Stone Crusher Plants

Stone crusher plants are equipment designed to crush stones or rocks into different sizes for various applications.

Mobile Or Stationary Type / 50-1000tph / Customized Solutions For Your Project

Then, let’s look specifically at the specific applications of stone crushing plants, and I will also show you some of our customized solutions for the different needs of customers so that you can better understand the crushing of this project to carry out.

mobile stone crushing plant for sale

Stone crusher plant provides essential materials for various industries, such as the construction industry, mining industry, road construction, water conservancy projects, etc. Next, let’s check how AIMIX stone crushing plants are applied to these industries.

Applications of Stone Crushing Plants Across Various Industries

Construction Industry

The stone crushing plants provide aggregates including gravel, crushed stone, and sand for concrete mixture production, which are key components of construction projects. These materials can be widely used for roads, bridges, buildings, and other infrastructures. So it can be said that as long as there is a need for stone materials in the construction field, the stone crushing plant for sale can be perfectly satisfied.

Accordingly, many customers who have bought stone crusher plants have also inquired about concrete plants. In short, owning a stone cresar plant is similar to being a pioneer in the construction field, and will be a fine sample in leading the development of local infrastructure. Check one of the cases below.

50t/h River Stone Crushing Plant for Aggregate Production

stone crushing plant for concrete production
River stone crushing plant for concrete production
  • Processing capacity: 50tph
  • Configurations: vibrating Feeder, two units of jaw Crushers, screen Machine, etc.
  • Finished Product: 0-5, 10-20mm
  • Applications: aggregate production, as the raw materials of concrete batching plant for concrete mixure

Road Construction

In the road construction industry, the stone cresar plant is essential for producing the crushed stone materials used as base layers, sub-base layers, and aggregate for asphalt and concrete paving.

The large rocks and stones are processed into different particle sizes through the stone crushing plants. The crushed stone is used to create a stable foundation for roads, which can provide a level surface and help with drainage. It is also added on top of the base layer to improve road strength and longevity. More importantly, the fine crushed stone is mixed with asphalt or concrete for asphalt mixture or concrete mixture. The mixture is used to pave the surface of roads, providing a smooth and durable finish.

Therefore, by owning automatic stone crusher plant, the client can produce the aggregates needed for the asphalt mixing plant. That means that they can not only be self-sufficient but also provide high-quality stone materials for the people around the local area who need stone materials.

200t/h Stone Crushing Plant for Road Production

Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant for Road Construction

Installing 200tph mobile stone crushing plant

Installation of AIMIX 200tph mobile stone crusher plant

  • Raw materials: marble
  • Processing capacity: 200tph
  • Configurations: vibrating Feeder, mobile jaw crusher, screen machine, etc.
  • Finished Product: 0-5, 10-20mm
  • Applications: the crushed stone material used in asphalt mixing plant for road construction

Mining Industry

The stone crushing plants for sale are instrumental in processing raw materials extracted from mines. They mainly crush large rocks and ores into smaller pieces, facilitating the extraction of valuable minerals such as gold, copper, and iron. The crushed materials are then further processed through various techniques to separate the desired minerals from the waste rock.

1000t/h Crushing Plant for Aggregate Production and Iron Ore Separation

Iron Ore Crushing Plant

  • Processing capacity: 1000tph
  • Configurations: gyratory Crusher, two units of cone crushers, screening machine, etc.
  • Finished Product: 0-10, 10-25mm
  • Applications: crushed stone material and magnetically separated iron ore are sold locally.

The wide-ranging applications of stone crushing plants across industries shows the importance of understanding the various types of stone crusher plants. The choice of stone crusher plant depends on the specific needs and requirements of the project or operation. To ensure optimal performance, it is crucial to select the appropriate type of stone crusher plant. With this in mind, let us now explore the different types of stone crusher plants and their unique characteristics.

Different Types of Stone Crusher Plants

Stone crusher plants, both stationary and mobile, play a pivotal role in the crushing process. They can turn raw rocks into variously sized aggregates fit for building, road construction, and more. You can get detailed infomation about them below.

Stationary Crusher Plants – 50 ~ 1000 t/h Capacity

Stationary crusher plants are fixed-location equipment designed for long-term, high-volume crushing operations. It can ensure a consistent supply of aggregate for large-scale projects. The crushing plants are ideal for mining operations and large construction sites where space and mobility are not primary concerns.

