia

Congratulations AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer to Russia! The destination is Tula. Our customer wants to use this self-loading concrete mixer for his new building project. This self-loading concrete mixer has characteristics of easy operation, high efficiency, flexible feeding, and discharging, its drum can rotate 270 degrees. Up to now, we have exported more than 150 …

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AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Was On The Way To Kazakhstan

In the last month of 2021, we received payment from a customer in Kazakhstan for an AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck for residential construction. This customer purchased the equipment through our local agent. The customer knew that the AS-3.5 was the best-selling model, and it just met his engineering needs, so he quickly placed the …

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selfloadingmixer export

Export AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck To Kazakhstan By Car

AIMIX shipped a self loading concrete mixer truck to Kazakhstan on December 22, model AS-3.5, with an hourly output of 14 cubic meters of concrete. It is understood that our client wants to use self-loading concrete mixer trucks to build roads. The customer found our website on Yandex. At first, the customer wanted to buy …

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AS-4.0 self loading mixer to Russia

One Set Of AS-4.0 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Was Exported To Russia

AIMIX exported a self-loading concrete mixer to Russia on October 24, 2021, the model is AS-4.0. This model means that this self-loading concrete mixer truck can produce 16m3 of concrete per hour. If it works 8 hours a day, the capacity is 128m3. This model is a very good one sold in our company. Especially …

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