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Small Concrete Batching Plant

Efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

What Is A Small Concrete Batching Plant?

The small concrete batching plant can produce fresh concrete, it covers a smaller area and is more convenient for transportation. They are simpler to install than the large concrete mixing plants, also are economical and practical, and are usually built in smaller rural areas at the county level.

AIMIX small concrete batch plant

Small Concrete Batching Plant with Various Industries

Small concrete batching plants play a crucial role in various industries due to their compact size, flexibility, ease of operation, and lower cost.

  • Construction and Building: Compact concrete batching plants are ideally suited for various construction projects, including house building, bridge and road construction, or renovations. The advantage lies in the ability to mix concrete as needed, avoiding the issues of time delay and material wastage.
  • Municipal Projects: For constructing roads, sidewalks, drainage systems, and other municipal infrastructure, small concrete batching plants also demonstrate their vital importance. They can quickly supply the necessary concrete, speeding up project timelines, especially suitable for urban spaces where construction sites might be constrained.
  • Agriculture: In agriculture, small batching plants can produce concrete for irrigation channels, grain silo foundations, and livestock area flooring. Their mobility allows them to meet construction requirements in remote areas or within farmland easily.
  • Landscape Construction and Horticulture: For parks, gardens, recreational areas, and other landscape construction and horticultural projects, this concrete batching plant can supply concrete for pathways, small bridges, and decorative objects, ensuring material freshness and quality while minimizing environmental disruption.
  • Small-scale Product Manufacturing: For businesses needing custom or small-batch concrete products (like prefabricated panels, barriers, planters, etc.), small concrete batching plants offer an efficient, economical solution, making the production process more flexible and efficient.
  • Emergency Repairs and Post-Disaster Reconstruction: When urgent road and bridge repairs or post-disaster reconstruction work is required, a small concrete batching plant for sale can be quickly mobilized to support recovery efforts effectively.

Construction and Building with Small Concrete Batching Plant
Landscape Construction and Horticulture with Small Concrete Batching Plant
Agriculture with Small Concrete Batching Plant
Municipal Projects with Small Concrete Batching Plant

In short, small concrete batching plants boost efficiency and quality in many industries. They also offer big economic and operational benefits for project management.

Industries Related Equipment

  • Self loading Concrete Mixer: These trucks combine multiple functions in one, capable of automatically executing loading, metering, mixing, and unloading operations. Concrete self loading mixer is designed to meet the needs of projects where the demand for concrete is not particularly high or where small quantities of concrete need to be mixed at multiple locations.
  • Concrete Mixing Pumps: Concrete mixing pumps combine the functions of concrete mixing and conveying into one piece of equipment, effectively boosting the efficiency of concrete delivery and suited for various working conditions.
self loading concrete mixer truck with Various Industries
self loading concrete mixer
mixer pump with Various Industries
concrete mixer pump

Both self loading concrete mixer and concrete pump can be applied to the previously mentioned industries such as building engineering, municipal engineering, agriculture, landscape construction and garden engineering, small-scale product manufacturing, as well as emergency repairs and post-disaster reconstruction. By improving work efficiency, saving costs, and reducing the demand for labor, they offer more efficient and economical solutions for modern construction and building projects.

A Closer Look at the Components of a Small Concrete Batching Plant

  • We use JS series concrete mixers or planetary concrete mixers as the mixing engine, high alloy wear-resistant materials, mix evenly; multiple shaft-end seal performance, no leakage; reasonable structure, short mixing time, energy-saving, low noise, and high productivity.
  • A small cement plant is equipped with a PLD series concrete batching machine, there are two-bin, three-bin, and four-bin materials storage hoppers.
  • A cement storage silo is to store cement and fly ash. Aimix has a bolted type, welded type, horizontal type, and low-level type. Aimix cement storage silo has an integrated structure and modular design, so they are convenient to install and move.
  • PLC control system. We use imported elements, that are reliable; intelligent control, automatic control, and manual control into one unit; it has functions of formula storage, drop compensation, alarm correction, and data printing.
  • The materials transportation system. Powder transportation adopts a full-seal device; there is a small clearance between the spiral blade and cylinder, high transmission efficiency.
  • Weighing system. Powder, water, and additives will be weighed through an electronic scale, with high batching accuracy, and accurate weighing.
welded type cement silo
welded type cement silo
concrete batching machine
concrete batching machine
control panel
control panel
control room
control room
screw conveyor
screw conveyor
twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer
twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer

The Process Flow of Small Batching Plants

1. Before starting, check the weighing system and input the 1m³ concrete formula into the computer. Make sure the hopper limit works well and the mainframe door sensor is normal.

