Ready Mix Plant For Sale

Ready mix plant for sale is used to produce a large quantity of ready-mixed for a project near the concrete production site. Actually, it is to feed and transport the raw materials, such as cement, water, sand, stone, and additives according to the preset mix ratio, through storing, batching, weighing, stirring, and discharging to produce finished concrete. Now let’s learn about how many types of ready mix concrete plants AIMIX can supply.

AJY-35 mobile rmc plant in Uzbekistan for Isolated hospital construction

35m3 mobile concrete plant

mobile ready mix plant Uzbekistan
35m3 airpormobile ready mix plant Uzbekistan
mobile ready mix plant in Uzbekistan

AJY series mobile typeCapacity: 25–120(m3/h)

  • Theoretical Productivity (m³/h):35
  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L):750
  • Mixer Power (KW):30
  • Batching Machine (L):1200

Application fields:

We can use the ready mix plant for sale in many projects, such as, in highways, bridges, power stations, dam construction, and other projects


According to the feeding, there is hopper type and belt type ready mix batch plant for sale. Hopper type ready-mixed concrete plants are: AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50 and AJ-75. Belt type readymix concrete batch plants are AJ-60, AJ-90, AJ-120, and AJ-180. Both of them are stationary type. Look them one by one.

Stationary Hopper Type

This type ready mix concrete plants have characteristics of small volume, easy installation, simple operation and it has low terrain requirement. It is mostly used in an industrial ready mix cement plant where temporary production requires ±2% error in concrete.

AJ-25 stationary concrete plant in Pakistan

AJ-25 in PakistanCapacity: 25(m3/h)

  • Theoretical Productivity (m³/h):50
  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L):500
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L):800
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):18.5
  • Discharging Height (m):3.8
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3):3×3
  • Cycle Period (s):72
  • Max. Aggregate Size (mm):80/60
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AJ-35 stationary concrete batching plant in the Philippines

AJ-35 in the PhilippinesCapacity: 35(m3/h)

  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L)750
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L):1200
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):30
  • Discharging Height (m):4.1
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3):5×3
  • Max. Aggregate Size (mm):80/60
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ModelBucket type
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h)25355075
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L)JS500JS750JS1000JS1500
Mixer Power (kW)18.5302×18.52×30
Mixing Cycle Period (s)72727272
Max.Aggregate Size (mm)Φ60Φ60Φ60Φ80
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³)3×33×53×83×12
Kind of Aggregate2/3/42/3/42/3/42/3/4
Max. Discharging Height (m)
Overall Weight (ton)≈15≈18≈23≈30
Installation Power (kW)≈65≈75≈100≈140
Power Supply380V/220V/415/440V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Stationary Type Belt Type

Belt ready mix batching plant has characteristics of stable delivery, precise ingredients, high working efficiency, and it is much more suitable for commercial ready mix plant for sale. Generally, this type of plant will be used for projects with long construction periods and large engineering volumes.

AJ-60 ready mix plant Philippines

AJ-60 installed in the PhilippinesCapacity: 60(m3/h)

  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L):1000
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L):1600
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):18.5×2
  • Discharging Height (m):4.1
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3):7×4
  • Cycle Period (s):60
  • Max. Aggregate Size (mm):80/60
  • Cement Silo (t) (optional):2×100
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AJ-90 stationary concrete plant Uzbekistan

AJ-90 ready mix Belt Conveyor typeCapacity: 90(m3/h)

  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L)1500
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L): 2400
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW): 30×2
  • Discharging Height (m): 4.1
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3): 15×4
  • Cement Silo (t) (optional): 3×100
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ModelBelt type
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h)6090120180
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L)JS1000JS1500MAO3000/2000(SICOMA)MAO4500/3000(SICOMA)
Mixer Power (kW)2×18.52×302×372×55
Mixing Cycle Period (s)60606565
Max.Aggregate Size (mm)Φ60Φ80Φ80Φ80
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³)4×74×154×154×20
Kind of Aggregate2/3/42/3/42/3/42/3/4
Max. Discharging Height (m)
Overall Weight (ton)≈40≈68≈93≈101
Installation Power (kW)≈110≈160≈220≈290

Mobile Type Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Mobile type rmc plant is actually in a semi-trailer unit, which is very convenient to move from one site to another site. It is suitable for short-term project. And if you have many projects to do, and they are near from each other, mobile type will be your ideal choice.