As we all know, the crushing plants is formed through combining different crusher machine types, such as a jaw crusher for primary crushing and a cone or impact crusher for secondary/tertiary processing. The combined crusher plants can make your crushing works efficiently on-site.

stationary stone crushing plant

Mobile Crusher Plants – 50 ~ 500 t/h Capacity

Mobile or portable stone crusher plants are designed for easy transportation and on-site setup. They are suitable for applications where the crushing location needs to be changed frequently, such as construction sites, quarries, or demolition projects. The main types of mobile crusher plants include:

  • Tracked Mobile Crusher Plant: These plants are mounted on crawler tracks. They are easy to maneuver and relocate across rough terrain.
  • Wheeled Mobile Crusher Plant: Wheeled mobile crusher plants are mounted on rubber tires. The plants provide mobility and the ability to be towed between job sites.

Tracked Mobile Crusher Plant
Wheeled Mobile Crusher Plant

Whether you need a stationary crusher plant of stone or a mobile crushing plant of stone, we will customize the most suitable crushing solutions according to the projects. The following are the suitable stone crusher machine plant programs we made for our clients for their needs, you can have a reference.

Customized Crushing Solutions Tailored for Clients’ Specific Needs

Stationary Type Stone Crushing Equipment for Concrete Production

150tph stone crusher plant for concrete production

APC-132C-F cone crusher for concrete production
APC-132C-F cone crusher
APC-132C-M cone crushing machine for concrete production
APC-132C-M cone crushing machine
APG-3895W vibrating feeder for concrete production
APG-3895W vibrating feeder
APJ-6090E jaw crusher for concrete production
APJ-6090E jaw crusher
APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen for concrete production
APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen
  • Project Overview: This configuration is utilized to crush basalt found in mountainous regions and produce sand and gravel aggregates suitable for ordinary concrete production. This process involves crushing the basalt into smaller sizes, resulting in materials that can be incorporated into concrete mixtures. The produced sand and gravel aggregates serve as essential components in the construction of standard concrete structures.
  • Raw materials used:maximum 500mm
  • Finished particle size:four kinds of sand between 0-38mm
  • Yield demands:150 ton per hour
  • Configurations: APG-3895W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-6090E (jaw crusher) + APC-132C-M (medium crushing compound cone crusher) + APC-132C-F (fine crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-2160Y4 (vibrating screen)
  • Customer feedback: “I am extremely satisfied with the stone crushing and screening plant project that was carried out by the team. Their expertise in crushing basalt on the mountain and producing high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for ordinary concrete exceeded my expectations. The resulting materials were precisely what we needed for our construction project. The team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering excellent results were commendable. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient stone crushing solution.”

Learn more types of sand making machine here.

Mobile type Stone Crushing Plant for Aggregate Production

200tph mobile stone crusher plant

APG-4211W vibrating feeder in stone crusher plant
APG-4211W vibrating feeder
APJ-7510E jaw crusher in stone crusher plant
APJ-7510E jaw crusher
APS-2160Y4 vibrating screener in stone crusher plant
APS-2160Y4 vibrating screener
APC-200C compound cone crusher in stone crusher plant
APC-200C compound cone crusher
  • Overviews of the project: By crushing hard rocks and mountain rocks sourced from diverse locations, the stone crusher plant generates sand and gravel aggregates that cater to a wide range of building material needs. These aggregates serve as essential components for various construction purposes. The process ensures the production of high-quality materials suitable for use in different building projects. The versatility and reliability of the mobile crusher plant make it an ideal choice for meeting diverse construction material requirements.
  • Raw materials used:maximum 600mm
  • Finished particle size:sand between 0-24mm
  • Yield demands: 200 ton per hour
  • Configurations: APG-4211W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-7510E (jaw crusher) + APC-200C (medium crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-2160Y4 (Finished vibrating screen)
  • Customer feedback: “I cannot express my satisfaction enough with the solution. Their expertise in crushing hard rocks and mountain rocks from different origins to produce exceptional sand and gravel aggregates for a wide range of building materials is truly remarkable.”

60tph Stone Crushing Plant for Recycling Construction Wastes

60tph stone crusher plant

APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen for 60t stone crusher plant
APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen
APC-900Y compound cone crusher for 60t stone crusher plant
APC-900Y compound cone crusher
APG-0724Z vibrating feeder for 60t stone crusher plant
APG-0724Z vibrating feeder
APJ-4060E jaw crusher for 60t stone crusher plant
APJ-4060E jaw crusher
  • Max feeding size: 400mm
  • Finished particle size:screen size is 4800*1500mm
  • Yield demands: 60 ton per hour
  • Configurations: APG-0724Z (vibrating feeder) + APJ-4060E (jaw crusher) + APC-900Y (coarse crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-1548Y3 (vibrating screen)
  • Customer feedback: “This 60TPH stone crusher crushing plant accomplishes my production needs perfectly, the AIMIX team is very pragmatic and can really consider my budget and requirements, the service is very attentive and timely, highly recommend AIMIX, the crushing solution experts!”

