ALT series Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

What is an asphalt drum mix plant? An asphalt drum mix plant is a continuous-type equipment with a drum-based structure, crucial for modern road and bridge construction. This drum design enables efficient, continuous mixing of asphalt, making it ideal for producing hot mix asphalt (HMA) and asphalt concrete. It is especially suitable for medium to small-scale road paving and renovation projects. Its compact structure ensures quick installation and operation, while its consistent production method guarantees high-quality, uniform asphalt mixtures. AIMIX provides expert guidance on asphalt drum mix plants, helping you achieve success in your road and bridge projects.

automatic stationary asphalt drum mixing plant

Types of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Continuous drum mix asphalt plants are widely used in road construction, primarily categorized into mobile continuous asphalt plants and stationary drum mix asphalt plants. Each type has unique designs and applications to meet the demands of various engineering projects. Portable asphalt drum mix plants are renowned for their convenient transportation and rapid installation, making them ideal for short-term or temporary projects. In contrast, stationary continuous drum mix asphalt plants offer greater stability, suitable for large-scale and long-term construction projects. Let’s explore these two types of asphalt plants in detail.

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mobile asphalt drum mix plant
stationary asphalt drum mixing plant
stationary asphalt drum mix plant

ALYT Series Mobile Continuous Drum Mix Asphalt Plant

The mobile drum mix plant is a flexible and convenient option designed for short-term or temporary construction projects. Its modular structure allows for quick disassembly and reassembly, making it ideal for projects requiring frequent site changes. Key drum mix plant components, such as the drying drum, mixer, and control system, are mounted on transportable chassis, typically trailers or semi-trailers. The design of the mobile asphalt plant ensures efficient movement and deployment between different job sites, making it perfect for road repairs and small-scale construction projects.

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Mobile Drum Plant Technical Parameters

Cold Aggregate Feeding System3.5m³×14m³×44m³×46.5m³×46.5m³×46.5m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin2m³2.5m³4.5m³5m³7m³7m³
Asphalt Temperature120-180℃120-180℃120-180℃120-180℃120-180℃120-180℃
Fuel Consumption(Fuel Oil)5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t
Fuel Consumption(Burning Coal)13-15kg/t13-15kg/t13-15kg/t13-15kg/t13-15kg/t13-15kg/t
Asphalt Tank10t20t30t30t35t35t
Optionbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collector
Whole Plant Optionwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixed

Advantages of Mobile Continuous Drum Mix Asphalt Plants

High Flexibility

Asphalt mobile drum mix plant can easily move between different construction sites, adapting to changing project needs.

Quick Installation

The modular design of mobile asphalt drum mix plant allows for rapid disassembly and assembly, reducing installation time and labor costs.

Convenient Transportation

Drum mix plant components are designed to standard sizes, making them easy to transport using regular vehicles like trucks and flatbeds.

Wide Applicability

The portable drum mix asphalt plant for sale is ideal for short-term or temporary projects such as road repairs and small-scale construction.


Lower initial investment makes them suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and projects that require frequent site changes.

AIMIX asphalt drum plant mobile

ALT Series Stationary Continuous Drum Mix Asphalt Plant

The stationary drum mix asphalt plant is built for large-scale and long-term projects. Its sturdy structure is usually set up at a permanent production site. Stationary large or mini asphalt drum mix plants require foundational construction, like concrete bases, to ensure stability and reliability during production. With large drying drums and high-capacity mixers, the stationary asphalt plant can continuously and efficiently produce asphalt mixes, suitable for major infrastructure projects like highways and airport runways. Their stable installation and high output capacity make stationary asphalt drum mix plant the ideal choice for extensive and enduring projects.