AJY-35 mini mobile concrete plant philippines

AJY35 installed in Dumaguete, the Philippines

— Installed in Sep, 2019
— One set of 35m3/h Mobile Ready mix plant for sale
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AJY60 Ready-mix mobile batching plant in the Philippines

AJY-60 installed in the Philippines

— Installed in Aug. 16th, 2019
— One set of 60m3/h Mobile Type
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AJY-35 mini mobile batching plant Uzbekistan

AJY-35 installed in the Uzbekistan

— Installed in Oct, 2020
— One set of new mobile type
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ModelBelt Type
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h)253550
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L)JS500JS750JS1000
Mixer Power (kW)18.5302×18.5
Mixing Cycle Period (s)72<7272
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L)80012001600
Max.Aggregate Size (mm)Φ60Φ60Φ60
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³)2×32×52×5
Category of Aggregate2/3/4
Powder Storage Silo (ton) (Optional)1×502×501×100
Max. Discharging Height (m)
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Aggregate (kg)(300~1500)±2%(300~1500)±2%(300~3000)±2%
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Cement (kg)(100~300)±1%(100~300)±1%(250~900)±1%
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Water (kg)(60~150)±1%(60~150)±1%(80~300)±1%
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Additive (kg)/(8~20)±1%(8~20)±1%
Overall Weight (ton)≈15≈22≈26
Installation Power (kW)≈61≈73≈92
Power Supply380V/220V/415/440V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

You have learned about the types, ready mix concrete plant capacity and successful cases, it is necessary to know more about components. Not only for you, but also can make your operator much more skillful.

What is a ready mix concrete plant?

What is a ready mix plant. Ready mix concrete plant is an important equipment to produce ready-mixed concrete for many constructions. Such as, house construction, building project, road project, factory construction, parking lot, garden, and airport construction, etc.

AJ-50 ready mix plant in Pakistan
AJ-50 ready mix plant in Pakistan
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Which kind of ready-mixed concrete mixing plant sells best?

There are different Types of ready mix plants. In our sales records, among the stationary ready mix concrete batching plants, AJ-35, AJ-50 and AJ-60 have the best sales volume. Among the mobile ready mix concrete plants, the best sales volume is AJY-35.

ready mix plant in Myanmar
AJ-35 ready mix plant in Myanmar
AJ-50 concrete batching plant installed in Sri Lanka
AJ-50 in Sri Lanka
AJ-60 belt type concrete plant Sri Lanka
AJ-60 in Sri Lanka
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How does a ready mix concrete plant work?

What is the process of ready mix plant, and How does ready-mix plant work. There are three steps for ready-mixed concrete production. Because usually concrete production needs three raw materials: aggregate, cement and fly ash, water and additive. Let’s see how a ready mix plant works below.

1.Aggregate. Firstly, the wheel loader will transport aggregate, such as, stone, pebble, and small aggregate to the concrete batching machine. After the weighing and batching, the aggregate proportioned will be transported to the belt conveyor or a lifting hopper. The enter the concrete mixer machine.

2.Usually we will equip the whole ready mix concrete plant with cement silos to store cement and fly ash. If there is special requirement on this, we will adjust these materials to others. Cement and fly ash will enter the concrete mixer through the screw conveyor.

3.Additive pump will pump the additive into water weighing system after the weighing.

Then, all of raw materials are ready in the concrete mixer machine. Press the mix button, after the stipulated mixing time, you will get fresh ready-mixed concrete.

How much does it cost to start a ready mix concrete plant?

Here you have a clear understanding about basic information about readymix plant, you also need to think about ready mix concrete plant cost.

Cost means you need to spend how much in the investment of a ready mix plant equipment. It not only includes ready mix concrete plant price, but also other a series spend. Such as, you need to buy stone, pebble, macadam, cement, fly ash, additive, etc, if the project is far away from the concrete production site, you may need a concrete transit mixer to transport ready-mixed concrete: In addition, you need to pay employee salaries, regular maintenance, and daily check, you need to spend money can keep normal and efficient working. So how to lower the ready mix plant cost?—-to find reliable ready mix concrete batching plant manufacturers.

How do you start a ready mix concrete plant?

First of all, you need to have a clear understanding of your project, whether you want a ready-mixed concrete mixing plant to produce concrete for your project or produce concrete to sell to third parties.

If you use it yourself, the first thing you need to consider is that what kind of concrete your project will need and how much.

If you sell concrete, you need to find out what kind of concrete your local or customer needs, and then find a reliable ready-mixed concrete plant manufacturer online or locally.

Secondly, to find a professional sales staff to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the ready-mixed concrete batching plant as needed, so as to find the right rmc ready mix plants for sale that meets their own needs.

Finally, buy the right ready mix plant under the guidance of a professional.

Regular ready-mixed concrete mix plant manufacturers will provide you with free installation and commissioning services, secondly, will also help you train the salesman.