2. Turn on the air compressor. It stops at 0.8Mpa. Start the mixer, set it to automatic, select the formula on the computer, and start automatic operation.

If a customer has no specific formula request, we provide ours. If they do, we input their custom formula.

3. First, mix aggregates, cement, water, and additives until each reaches its target amount. After the first aggregate reaches its target, switch to the next one automatically until all are done. Once aggregate mixing finishes, the materials move to the hopper for the next batch.

4. The computer checks if cement, water, and additives are measured correctly. If not, the hopper waits. If yes, it moves to mix sand, gravel, cement, and water together in the mixer. After mixing, it gets ready for the next batch.

5. The mixer starts counting down to mixing completion. Then it opens to discharge the concrete and closes after finishing.

The concrete production process is completed in this way. If you don’t know the process of a small concrete plant for sale well, it doesn’t matter. Aimix small concrete batching plant is equipped with a fully automatic control system, and you can operate it according to the instructions.

The Different Varieties of Small-Scale Concrete Batch Plants

Now Aimix can supply users with small stationary concrete batching plants: AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50. You can also choose mobile type: AJY-25, AJY-35 and AJY-50. They have different small concrete batching plant capacity. All of these types are hot types, we can show you some details.

Stationary Type-AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50

AJ-25 stationary concrete plant in Pakistan
AJ-35 small concrete batching plant in the Philippines
AJ-50 small concrete plant Tajikistan

Theoretical Productivity (m3/h)253550
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L)JS500JS750JS1000
Mixer Power (kW)18.5302×18.5
Mixing Cycle Period (s)677272
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L)80012001600
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m3)3×33×53×8
Category of Aggregate2/32/3/43/4
Overall Weight (ton)≈15≈18≈23
Installation Power (kW)≈65≈75≈100

Mobile Type-AJY-25, AJY-35, AJY-50

AJY 35 mobile ready mix concrete plant
AJY 35 mobile concrete batching plant in Uzbekistan
Installation of AJY35 Concrete Batching Plant in Singapore

Theoretical Productivity (m3/h)253550
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L)JS500JS750JS1000
Mixer Power (kW)18.5302×18.5
Mixing Cycle Period (s)606060
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L)80012001600
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m3)2×32×52×5
Category of Aggregate2/3/42/3/42/3/4
Overall Weight (ton)≈15≈22≈26
Installation Power (kW)≈65≈75≈90

How To Install The Small Concrete Batching Plant?

How to Choose the Installation Site?

Choosing the right location for a small batching plant is crucial, as it influences not only the arrangement of construction activities but also the quality and cost of the construction project.

  • Ensure Sufficient Space: The selected area must be large enough to accommodate the plant.
  • Opt for Higher Ground: A location with a higher elevation is preferred to prevent water accumulation. If raw materials get wet, it can affect both the quality and production capacity of the concrete.
  • Manage Water Accumulation: If the area is prone to waterlogging, constructing drainage channels with ample capacity is essential to prevent disruptions during heavy rainfall.
  • Convenient Location: Choosing a site with easy access to roads reduces transportation costs and facilitates smoother construction operations.
  • Proximity to Materials: Positioning the plant close to supplies of stone and sand, and ensuring an adequate water source, optimizes efficiency.
  • Utilize Natural Terrain: If possible, use hillside terrain to your advantage. Placing material storage up high can decrease the need for lifting, saving energy and minimizing equipment wear.
  • Avoid Obstructions: Carefully install the plant foundation while avoiding overhead and underground cables or wires to prevent utility damage.

Installation of AJ-35 small concrete batching plant for sale

Take the AJ-35 hopper small concrete batch plant for sale for an example, the normal installation time is about 10 days.

1. Assemble the main engine. Put the main engine in the center of the base. When weld leg flange and base, should keep the verticality and levelness. When assembling the weighing system, note that the sensor shall be vertical up and down, and the lifting wire of the tension sensor shall not touch the middle part of the sensor, and shall not be twisted or oblique, to avoid weighing errors.

2. When installing the cement silos, fix the screw conveyor, which takes about one day. If you choose bolted type cement silo, it will take three days to install one silo.

3. Assemble the concrete batching machine. Should lay the hopper to the pit, make sure the distance between the weighing hopper and hopper is right.

4. Put the control room in its place, generally, the center of the control room is 3 meters away from the supporting leg of the main engine.