ALT40 asphalt drum plant

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ALT40 mini asphalt drum mix plant for sale

Specifications Drum Mix Plant Stationary

Courts ModelsALT20ALT40ALT60ALT80ALT100
Capacity20 t/h45 t/h60 t/h80 t/h100 t/h
The ability to40kw75kw120kw165kw200kw
Cold Aggregate Hoppers3.5m³×14m³×44m³×46.5m³×46.5m³×4
Finished Product Hopper3t3t7t7t9t
Asphalt Temperature120-180 ℃
Fuel consumption13-15kg/t
Asphalt Tank10 t20 t30 t30 t35 t
Control room2.2m2.2m3m3m3.5m
OptionBag dust filter

Advantages of Stationary Continuous Drum Mix Asphalt Plants

Strong Stability

Install stationary asphalt plant with robust infrastructure and steel structures, ensuring stability and reliability during production.

High Production Capacity

Large drying drums and high-capacity mixers enable continuous and efficient production of asphalt mixes, meeting the needs of large projects.

Suitable for Long-Term Projects

Ideal for projects that require long-term continuous production, such as highways and airport runways.

Ease of Maintenance

Fixed location makes maintenance and repairs more convenient and systematic.

High Efficiency

Lower long-term operating costs and high production efficiency make asphalt stationary drum mix plants a good investment for large enterprises and long-term projects.

stationary continuous asphalt plant

Global Cases

Components of Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

What are the components of asphalt drum mix plant? It’s essential for continuous asphalt production. They consist of several key components that work together to ensure efficient mixing and production. Here’s a brief overview:

Cold Aggregate Supply System

Number of bins: Depends on the types of aggregates, usually three to six bins.
Adjustable doors: Control the speed of aggregate supply.
Aggregate grading machine: Performs rough matching, then conveys aggregates to the drying drum through two belts. The first belt has a filter screen to remove oversized aggregates.
Material shortage alarm: Alerts and vibrates automatically when the aggregate hopper is low on material.
Frequency conversion control: Ensures stable performance and ease of installation and transportation.

Tilted Belt Feeding Conveyor

Durability: Uses brand parts for long service life and stable performance.

Drying System

Components: Includes a burner and drying drum. The burner heats and dries the cold aggregate.
Burner types: Options include oil burners, coal burners, and gas burners.

Burning System

Oil burner: Uses well-known brands that can handle light oil, heavy oil, blend oil, and coal tar.

Hot Aggregate Elevator

High-strength plate chain bucket elevator: Features wear-resistant and noise reduction devices, slide-type shaft end seal, and a stable mute device.

Dust Collecting System

Two-stage dust collection: The first stage removes large particles and lifts them to the vibrating screen for reuse. The second stage recycles fine particles, sending reusable ones to the old filler storehouse and discharging unusable ones after mixing with water.

Vibrating Screen System

High-strength manganese steel: Prolongs service life. Unique feeding hole design reduces wear and noise.

Mixing Tower

Design: Provides reasonable maintenance space and safety protection.

Filler Supply System

Components: Includes an elevator, filler bin, temporary filler storage bin, and screw conveyor.

Air Control System

Quality: Uses internationally known brand air compressors and high-quality pneumatic elements. Main trachea features non-corroding pipeline and high-performance air purification.

Asphalt Supply System

Components: Includes dump tank, dump pump, asphalt tank, and circulating pump.

Electric Control System

Operation: Manual control for the asphalt drum plant.

Finished Product Storage Bin

Storage: Temporarily stores asphalt mixture. Available in underneath type and side type.

These components of the drum continuous asphalt mixing plant work together to ensure efficient and high-quality asphalt production. Here are other type asphalt plant parts you can refer to.

drum plant components

Select Dryer Drum Between Parallel Flow/Counterflow Drum Mix Plant

When selecting an asphalt dryer drum, some continuous asphalt plant components selection are also essential. Here we will distinguish the two types of drying drum. Then you can further decide your specific choice. The drying drum includes parallel flow and counterflow drum types. What is the difference between parallel flow and counter flow asphalt plants? The key difference lies in the airflow direction during heating and drying, impacting performance and suitability. Let’s delve into them together!