For example, our Aimix Group is good at producing the readymix concrete plant. We have a professional sales staff and engineers of portable ready mix plant who can help you start a ready mix concrete plant.

How to set up ready mix concrete plant?

The installation method and process requirements of ready mix concrete batching plant is very important. And it can be divided into eight parts.

1)The main body of the JS series twin shaft concrete mixer and the metering system:

install twin shaft mixer of AJ-35 rmc plant in Uzbekistan
install twin shaft mixer-of AJ-35 ready mix plant in Uzbekistan

1. The installation of new ready mix plants for sale shall conduct acceptance and surface treatment on the foundation, which must require leveling and alignment, marking, perpendicularity and flatness error ≤±0.5mm, diagonal error ≤±4mm, and there shall be no residual concrete and welding slag on the embedded parts.

2. Install the column in the machine room. The elevation error of each point on the upper-end face is required to be ≤±3mm, and the levelness error of the axis and diagonal is required to be ≤±3mm. Before the secondary grouting of the embedded bolt hole, the column in the machine room shall be erected with scaffolding for temporary fixing.

3. Lift the platform structure of the first floor of the compulsory concrete mixer as a whole (including mixer, reducer of the main engine, and main motor). Position the bolt hole with a positioning punch. After all bolts and connecting pins in all parts are installed, the hook can be loosened.

4. The whole structure of the two-storey platform of the concrete mixer is hoisting (including hopper, cement scale, water scale, and admixture scale). After all bolts and connecting pins of all parts are installed, the hook of the crane can be loosened.

5. Maintenance and walking platform installation of the first and second floors of the twin shaft mixer.

2)Cement silo and screw conveyor:

1. Cement silo lower body frame installation, the upper plane of the framework for horizontal alignment, diagonal horizontal error ≤3‰.

2. Install embedded bolts and secondary grouting, after the strength reached 80% to tighten the bolts.

install cement silo of AJ-35 ready mix plant

3. The cement silo is hoisted and the bolt hole is positioned with the positioning punch. After all, bolts are installed, the crane can loosen the hook. Note: During installation, the crane and its operation mode are the same as when dismantled.

4. Verticality test shall be carried out, and the requirement of verticality shall be no more than 3‰. If necessary, gaskets can be used between the connecting surfaces of upper and lower bodies to adjust the verticality.

5. Installation of screw conveyor, screw conveyor installation Angle is 37°, the upper and lower joints should be installed tightly to prevent leakage of cement.

3)Belt conveyor system:

1. Alignment of the foundation to ensure that the belt conveyor axis and the mixer axis of the plant ready mix are in a straight line.

2. Install the belt conveyor bracket, test the straightness of the belt conveyor bracket in the length direction to meet the requirements.

3. Install the belt conveyor, adjust the levelness of the drum at both ends of the belt conveyor.

4. Install the aggregate receiving port.

4)Aggregate batching system:

1. Align the foundation to ensure that the axis of the batching machine and the axis of the twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer are in a straight line.

2. Install the batching machine and align the aggregate batching machine horizontally in the direction of width and length.

3. Install embedded bolts and conduct secondary grouting.

4. Install the upper high baffle.

Install concrete batching machine
5)Water supply pipeline:

1.Install water storage tank, water pump, and control valve.

2. According to the drawing design and installation of all parts of the connecting pipeline and various accessories, to ensure that there is no leakage phenomenon.

6)Air supply pipeline:

1. Air pump, control cylinder, solenoid valve, and air source handling components should be installed.

2. Install and connect the air pipes according to the drawing design to ensure that there is no air leakage everywhere.

7)Admixture adding system:

1. Install the bottom admixture storage tank, pipeline pump, and pipeline, valve.

2. The installation and layout of the system should meet the requirements of the drawings, and the installation of the pipeline pump should meet the requirements of the manufacturer’s manual. The pipeline pump should be fixed firmly.

8)Electrical system:

1. Install the operating table, power cabinet, and control cabinet in the operating room of the concrete ready mix plants.

2. Install control cables and power cables for each motor. During installation of the concrete ready mix plant, all relays, contactors, switches, and starters shall be installed according to the drawings or the factory instructions of the components.

control room

control panel of ready mix plant
inner structure of control room of ready mix plant
control panel in the ready mix plant

3. Install the control cables of each department. Put the cables in the cable tray, arrange them neatly without crossing, and hang the cable tag.