150tph Mobile Sand Making Plant to Make Quartz Sand

150tph mobile stone crushing plant

APV-9532 vsi crusher for 150 ton stone crushing plant
APV-9532 vsi crusher
APC-160C compound cone crusher for 150 ton stone crushing plant
APC-160C compound cone crusher
APG-3895W vibrating feeder machine for 150 ton stone crushing plant
APG-3895W vibrating feeder machine
APJ-6090E jaw crusher machine for 150 ton stone crushing plant
APJ-6090E jaw crusher machine
APS-1860Y2 vibrating screen for 150 ton stone crushing plant
APS-1860Y2 vibrating screen
  • Configurations: APG-3895W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-6090E (jaw crusher) + APC-160C (middle crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-1860Y2 (primary vibrating screen) + APV-9532 (vsi sand making machine) + APW-2816D (sand washing machine)
  • Project overview: Used to crush quartz from different origins and then to produce quartz sand as raw material for glass and ceramics.
  • Raw materials used:up to 400mm
  • Finished product demand:medium and fine sand between 0-3mm
  • Yield demands:100 ton per hour
  • Crushing capacity:150 ton per hour

As the solutions show, the stone crusher plants are configured with different equipment, such as with jaw crusher + cone crusher, fine jaw crusher + impact crusher, cone crusher + impact crusher, or jaw crusher + cone crusher machine + screening plant, to produce different sizes of the final products.

stone crushing flow chart

Besides, all of the above scenarios are aimed at producing the materials needed for construction, but with different raw materials. We also have many other programs for the production of other raw materials, such as the use of granite for the production of concrete, limestone crushing for the production of aggregates, and volcanic rocks for the production of sand. You can learn more about these programs by clicking on the pages of the cases.

In addition, we also focus on the development of stone crusher plants for the production of construction waste, which is also very compatible with our company’s values, our goal is to “Build A Better World Together”, tracked mobile stone crusher plant for sale can be very good to meet this demand, next we focus on the tracked impact crusher machine in the construction waste crushing superiority.

Own a Tracked Mobile Crusher – Give You a Piece of Blue Water and Blue Sky

mobile stone crusher plant in Malaysia

AIMIX crawler mobile stone crusher plant Malaysia
cone crusher for-crawler mobile stone crusher plant
crawler mobile stone crusher plant in Malaysia
Malaysia crawler mobile stone cone crusher plant

Nowadays, with the rapid development of manufacturing technology, the track crusher also have won clients’ favouriate. With its outstanding features of mobility and efficiency, it can work at ease under complex conditions. Let’s check its advantages below.

Crawler Mobile Stone Crushing Plant has Features of High Flexibility

The crawler stone crusher plants use a tracked rail system that allows them to move quickly and flexibly to different work sites. Its mobility allows it to quickly adapt to a variety of terrains and environmental conditions, including urban centers, construction sites and remote areas.

Compared with stationary-type stone crushing plants, it is more convenient as it does not require additional infrastructure or long-distance transportation.

Compared with tire-type mobile crushing plants, it is more capable of moving freely in complex construction environments on site.

The Crusher can Finish the Recycling Efficiently

The tracked mobile stone crushing plant for sale integrates crushing, screening and conveying functions and is able to process construction waste in an integrated manner. It provides high-quality recycled materials by crushing construction waste into reusable materials (e.g. aggregate, sand, etc.) and sorting them. This reduces the need for virgin resources, reduces the volume of construction waste and promotes resource recycling.

Stone crusher plant in the Philippines

Using A Tracked Stone Crusher Plant can Beautify The Environment

In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the tracked mobile stone crushing plant China is equipped with advanced dust removal device and noise reduction technology. With an efficient dust removal system, it can effectively control the dust generated during the crushing process and reduce the impact on air quality.

Meanwhile, the adoption of noise reduction technology can reduce the noise level generated during the operation of the stone crusher and screening plant and minimize the disturbance to the surrounding residents and workers.

Owning a Mobile Tracked Stone Crusher Improves Economic Efficiency

Crawler mobile stone crushing plant also has advantages in terms of economic benefits.

First, it can reduce the transportation cost of construction waste. Due to its ability to move quickly to the job site, the shorter transportation distance will save time and fuel costs.

Secondly, it provides an efficient solution for construction waste disposal, saving human resources and operating costs.

Finally, reusing recycled materials generated from construction waste also reduces the purchase cost of new materials, which is economically beneficial in the long run.

To summarize, the tracked mobile stone crusher plant for sale has obvious advantages in terms of flexibility, high efficiency, environmental protection, and economy. This makes it an ideal choice for crushing construction waste and promoting sustainable development.

track stone crusher plant on-site
track stone crushing plant

If you want to invest in a mobile stone crusher machine plant for business, you can get a preliminary understanding of the mobile stone crusher plant price as follows:

  • APY2-57J-APY2-110J: $550000-960000
  • APY2-1010F-APY2-1214F: $620000-940000
  • APY2-110C-APY2-200C: $750000-1350000
  • APY3-1010F-APY3-1315F: $910000-1420000
  • APY4-4660S-APY4-6912S: $730000-1240000
  • APYL: $950000-2300000

For more details about the mobile stone crusher machine price, you can learn more details about the stone crusher plant project cost introduction on this web page:!