In a parallel flow drum plant, the airflow and materials move in the same direction. The burner heats the air, which flows from the feed end to the discharge end, gradually heating and drying the materials.

What Are the Advantages of Parallel Flow Drum Mix Plant?

  • Simple Structure: The design and manufacturing are straightforward, leading to lower equipment costs.
  • Easy Maintenance: The simple structure makes maintenance and repairs more convenient.
  • Low Initial Investment: Ideal for projects with limited budgets and small to medium-sized businesses.

What is a counter flow drum mix plant? In a counterflow drum plant, the airflow and materials move in opposite directions. The burner heats the air, which flows from the discharge end to the feed end, rapidly heating and drying the materials.

What Are the Advantages of Counter Flow Mixing Plant?

  • High Thermal Efficiency: The counterflow design allows direct contact between hot air and cold materials, improving heat exchange efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.
  • Better Mixing Quality: Materials undergo thorough heat treatment in the drum, resulting in higher uniformity.
  • Environmental Benefits: Higher efficiency leads to lower exhaust temperatures, helping reduce environmental pollution.

Choosing dryer drum between parallel flow and counterflow drum asphalt mixing plants depends on project needs and budget. Parallel flow drums are suitable for small to medium projects and budget-conscious businesses due to their simple structure, easy maintenance, and low initial cost. Conversely, counterflow drums are better for large projects and those demanding high-quality mixtures, thanks to their high efficiency, excellent mixing quality, and environmental benefits. Consider project scale, budget, and specific requirements when making a decision for an asphalt plant.

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Classification and Selection of Finished Product Storage Bins

The finished product storage bins in asphalt dryer drum are primarily two types: underneath type and side type. Choosing the right storage bin requires consideration of project needs and construction environment.

Underneath Type Finished Product Storage Bin

  • Space-Saving: The underneath design significantly reduces the asphalt drum mixing plant’s footprint, eliminating the need for lifting finished product vehicles.
  • Efficient Dust Removal: The drying drum is equipped with a bag filter, reducing heat loss and saving fuel and space.
  • Improved Screening Efficiency: Driven by imported vibration motors, the linear vibrating screen enhances screening efficiency and reduces failure rates.
  • Durable Elevator: The double-row plate chain elevates aggregates, extending the elevator’s service life and enhancing operational stability.
  • Effective Mixing: Specially designed mixing blades ensure more effective and reliable mixing.
  • Modular Design: The modular design simplifies installation and transportation.
drum mix asphalt plant mobile
ALYT mobile asphalt drum mixing plant

Side Type Finished Product Storage Bin

  • Modular Design: Similar to the underneath type, the side type also features a simple modular design, making transportation convenient.
  • Smooth Lifting: The lifting process is smooth with accurate positioning.
  • Anti-Adhesion Design: The insulation layer prevents the material gate from sticking.
  • Easy Maintenance: The bottom channel is lifted by an electric block, making material collection and maintenance easy.

Choosing the right finished product storage bin should be based on specific construction needs and environmental conditions. Understanding the characteristics and advantages of each type will help you make the best choice. By making an informed choice on the asphalt mixing plant, you ensure optimal performance, cost savings, and project success.

Working Principle of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

How does a drum mix asphalt plant work? The asphalt drum mix plant process is comprehensive. It involves mixing three primary materials: cold aggregates, filler, and asphalt. The working principle of asphalt drum plant mainly include cold aggregate handling, filler handling, asphalt handling and mixing process. Let’s learn about it together!

1. Cold Aggregate Handling

  • Crushed stone is carried to the drying drum on a tilted belt conveyor.
  • After drying and heating, hot aggregate is conveyed to the vibrating screen.
  • Aggregates are sized and stored based on diameter in the vibrating screen.
  • Then, the hot aggregates are weighed by the aggregate weighing system.
  • Proportioned hot aggregate goes into mixing cylinder after weighing.

2. Filler Handling

  • During drying and heating, some filler is collected and sent to the recycle storage bin via the dust collecting system.
  • New filler, usually sand, along with recycled filler, is discharged to the filler weighing system.
  • After weighing, the filler is conveyed to the mixing cylinder.

