Concrete Crusher For Sale

Concrete crusher for sale is a machine designed to reduce large concrete structures and chunks into smaller, more manageable pieces. These machines are typically used in construction and demolition sites to break down concrete waste into reusable materials or to facilitate the removal of concrete structures.

crawler impact mobile concrete crusher
impact mobile concrete crusher with crawler moving system

Therefore, which kind of crushing equipment is most suitable for concrete crushing? After years of testing and customer feedback, we finally believe that concrete jaw crusher and impact concrete crusher are the most ideal choices. Here we see why.

differences among jaw concrete crusher and cone concrete crusher and impact concrete crusher

Why Jaw Type And Impact Type Concrete Crusher Are Better Choices For Concrete Crushing?

Jaw concrete crushers and impact concrete crushers are often considered better choices for concrete crushing in different scenarios due to their specific advantages and suitability for particular applications. Here are the reasons why these two types of concrete crushers are preferred:

Jaw Concrete Crushers

  • Versatility: Jaw concrete crusher is highly versatile and can handle a wide range of materials, including concrete, as well as various types of rocks and minerals. They are typically used for primary crushing, making them suitable for initial concrete breaking and sizing.
  • Efficiency: They are efficient at breaking down concrete into manageable sizes without producing excessive dust or fines, which can be advantageous when reusing crushed concrete as an aggregate.
  • Adjustable Settings: Many jaw concrete crushing equipment allows for the adjustment of the size of the finished product, which is useful when different concrete sizes are required for specific applications.
  • Simple Maintenance: Jaw crusher for concrete is relatively straightforward to maintain and repair, making them cost-effective and reliable choices.

working view of crawler type mobile concrete crusher plant in Malaysia

Impact Concrete Crushers

  • High Impact Force: Impact concrete crushing equipment for sale uses kinetic energy to impact the concrete, causing it to shatter. This high-impact force can break down concrete more effectively and quickly, which is beneficial when dealing with larger or heavily reinforced structures.
  • Cubical Shape: Impact concrete crusher is excellent at producing well-shaped, cubical aggregates, which is essential for some construction applications, such as making high-quality concrete mixes.
  • Secondary Crushing: Impact industrial concrete crusher is often used for secondary or tertiary crushing after primary crushing with jaw concrete crushers, allowing for a two-stage crushing process. This can improve the overall efficiency of concrete recycling.
  • Reduced Wear: Impact concrete crushers can be equipped with wear-resistant parts like blow bars, which can prolong the hydraulic concrete crusher machine’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

mobile concrete crusher plant crawler type

In summary, the choice between jaw concrete crushers and impact concrete crushers for concrete crushing depends on the specific requirements of the job. Jaw concrete crushers are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, especially when you need to control the size and shape of the crushed concrete. On the other hand, impact crushers are ideal for breaking down large, heavily reinforced structures quickly and producing well-shaped aggregates.

Often, a combination of both jaw and impact concrete crushers may be the most efficient approach for concrete recycling, with jaw concrete crushers handling primary crushing and impact concrete crushers for secondary processing.

As one of the most experienced concrete crusher manufacturers, what solutions do we offer to our customers? Read on carefully and hopefully it will help you in your investment choices.

crawler mobile concrete crusher plant worked in Malaysia

Crushing solutions for concrete wastes

200TPH Crawler Mobile Crushers Did Well In The Philippines

workingsite of crawler mobile concrete crushers
crawler concrete crusher is working
working of the mobile crawler concrete crusher
  • Client’s project status: The client in the Philippines is mainly a mogul in the construction industry, but he is deeply troubled by the increasing amount of construction waste, and it takes not only time but also a lot of money to deal with the large amount of construction waste. By chance, he learned through a friend that we have special concrete crusher machine for crushing construction waste, so he contacted us.
  • The road to selection: Because the site is messy and there is a lot of construction waste, the conventional tire type mobile crushing plant could not meet the demand, so we recommended the crawler type mobile concrete crusher for sale for him.

    Because his construction site is very many, not only to meet the crushing conditions of the messy site, but also to take turns to deal with the construction waste one after another, the tracked mobile crushing plant is the best choice.

  • Customer’s feedback: I didn’t expect to have such a professional team. After knowing the AIMIX team, I realized that there is a lot of knowledge in the selection of concrete crushing equipment. I am very grateful to AIMIX’s sales team, technical team and after-sales team for helping me to turn waste into treasure and open the second business.