After looking at so many crushing options, have you been clear about the one you need? It is important to choose the right stone crushing solution, but in the face of expensive stone crusher plants, it is also crucial to choose the right stone crusher plant manufacturer.

AIMIX in line with the concept of customer first, found many customers in the field of construction on the demand for stone crushing equipment, but also precisely because of the crushing products and our company has been the main products: concrete mixing plant and asphalt mixing plant is closely related, so we spend a lot of money to invite professional crushing technology engineers, set up a production team, sales team, after-sales team, technology research and development team, we have successfully helped more than 100 customers to solve their problems of crushing plant of stone.

So far we have successfully helped more than 100 customers to solve their needs for crushing. We will continue to help more customers to expand their industry chain and become bigger and stronger.

That said, how can you choose a reliable stone crushing plant manufacturer? Here I would like to provide you with some more practical suggestions and hope you can find a reliable partner from numerous manufacturers.

mobile crawler stone crusher plant
mobile crawler stone crusher plant in factory
mobile crawler stone crusher plant working

Notes For Choosing a Stone Crusher Plant Manufacturer

A reputable crusher plant manufacturer will provide dependable equipment, excellent customer support, and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs, ultimately maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime for your operations. Therefore, here are some guidance on choosing a reliable manufacturer:

Reliability and Reputation

Research the manufacturer’s reputation and reliability in the industry. Look for established companies with a track record of producing high-quality and durable stone crusher plant machinery.

Quality and Performance

Examine the quality of materials used in the construction of the stone crusher plants and their components. Ensure that it meets your specific requirements in terms of capacity, efficiency, and output size.

Global After-sales Service Network

We have an after-sales service network all over the world, and customers can get timely and effective support and services no matter where they are located, including parts supply, fault repair, technical consultation, etc.

Technology and Innovation

Look for stone crusher plant manufacturers that incorporate advanced technology and innovative features in their crusher plants. This can improve overall performance, reduce maintenance, and enhance productivity.
stone crusher and screening plant

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Check if the manufacturer offers customization options to adapt the stone crushing plant to your specific needs. This includes the ability to adjust the configuration, add or remove components, or integrate additional equipment.

After-Sales Support

Evaluate the after-sales support provided by the manufacturer. Ensure they offer comprehensive technical assistance, spare parts availability, and maintenance services to keep your plant running smoothly.

AIMIX engineers

Cost and Value

Consider the stone crushing plant cost and compare it with the features, quality, and performance offered. Strive for a balance between cost-effectiveness and long-term value.

Environmental Impact

Pay attention to the environmental impact of the stone crusher plant for sale. Look for manufacturers who prioritize sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly designs and technologies.

Customer Reviews and References

Read customer reviews and seek references from other buyers who have purchased from the manufacturer. Their feedback can provide valuable insights into the company’s reliability and customer satisfaction.

Best Service for Stone Crush Plant
After-sales Service Stone Screening Plant

Compliance with Regulations

Ensure that the manufacturer and the stone crusher plants comply with relevant safety and environmental regulations in your region.

Delivery and Installation

Clarify the delivery timeline and installation process with the manufacturer. Make sure they can deliver the stone screening plant within your required timeframe and assist with its proper installation.

Remember to conduct thorough research, compare different options, and consult with experts or industry professionals to make an informed decision when selecting a stone crusher plant manufacturer.

Not long ago we sent out to Tanzania’s business manager feedback that a customer’s real capacity needs is 300 tons, and they received a crushing manufacturer sent the solution to the actual capacity can only reach 100 tons, such a gap let us sigh. Therefore, we must be strict in the selection process, and keep your eyes peeled, investment is a big deal, and we must make a full range of considerations, absolutely not because of the price of capacity, service, after-sales service, installation, and many other issues. Because the stone crusher plant cost of investment is much more than the price of the equipment itself, but also related to all the stone crusher plant setup cost, repairs, and maintenance afterward, do not because of moment of cheap and pay for the problems afterward.

AIMIX is happy to help you solve your worries, if you don’t understand anything, you can contact us at any time, we have more than 20 professional technical and after-sales personnel who can solve the deep technical problems for you.

Stone crusher plant investment needs to be patient and cautious.

If you want to start stone crusher plant business, you can check advice on this page: Or contact us directly contact us. Let’s do a stone crushing plant business plan together!

Thank you for your time.

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