3. Asphalt Handling

  • Asphalt is pumped to the asphalt tank and heated.
  • After heating, it is discharged to the asphalt weighing system.
  • Then, the proportioned asphalt is discharged into the mixing cylinder.

4. Mixing Process

  • The three materials are mixed in the mixing cylinder for a designated time under electric control.
  • After mixing, the asphalt mixture is either stored in the finished product storage bin or conveyed to an asphalt transportation truck for use at the construction site.

By following these steps, the asphalt drum mix plant for sale near me ensures efficient production and high-quality asphalt mixtures.

continuous asphalt drum plant mobile on site
ALT60 Drum Mobile Type

Comparison: Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant vs. Continuous Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

There are two main types of asphalt mixing plants: batch and continuous. Both types serve the purpose of mixing asphalt but differ significantly in their operation and efficiency. Let’s learn asphalt batch plant vs drum plant.

Efficiency and Production

Control and Flexibility

Installation and Mobility

  • Batch asphalt mixing plants operate on an intermittent basis. Aggregates are heated, dried, and mixed with additives in separate, discrete cycles. Each batch typically takes about 45 to 60 s to complete. This process ensures precise control over the quality and composition of each batch.
  • In contrast, continuous drum asphalt mixing plants perform heating, drying, and mixing simultaneously within the same drum. This results in a constant production flow, significantly increasing overall efficiency. Continuous production is particularly beneficial for large-scale projects requiring a steady supply of asphalt.
  • Asphalt batch plants provide superior control over the mixing process. Each batch can be precisely formulated to meet specific requirements, allowing for variations in asphalt composition. This makes asphalt batch plant ideal for projects where the site needs different types of asphalt mixes.
  • On the other hand, continuous asphalt plants are less flexible in terms of varying mix compositions. They are designed for high-volume, uniform production. This makes them well suitable for projects that demand a large quantity of consistent asphalt mix over an extended period.
  • Asphalt batch plants typically require a more complex setup and longer installation time due to their intricate design and numerous components. However, they can be advantageous for stationary installations where high control and flexibility are paramount.
  • Continuous asphalt drum plants, especially when designed as mobile units, offer the advantage of easier assembly and disassembly. This mobility allows for quick relocation, making asphalt drum mixing plants ideal for projects that move across different sites.

Choosing between batch and continuous drum asphalt mixing plants depends on project needs. Batch asphalt plants offer precise control and flexibility, making them suitable for diverse projects with specific asphalt requirements. Continuous drum plants provide higher efficiency and easier mobility, ideal for large-scale, consistent production needs.

asphalt batch plant vs drum plant

Advantages of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

What are the advantages of drum mix plant? Let’s learn the benefits of asphalt drum plant.

  • Stable Performance and Long Service Life

    The plant delivers stable performance, ensuring long-term reliability.

  • Easy Operation and Maintenance

    It is designed for easy operation and maintenance, making it user-friendly.

  • High Mixing Quality and Efficiency

    The drum mixer provides good mixing quality and high working efficiency.

  • Low Cost and Less Noise

    It operates at a low cost and generates less noise.

  • Variable Frequency Speed Adjustment

    The plant features invariable frequency speed adjustment and accurate weighing.

  • Versatile Burning System

    The burning system is available for coal, oil, or natural gas, achieving maximum heat efficiency.


What is an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant?

Do you know what is drum mix plant? What is the meaning of asphalt drum mix plant? An asphalt drum mix plant for sale produces hot asphalt mixtures by continuously mixing asphalt, cement, and aggregates for paving roads and infrastructure projects. This also explains what is asphalt drum mix plant used for.

How Does an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Operate?

Material Feeding: Cold materials enter the dryer drum through cold feeders.
Drying and Heating: The dryer drum heats and dries the cold materials.
Asphalt Mixing: Heated materials mix with asphalt and filler in the mixer.
Product Discharge: The mixed hot asphalt exits through the discharge outlet for road paving.