4. Install electric whistle, electric bell, and grounding, lightning protection electrical devices. When installing the grounding device, attention should be paid to the reasonable arrangement of the grounding control network. Dig a 2m deep pit around the control room, the main body of the mixer, and the cement silo, place the round steel pipe (Φ50) with a length of 1.5m into the ground and backfill with a flat iron after connection, and tamper it. The lightning protection device is safe and reliable.

5. Install the limit device of the moving parts. Before installation, it is necessary to ensure that the limit switch should be effective and responsive.
Install lighting in the machine room and each workplace room to ensure sufficient lighting for the operation and construction.

What Are The Components Of Ready Mix Concrete Plant?

1. For aggregate. A concrete batcher is for aggregate batching, it can weigh the aggregate accurately, which is good for produce quality concrete.

2. For powder. We use cement silos to store powder. Generally, we use cement and fly ash as storage bins. Of course, it all depends on which type of powder you need, you must choose the ideal powder for your project. For cement silos, we can provide you with horizontal cement silos, bolted type cement silos, welded type cement silos, and low-level cement silos. Also, we can produce a mobile cement silo for your requirement.

3. For liquid. We all know, a standard formula is water and additive, so you need to prepare a water pool and additive pump, pump this two liquid to their own weighing system.

4. Concrete mixing machine. We use JS series twin shaft concrete mixerand planetary concrete mixer, it is the most important part in the whole ready mix concrete equipment.

5. Feeding device. As mentioned earlier, we have hopper type and belt type readymix concrete batching plants for sale, it is classified by this. But hopper type ready mix concrete batch plant is not efficient as belt type.

6. Pneumatic system: air compressor, air rope, pneumatic triplet. Pneumatic triple parts are mainly composed of a pressure-reducing valve, filter, and lubricator. Installed at the outlet of the air compressor gas.

concrete batcher
concrete batcher
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welded cement silo
welded cement silo
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JS1000 twin shaft mixer
JS1000 twin shaft mixer
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It plays the role of filtering, decompression, and oil mist in the pneumatic system. Filtration is to separate impurities such as condensed water and sludge in compressed air, make the compressed air get preliminary purification; decompression can adjust the outlet pressure through the triple piece; oil mist is sprayed oil mist lubrication air slide valve, etc.

7. Electric control system: control room, strong current cabinet, weak current console, air conditioner, etc.

What should be paid attention to before the ready mix batching plant starts production?

Ready mix concrete plants from AIMIX
Ready mix concrete plants from AIMIX

1. Check whether all the switches on the electrical console are in the normal position;

2. See whether the belts of the batching machine and belt conveyor are normal;

3. Check whether the travel switch and proximity switch of the overhaul door and discharge door of the compulsory mixer are normal;

4. See whether the grease in the centralized lubricating oil cylinder of the concrete mixer is sufficient;

5. Check whether the lubricating oil of other operating parts of the mixing station is sufficient;

6. See whether the connecting bolts of each connecting part are tight;

7. Check whether the manual butterfly valve of the powder tank is open;

8. See whether the gas, water, and admixture pipelines are normal;

9. Check whether the aggregate, powder, water, and additives are sufficient;

10. Before operating the ready mix concrete batching plant, check whether the switches are all closed in the strong electric cabinet;

11. Turn on the power knob of the console, the power indicator should be on at this time, press the air compressor start button on the cabinet door, and check whether the air pressure is above 0.4MP;

Turn on the power of the computer, start the computer and run the monitoring program, according to the set formula ratio, ready to start concrete production.

How To Find Reputable Ready Mix Concrete Plant Manufacturers?

Firstly, you need to find several ready mix concrete plant companies online and offline. Then make comparison in turns. You can judge the ready mix plant manufacturer from scale, mount of engineers and technicians, production technology, production period, production process, shipment and amount of successful cases. From these aspects, you will find the most reliable one among the numerous ready mix concrete plant suppliers. You need to make sure they can supply you different capacities of ready mix concrete batching plants, such as, small ready mix concrete plant, ready mix concrete mini plant, mobile and portable type, etc. If possible, go to their factory and workshop, seeing is believing!

AIMIX factory

twin shaft mixer in the factory
twin shaft mixer production factory

After the ready mix concrete plant equipment arrived your site, there is also many things you need to pay attention to. For example, pre-operation inspection and post-operation maintenance.

What Are The Checks Before The Operation Of Ready Mix Plant For Sale?

1. If the cylinder or butterfly valve can not be electrically opened (using the operation panel or can’t be opened automatically). Generally, the solenoid valve coil is damaged, replace the new coil.

2. Large numbers are not regularly pulsed. Check whether the sensor circuit has a short circuit or poor contact, the operator can connect the sensor and control system for data comparison or scale calibration. Check whether the data is stable, if not, it is damaged, you need to replace the new sensor.

