diesel concrete pump in Papua Indonesia

ABT30C Diesel Concrete Pump Poured Concrete For House Building Project In Papua

Today, show you our newest case from Papua Indonesia. We received these feedback pictures on July 3, now I will tell you some details about this machine. Our customers used this pumping machine for his new project—a house building. As you can see from the picture, the building is already under construction. Our customer used … Read more

ABT80C diesel engine concrete pump

Load Two Sets Of 80m3 Diesel Concrete Pumps To Sri Lanka

AIMIX loads two sets of concrete pumps with diesel engines to Sri Lanka in June. We firstly sent the pumps to Shenzhen by car, and then pack on the port. Our customer wanted to use these two cost-efficient diesel concrete pumps for his new project. Selling points Electric control system: 1. Fully enclosed electrical control … Read more

AIMIX ABT90C Diesel Powered Concrete Pump Exported To Uzbekistan In May

The good news here! AIMIX sent one set of ABT90C diesel concrete pump to Uzbekistan on May 11. This month, we have exported three sets of concrete pumps to Uzbekistan. Our ABT series diesel concrete pumps have wide applications. For ABT90C type, it is usually used for large-scale concrete transportation of large-scale engineering projects, large-scale … Read more

ABT60C diesel concrete pump

Two Sets Of ABT60C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Exported To Uzbekistan

AIMIX exported two sets of ABT60C diesel engine concrete pumps to Uzbekistan. Its concrete output is 60m3 per hour. It is a medium-sized concrete trailer pump. Our clients bought this type for their house construction. In addition to ABT60C, we also have ABT40C, ABT80C, and ABT90C. You can choose a right type according to the … Read more

ABT40C diesel concrete pump

Export Two Sets Of Diesel Concrete Pumps To Morocco In Jan

Congratulations two sets of diesel-powered concrete pumps were exported to Morocco. Our customers purchased two sets of concrete pumps and diesel generator sets. Hope his project can go smoothly. Advantages of ABT40C concrete pump 1. Fuel saving, strong power and long service life. The whole concrete pump machine adopts intelligent operation, and it has a … Read more

ABT30C concrete pump with diesel engine

Export ABT30C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump To Indonesia On Jan 12 2021

Congratulations ABT30C diesel engine concrete pump has been exported to Indonesia! Our customer planned to use this concrete pump for a 15 to 20 meters high buildings project. The maximum diameter of the aggregate is 30mm. And it is driven by a diesel engine. This is a small volume concrete pump customized for our customers. … Read more

ABT80C diesel concrete pump machine

ABT80C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Machine Was Exported To Russia

Congratulations ABT80C diesel powered concrete pump machine was exported to Russia. ABT80C is high capacity, can boost the project. In addition, if you need small volume concrete pump, we can supply you ABT40C and ABT60C, both them have good sales volume and win high praises from our customers all around the world. Now, let’s see … Read more

ABT90C diesel concrete pump machine

ABT90C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump To Uzbekistan

Great news! We exported ABT90C diesel engine concrete pump to Uzbekistan. And our salesman took some loading pictures on-site. You can check below. Why people choose diesel concrete pump 1. It can work without the limitation of electricity and electric voltage. 2. Fuel efficient. Compared with electric type concrete pump, It will save energy cost. … Read more

ABT40C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Was Exported To The Philippines

Exciting news in the Philippines! We was going to export one set of ABT40C diesel engine concrete pump to the Philippines again! I can’t count how many sets diesel concrete pumps we have exported, which is greatly cost-effective! It is driven by diesel engine, can save energy efficiently. Meanwhile, users don’t need to care the … Read more

ABT40C diesel powered concrete pump

Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Was Going To The Philippines

Great things! Two sets of diesel powered concrete pumps were ready to Philippines! In addition, our users also bought one set of 1.8 cub self loading concrete mixer, these two machines likes a complete set concrete batching plant and a concrete trailer pump, which is very efficient. Our concrete pumps are with diesel engine, which … Read more