Tips on Saving Money on the Drum Mixing Asphalt Plant

Choose the Right Model: Select a suitable asphalt plant drum dryer model based on project needs to avoid waste.
Optimize Operations: Ensure operators master drum asphalt batching plant use to reduce energy and material waste.
Regular Maintenance: Keep the double drum asphalt plant in good condition to minimize breakdowns and extend its lifespan.
Bulk Material Purchase: Buy materials in bulk to enjoy discounts and lower costs.

Why Should We Choose Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant?

High Flexibility: Easily move the asphalt hot drum mix plant to different sites, meeting various project needs.
Easy Installation: Quickly install and dismantle without complex foundations, saving time and labor costs.
Efficient Production: Maintain high efficiency and stable asphalt production, even on temporary sites.

Why Are Cold Feeds Very Important in a Drum Mix Plant?

Ensure Accurate Mixing: Cold feeders provide precise material proportions for high-quality asphalt mixes.
Increase Production Efficiency: Stable cold material feeding streamlines drying and heating, boosting overall efficiency.
Reduce Waste: Accurate feeding minimizes material waste, lowering production costs.

What is the Capacity of the Drum Mix Plant?

continuous type drum mix plants typically have capacities ranging from 20 tons per hour to over 120 tons per hour. This variety allows for flexibility in meeting different project requirements. Contact us and get the drum asphalt mixing plant price.

How does the Capacity of A Drum Mix Plant Affect Project Timelines?

A higher capacity drum plant can produce more asphalt in a shorter time, which can significantly reduce project timelines and improve efficiency.

ALT60 mobile drum mix plant in Afghan
Continuous Mobile Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant
drum mix asphalt plant for producing

AIMIX, Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer

At AIMIX, we take pride in being a leading asphalt drum plant manufacturer, essential for road construction worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and quality, we continuously enhance our plants by integrating advanced technology and using top-tier components from famous international brands. We, an asphalt plant supplier develop eco-friendly drum mix plant in mobile and stationary models for various construction needs. AIMIX asphalt drum mix plants excel globally due to our high-quality materials and robust designs. As an asphalt drum mix plant exporter, we provide customized services and comprehensive technical support from consultation to after-sales, supporting infrastructure projects worldwide.

Improve Quality & Innovation

At AIMIX, we,as a famous asphalt drum mix plant supplier constantly strive to improve our asphalt drum mix plants. By bringing in cutting-edge technology from abroad and using top-tier components, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards. We believe in the power of innovation and work tirelessly to enhance our equipment’s performance and reliability.

Exceptional Service and Support

We, as one of outstanding asphalt mixing machine manufacturers, pride ourselves on offering exceptional service. From the moment you contact us, our team try our best to understand your needs and providing tailored solutions. We offer comprehensive support, including professional guidance for installation and operation to ensure your project’s success.

Global Reach and Experience

As one of the leading drum asphalt mixing plant manufacturers china, AIMIX has exported our mobile drum mix plants to numerous countries, such as Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Karachi, and Malaysia. Our extensive experience in international markets allows us to cater to diverse customer needs effectively.

We are ready to serve you with our top-quality asphalt drum mix plants for sale and exceptional customer service. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or assistance. AIMIX is here to ensure your project’s success with the best equipment and support in the industry.

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In Conclusion

In summary, the drum type asphalt plant represents more than just machinery—it symbolizes innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the construction industry. AIMIX leads the way with advanced technology and a commitment to quality, offering a range of mobile and stationary options tailored to diverse project needs worldwide. Whether you’re aiming to enhance production efficiency, meet stringent environmental standards, or ensure long-term reliability, AIMIX’s asphalt drum mix plants deliver. Join us in revolutionizing road construction with solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, paving the path towards a future where infrastructure meets excellence and sustainability. Contact us and get the asphalt drum mix plant price now!

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