3. The upper limit light of the control panel and control instrument does not work, the computer has no signal. Check corresponding travel switch or proximity switch for any damage, if there is no damage, check if the line is interrupted or the contact is bad.

4. The contactor is closed, but the motor does not move; check if the corresponding circuit breaker is closed.

Press the panel to no response; check if the hand automatic conversion button is in the corresponding position.

AJ-50 ready mix plant installed in Bangladesh
AJ-50 ready mix plant installed in Bangladesh
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What are the wearing parts of the ready mixed concrete plant?

Mixing blades and liners, solenoid valves, stretching cylinders, dust filter elements and conveyor belts, etc.

What are the differences between a large ready mix plant and a small ready mix plant?

The advantages of large readymixed concrete batching plant

Large-scale commercial ready mix concrete production plant equipment has characteristics of high-degree automation, strong production capacity, high weighing accuracy, good mixing quality, and can produce multiple warehouse numbers, multiple cooperation ratios, and long-term continuous production. All operations are carried out in a closed system, with strong environmental performance, and the intensive and high-efficiency production method can greatly save materials and reduce residue. The large ready mixed concrete plant is mainly used in the construction of large-scale projects such as national water conservancy, electric power, highways, and high-rise buildings.

AJ-90 large ready mix plant in Indonesia-2017
AJ-90 large ready mix plant in Indonesia-2017

AJ-90 readymix plant in Indonesia
AJ-90 readymixed plant in Indonesia
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Advantages of small scale ready mix concrete mixing plant

The configuration of small and medium-sized ready mix concrete plants doesn’t need to be too high, the investment doesn’t need to be too large, the investor can get quick returns, the production rate of the mixing plant is relatively stable, and the application range is very wide. The small ready mix plant for sale occupies a small area, and it only needs a small amount of manpower and time to complete its maintenance work in daily operation, and the manpower and financial costs are greatly reduced. Mainly suitable for new rural-urban construction or road, bridge, and other engineering projects.

AJ-50 ready mix plant in Sri Lanka

small ready mix plant in Sri Lanka
50m3 ready mix plant in Sri Lanka
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What is the meaning of ready mix concrete?

Ready-mixed concrete refers to cement, aggregates, water and admixtures, mineral admixtures, and other components mixed according to needs in a certain proportion, which are sold at a ready mixed concrete plant after being measured and mixed, and transported by transport vehicles. The concrete mixture is delivered to the place of use within time. A mixture of crushed stone, sand, cement, and water with a mixer at the construction site.

produce ready-mix concrete for construction

How much is a ready mix concrete?

Different areas have different price. And with the development of industry, price is changeable, you need to make a comparison before purchasing the ready mix concrete. You can search“What is the price of ready mix concrete per yard”on your search engine, and contact the supplier to get a quotation.

Is it cheaper to use ready mix concrete?

On this issue, I think we need to look at dialectically.

If you just want to build a house or a road and don’t have a long-term need for ready-mixed concrete, you can choose to buy your concrete from a ready-mixed concrete manufacturer.

If you have other projects to work on, and you want to make money and grow the ready-mixed concrete business in the long term, it’s a good idea to buy a ready-mixed concrete batch plant.

This way you can also sell to third-party customers as a ready-mixed concrete manufacturer, thus expanding your business, not only completing your own projects, but also helping others complete their projects, and at the same time, making money from selling the concrete.

How is ready mix concrete made?

ready mix concrete for house building
ready mix concrete for house building

Add aggregate, cement, fly ash, additive and water into ready mix plants, after the stirring, ready mix concrete was made.

Maintenance After Operation Is Also A Necessity

1. When the ready mix plant equipment has worked for two to four hours, the operator should inject about 10ml oil into the butter mouth of the host.

2. Steel rope of hopper needs to be lubricated by grease or motor oil to keep it wet, grease is also required inside and outside the rail.

3. Gear of the host and the concrete batching machine should be lubricated by grease.

4. When the new ready mix concrete cement plant works for 200 hours, each reduces should change the lubrication oil as required, later, change it after 2000 hours working.

Meanwhile, the cleaning of ready mix dry plants is also essential. The client can clean up the mixing drum, but usually, ignore clean the cement feed port. If it is not cleaned for a long time, cement cannot enter the concrete mixer smoothly.

After this page, I believe you have learned more about the ready mixed concrete plant, so if you are interested and want to know ready mix plant price, contact us, we will customize a right ready mix plant for sale for your construction project. As one of the best ready mix plant manufacturers, If you want to know how to use ready mix concrete, we will provide you with the most considerable and timely service of ready mixed plant!

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