5. Install other parts.

6. Debug the small concrete batch plants for sale.

7. Train local operators and begin to produce concrete.

What benefits can customers get from choosing Aimix’s small batching plants?

When you buy our small concrete batching plant, here are the key benefits you get:

  • Saves Space and Reliable: Its compact design saves space and runs reliably with less need for maintenance, cutting down your long-term costs.
  • Easy to Use, Saves on Labor: The automated control system of the small batch plant for sale is easy to learn, reducing the need for skilled operators and saving money on labor.
  • Quality Product, Better Projects: Advanced mixers ensure consistent, efficient mixing, improving project quality. You can choose the right mixer for your needs, making sure every project meets high standards.
  • Eco-friendly, Good for Your Image: It operates quietly and with less dust, showing your commitment to the environment. This helps improve your company’s reputation and meets strict environmental rules.
  • Versatile, Fits Many Projects: Suitable for both small and large projects, with different feeding methods to match your needs. This makes it easier to handle various construction challenges and keep projects moving smoothly.

Investing in aimix small concrete batching plant means getting an efficient, reliable machine that makes operations easier, ensures high-quality work, is better for the planet, and adapts to different projects, helping you work more effectively.

Ground free small concrete batching plant

Newly Designed Small Concrete Batch Plants

In addition to the stationary small concrete mixing plant, we have a newly launched small mobile concrete mixing plant, also can be called mobile concrete mixer trucks, these new products have the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, and low cost. You can look at the picture below. It is also classified as a small mobile concrete mixing plant because of its small output and small footprint.

We have four types of new small mobile mixing plants. The main difference between them lies in the concrete mixers.

AJS-25 small concrete batching plant

AJS-25 small batching plant

The AJS-25 small type machine is equipped with twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixers, and JS500 twin-shaft concrete mixers are usually used as standard configuration. The production quality of this small mobile concrete batching plant is the same as that of the basic mobile concrete batching plant, but the concrete batching machine is different. Here we choose a relatively simple and compact concrete batching machine.

AJL-25 small twin shaft concrete batching plant

AJL-25 small twin shaft small concrete batching plant

The AJL-25 twin shaft type machine is to configure a vertical shaft concrete mixer, usually, we also call it a planetary concrete mixer. The mixing shaft of this concrete mixer is vertical, there is no dead corner in the mixing, and the materials can be fully mixed and mixed, so the quality of the concrete produced is also very high.

AJW-1000 concrete pan mixer batching plant

AJW-1000 small batching plant

The AJW-1000 type is a pan-type concrete mixing plant, as the name suggests, it is equipped with a pan concrete mixer. This concrete mixer is the same as the planetary concrete mixer, and its mixing shaft is vertical, but the difference is that the flat-mouth concrete mixer does not mix more thoroughly than the planetary concrete mixer, and the quality of the concrete produced is not as good as the planetary concrete mixer.

Drum small portable concrete mixer batching plant

AJT-60 Drum small portable concrete mixer batching plant

The drum type is equipped with a concrete drum mixer, which can produce concrete drum by drum. This type small portable concrete batch plant has characteristics of easy movement, low cost, and high mixing efficiency.

The above are the characteristics of these four types of new products, you can contact us for details according to your engineering needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible within two hours.

Cases of Aimix Small Concrete Batching Plants

AJ-35 Batching plant in Malaysian Shore

A customer in Malaysia bought our high-efficiency AJ-35 concrete batching plant after doing research and comparisons with a small concrete batching plant manufacturer.

We used the latest machines to make sure it met top quality standards. It took about a month and a half to make, thanks to our advanced equipment and strict checks.

After it was made and checked, we talked with the customer about shipping details and how it would be sent.

When the small batch concrete plant arrived, Aimix sent experts to help set it up and start it, making sure everything worked perfectly.
feedback of Malaysian AJ35 stationary concrete batching plant

AJY-35 Batching Plant in Singapore

In early January 2024, a customer from Singapore needed a small concrete plant quickly. Our team quickly understood their needs and offered a plan and a quote, and the customer was happy to buy our AJY-35 concrete batching plant. After signing the contract, we started making it right away.

By the end of January 2024, we finished making the plant and sent it to Singapore. When it arrived, our engineers started setting it up right away. By March 2024, in less than two weeks, we had set up and tested the whole plant, and it was ready to use.
feedback of ajy35 mobile concrete batching plant

We have many more cases available for your reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Aspects Are The Design Plan For The Construction Of A Small Concrete Mixing Plant?

