AJ-120 concrete batching plant-for-concrete production and sales

Use Stationary Concrete Plant For Commercial Concrete Production

Hello everyone, are you struggling to find equipment that can produce high-quality concrete? Are you struggling to find a reliable manufacturer? Are you struggling to meet the needs of your end customers? Do not worry! On this page, AIMIX will provide you with a very cost-effective product that can perfectly solve all the above problems. …

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APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen AIMIX

150TPH Stationary Type Crusher Plant For Concrete Production

The following solution is suitable for medium production demand projects. It is equipped with a jaw crusher, medium-crushing compound cone crusher, and fine-crushing compound cone crusher, so this production line can be configured to produce four different particle sizes of sand, which is an excellent solution for concrete production. If you have a demand for …

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APC-160C compound cone crusher AIMIX

150TPH Mobile Sand Making Plant For The Production Of Quartz Sand

The feature of this solution is that it is equipped with a sand washing machine, which requires a high degree of cleanliness of the finished product. Considering the uncertainty of the working site, we decide to choose mobile-type crushers. If it just meets your needs, you may wish to take a look. The configuration of …

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aimix after sale team

The Story Of AIMIX And Luyya

O Customer Background Today, it is my honor to introduce one of our friends to you, Luyya. Luyya is one of our clients from Indonesia. We get acquainted about 3 months ago. Once Luyya does the investigation for a cost-effective concrete mixing machine through the internet. Then, she finds AIMIX Group. After that, our story …

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APS-Y3 vibrator screen

Using 300-350TPH Stationary Crushing Plant To Crush Limestone Efficiently

This solution is a stationary crushing plant for crushing limestone with a capacity of 300-350t/h. The stationary crushing station is characterized by long service life and stable performance and is suitable for medium and large-scale mining with long-term production. If you are considering investing in a stationary crusher plant in the near future, you can …

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AIMIX Exported One Set Of ABJZ40C Diesel Type Concrete Mixer Pump For House Construction In The Philippines

Gosh, time flies, I can’t believe that I haven’t updated the case for you for almost another month. Today, I took an hour and a half to show you a recent case from the Philippines, because our colleague happened to take some pictures of the parts of the mixer pump recently, so I would like …

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selfloading mixer test run in the Philippines

Shipment, Assemble, Installation, Test Run And Functioning Of Self Loading Mixer In The Philippines

Long time no see! Today we show you a case of an AIMIX self-loading mixer at the construction site in Calapan, Mindoro, Philippines. Why did the customer choose to buy a self-loading mixer? Application: The customer bought this truck mainly for road construction and house building. Condition of the project: Because the site conditions are …

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self-loading mixer was exported to Jamaica

AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Was Exported To Jamaica

Hello, old and new friends! Long time no see! Sorry for updating our cases so late! Because of work restructuring, I may not be able to share cases regularly with the frequency of 4 cases a month, but I will definitely take time to update to the website, I hope you can understand. I’m always …

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feedback of ABT80C diesel concrete pump Malaysia

Shipment And Feedback From ABT80C Diesel Concrete Pump For Malaysia

This case today is a very perfect transaction process. It’s news from the Malaysian market, and it unfolds in two main ways: shipping in March and post-use feedback in April. Sorry for this late update! For all AIMIX customers, just because it’s not updated doesn’t mean there are no cases. AIMIX has more than 150 …

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small dry mortar plant to Malaysia

3 Ton Dry Mortar Plant Was Exported To Malaysia

Since AIMIX established its office in Malaysia, customers have learned a lot about the fields AIMIX is involved in and the various products. You see, another customer has placed an order for a dry mortar production line. This is a 3-ton dry mortar plant, which is small and can produce dry mortar for its own …

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