Crawler mobile concrete crusher in the factory

transport crawler concrete crusher
crawler concrete crusher in factory
mobile crawler type concrete crusher

In addition to this solution, we also provide one of the Tanzania’s customers with one set of concrete crusher plant with processing capacity of 80-100tph. Next, let’s learn about this project.

80-100TPH Construction Waste Mobile Crusher Plant Is Ready To Tanzania

  • Configurations: APY2-69J mobile concrete crusher, APY2-110C mobile cone crusher, APY3-1010Fmobile impact crusher, iron separators, and several conveyors.
  • Processing materials:construction waste (waste bricks, waste concrete, etc.)
  • Production capacity:80-100 t/h
  • Feed particle size:500mm
  • Outlet specifications:0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm
  • What customers say about this program:
    Before I bought, I compared a lot of concrete crusher manufacturers, Aimix’s program can be said to be the best. Their engineers are very professional and helped me to modify the program many times, and the final program is not only affordable, but also powerful.
  • Construction waste disposal is now a hot industry and definitely worth investing in. I am very confident that the Aimix concrete crusher plants will bring me high profit and high return. AIMIX is highly recommended for concrete crusher.

    APY3-1010F impact concrete crusher mobile
    APY2-110C concrete crusher mobile

    If neither of the above two options can meet your needs, you can contact us, and our technical engineers will also customize a set of options for your project. If you are the first time to contact this industry, I can provide you with a few suggestions, tell us the following information, we can basically for you to determine the initial type of concrete crushing machine for sale you need.

    Information you need to provide before investing in concrete crushing plant

    • Estimated amount of concrete to be processed: Determining the amount of concrete you need to process can help you choose the right size crushing plant.
    • Characteristics of the concrete: Find out how hard the concrete is, how dense it is, and how well it contains any impurities. This information is vital in choosing the right crushing plant.
    • Required fineness and capacity: Determine the range of particle sizes you wish to obtain from the concrete and the required capacity per hour.
    • Environment in which the equipment will operate: Consider the conditions of the jobsite where the stone crusher equipment will be placed, such as space constraints, power supply and noise requirements.
    • Budget: Determine the range of budgets available to you for the purchase or rental of crushing equipment.
    • Service and support: Find out about the after-sales service, warranty period and availability of spare parts offered by the supplier.

    crawler concrete crusher 3d model
    3d crawler mobile concrete crusher

    Based on this information, you can communicate with your equipment suppliers so that they can provide you with more accurate advice and help you choose the concrete crushing equipment that best suits your needs.

    As mentioned above, we have to consider the budget before investing, most people, 95% of them will consider the return on investment before spending money and will think twice because of the concrete crusher price.

    Although we spend money to invest in concrete crushing plant, our original intention is to make more money. Therefore, I would also like to offer you a few suggestions on how to reduce the investment cost of concrete crushing plant.

    How to reduce the investment cost of concrete crushing plant

    Compare prices from different suppliers

    Before buying equipment, compare prices and services from multiple suppliers. This will allow you to find the most cost-effective equipment and get better trading conditions.

    Consider partnerships

    Partner with other contractors or construction companies to share equipment resources. This will reduce the cost of purchasing equipment individually and improve equipment utilization.

    Plan and budget in advance

    Give full consideration to the demand for concrete crushing equipment in the project plan and budget in advance. This can avoid the high cost caused by urgent purchase of equipment.

    Consider the multifunctionality of the equipment

    Choosing a concrete crushing plant with multiple functions and applicability can reduce the cost of purchasing multiple single-function equipment.

    Maintain and service the equipment

    Regular maintenance and servicing of the equipment ensures its proper operation and prolongs its service life. This will reduce the cost of repairs and replacement parts and increase the efficiency of the equipment.

    After-sales service team

    In short, you want to find a cost-effective, fast return on investment in concrete crushing equipment, the most important thing is that you have to find a few reliable manufacturers, fine comparison, and to keep your eyes peeled, head not to be temporarily lower concrete stone crusher plant price deceived, may become a hammer deal. If the equipment is found to be irreparably damaged during or after a period of operation, it will have no recourse.

    Thank you for your patience, wish you find the most suitable concrete crushing equipment for your project soon!

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