1. The scale and grade.
2. Site selection.
3. Equipment selection.
4. Construction schedule and cycle.
5. Investment income analysis.

What Need To Notice When Buying Small Concrete Batching Plant Equipment?

First, the cost of investing in a small concrete plant depends on many factors. These include how you plan to use the equipment, the size of the equipment, land prices, raw materials, and how many mixer trucks you need. Many people are concerned about How much does a small concrete batching plant cost. The price for small concrete batching plants sale usually ranges from $30,000 to $100,000.

It’s crucial to think about What is the capacity of a small batching plant. For example, the AJ-35 model is supposed to make 35m3/h, but actual output is often only 25 to 30 cubic meters.

Furthermore, choosing a reputable and experienced manufacturer for your small concrete mixing equipment is also important. Bigger, more established manufacturers tend to provide higher-quality equipment and better after-sales service.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to visit the manufacturer before buying. This lets you check the small concrete plants yourself, understand the manufacturing process, and discuss your needs directly with the manufacturer, leading to a better purchase.

What are some of the data that Aimix customers are more concerned with?

Taking the AJ25 concrete batching plant as an example:

How many cubic meters of concrete can an AJ-25 small concrete mixing plant produce per hour: A set of standard AJ-25 small batching plant for sale has a theoretical capacity of 25 cubic meters of concrete per hour. In actual production, affected by various external factors, the actual output is about 15-20m³.

How much area does it take to build a set of AJ-25 small concrete batching plants for sale: The area of AJ-25 small concrete palnts is not large, about 15m*12m. Adding sand and gravel, office areas, parking areas, etc., at least three acres of land is required.

How big a transformer is needed to build an AJ-25 small concrete mixing plant: It is recommended that the total power of the transformer is not less than 80KW.

Pre-Use Checklist for Small Concrete Batch Plants

Before operating a small concrete plant, it’s crucial to ensure everything is for safe and efficient operation. Follow this organized checklist:

1. Installation and Setup: Ensure the plant is correctly installed and set up. Install rain protection facilities if necessary.

2. Safety Inspection: Check the materials storage area and beneath the lifting hopper for any people or obstacles. It’s important to keep these areas clear when the plant is operational.

3. Gearbox Maintenance: Inspect the gearbox oil level and quality. Refill or replace the oil if needed.

4. Wear and Tear Check: Examine the feeding inlet, discharging outlet, and mixing drum for wear. Replace parts that are excessively worn out.

5. Weighing System Care: Ensure the rubber sleeve connected to the weighing hopper is free from tension and pressure to maintain weighing accuracy.

6. Utility Connections: Verify that the power and water supply meet the machine’s requirements and that connections are secure.Only a skilled electrician should handle the electrical control cabinet, and unauthorized access should be prohibited.

7. Measurement Accuracy: Ensure the weighing device functions correctly with an error margin of no more than 1%. All meter heads must be zeroed before use as per regulations.

What Maintenance Details Need To Be Known After The Work of The Small Cement Plant?

1. Cleaning
Wipe off equipment to keep dust and dirt away.
Keep inside parts like conveyors and silos clean to avoid blockages.
2. Inspection and Repair
Check daily for any issues and fix them quickly.
Schedule regular check-ups to replace worn parts and check electrical systems.
3. Lubrication
Lubricate moving parts regularly to reduce wear and improve efficiency. Use the right oil and change it when needed.
4. Parts Replacement
Replace worn parts like bearings, belts, and motors as needed to prevent sudden breaks.
5. Safety Monitoring
Keep safety gear working, like emergency buttons and covers.
Train employees on staying safe.
6. Saving Energy
Watch and cut down on energy use by optimizing processes and using efficient equipment.
Reduce waste of materials to boost efficiency.
7. Environmental Protection
Handle waste and emissions properly to meet environmental rules.
Control noise and dust to make work areas better.
8. Records and Reporting
Keep records of all maintenance and repairs to spot problems early.
Make production reports to help plan better for the future.

Now you have a certain understanding of What is compact concrete batching plant. As one of the best small concrete batching plant manufacturers in China, aimix group provides top-notch construction machinery with an emphasis on quality and efficiency, ensuring projects are completed with precision. Our customer service is highly responsive and supportive, offering tailored solutions to meet diverse project needs.

Don’t miss out on elevating your construction projects with our state-of-the-art batching plants. we’re here to offer professional advice and comprehensive services. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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