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Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant is an efficient concrete mixing equipment, which is widely applied in large quantities and long construction period concrete production projects because of its high mechanization, automation, and productivity.

Different types of concrete mixing plant can play different roles, and 80% of AIMIX’s customers prefer to choose belt type concrete mixing plant and hopper type concrete mixing plant. Let’s see what kind of difference between these two types of concrete mixing plant and how to choose.

AJ-120 Belt-type concrete plant – meet the supply and demand of concrete in the surrounding 20-30 kilometers

AJ-120 batching plant

AJ-50 Hopper Concrete Plant – Temporary establishment exclusively for a specific project

Hopper type batching plant 3d drawing

What Is A Concrete Batching Plant?

Concrete batching plant is a professional concrete production equipment, it can produce concrete efficiently and evenly. It has wide application in tunnel, bridge, railway, highspeed, airport, port, wharf, water engineering, etc. And batching plant plays an important role in industry.

AJ-120 concrete batching plant

Concrete Paving Machine

But if you only has a concrete batching plant, you couldn’t finish concrete paving, we also have concrete paving machine for your needs, you can have a view.

Where is the concrete paving machine used for?

Concrete paving machine has wide application for new and reconstruction of urban and rural roads, highways, high-speed railway passenger dedicated line square, dock of cement concrete pavement. Also you can check this page for more details:

Aimix concrete paving machinesAimix concrete paving machine in Thailand

  • paving width of 2.0-8 meters
  • paving thickness of 0-0.5 meters
  • Model: CP4000
  • Paving width: 2000-4000 mm
  • Paving thickness: 0-350 mm
  • Paving speed: 0-10 m/min
  • Running speed: 0-2 km/h
  • Model: CP6000
  • Paving width: 3400-6000 mm
  • Paving thickness: 0-350 mm
  • Paving speed: 0-10 m/min
  • Running speed: 0-2 km/h
  • Model: CP7500
  • Paving width: 3500-7500 mm
  • Paving thickness: 100-500 mm
  • Paving speed: 0-10 m/min
  • Running speed: 0-1.5 km/h
  • Model: CP8000
  • Paving width: 4250-8000 mm
  • Paving thickness: 0-350 mm
  • Paving speed: 0-10 m/min
  • Running speed: 0-2 km/h

What are the stationary concrete batching plants?

AJ series stationary concrete plant is widely used in big or medium building projects, road and bridges projects, precast concrete plants, etc. It is an ideal choice for producing commercial concrete. We have capacities: 25m3, 35m3, 50m3, 60m3, 75m3, 90m3, 120m3, and 180m3.

It has two feeding methods. One is hopper, it is used for lower than 50m3 per output production. The other is belt type, it is usually used for higher than 60m3 per hour output production.

For export, we adopt a fully automatic control system for our stationary concrete mixing plant. It is industrial computer control, which can vividly display the production process on the screen so that the operator can monitor in real-time.

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AJ-120 vr

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant—Feeding By Hopper

AJ-25 stationary hopper concrete plant in Pakistan

AJ-25 in PakistanCapacity: 25(m3/h)

  • Theoretical Productivity (m³/h):50
  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L):500
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L):800
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):18.5
  • Discharging Height (m):3.8
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3):3×3
  • Cycle Period (s):72
  • Max. Aggregate Size (mm):80/60
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AJ-35 concrete plant Uzbekistan

AJ-35 in UzbekistanCapacity: 35(m3/h)

  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L)750
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L):1200
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):30
  • Discharging Height (m):4.1
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3):5×3
  • Max. Aggregate Size (mm):80/60
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AJ-50 concrete plant in Sri Lanka

AJ-50 in Sri LankaCapacity: 50(m3/h)

  • Mixer Model (Mixer Output L):750
  • Mixer Power (kW):2×18.5
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):30
  • Rated Input Volume(L):1600
  • Category of Aggregate:3/4
  • Installation Power (kW):≈100
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Specifications of hopper type

Model Bucket type
AJ-25 AJ-35 AJ-50 AJ-75
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 25 35 50 75
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Mixer Power (kW) 18.5 30 2×18.5 2×30
Mixing Cycle Period (s) 72 72 72 72
Max.Aggregate Size (mm) Φ60 Φ60 Φ60 Φ80
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³) 3×3 3×5 3×8 3×12
Kind of Aggregate 2/3/4 2/3/4 2/3/4 2/3/4
Max. Discharging Height (m) 3.8 4.1 4.1 4.1
Overall Weight (ton) ≈15 ≈18 ≈23 ≈30
Installation Power (kW) ≈65 ≈75 ≈100 ≈140
Power Supply 380V/220V/415/440V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant—Feeding By Belt Conveyor

AJ-60 belt type concrete plant Philippines

AJ-60 installed in the PhilippinesCapacity: 60(m3/h)

  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L):1000
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L):1600
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):18.5×2
  • Discharging Height (m):4.1
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3):7×4
  • Cycle Period (s):60
  • Max. Aggregate Size (mm):80/60
  • Cement Silo (t) (optional):2×100
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AJ-90 belt concrete plant Uzbekistan

AJ-90 Belt Conveyor typeCapacity: 90(m3/h)

  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L)1500
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L): 2400
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW): 30×2
  • Discharging Height (m): 4.1
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3): 15×4
  • Cement Silo (t) (optional): 3×100
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Specifications of belt type

Model Belt type
AJ-60 AJ-90 AJ-120 AJ-180
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 60 90 120 180
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS1000 JS1500 MAO3000/2000(SICOMA) MAO4500/3000(SICOMA)
Mixer Power (kW) 2×18.5 2×30 2×37 2×55
Mixing Cycle Period (s) 60 60 65 65
Max.Aggregate Size (mm) Φ60 Φ80 Φ80 Φ80
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³) 4×7 4×15 4×15 4×20
Kind of Aggregate 2/3/4 2/3/4 2/3/4 2/3/4
Max. Discharging Height (m) 4.1 4.1 4.3 4.3
Overall Weight (ton) ≈40 ≈68 ≈93 ≈101
Installation Power (kW) ≈110 ≈160 ≈220 ≈290

What are the mobile concrete batching plants?

AJY series mobile concrete plant is a type of movable equipment, which is very suitable for short-term for medium-term projects to produce plastic concrete, dry hard concrete, etc. It is on a semi-trailer unit, which is very convenient to install, disassemble and move among construction sites. We mainly have AJY-25, AJY-35, AJY-50 for your selection.

Hauling type mobile concrete mixing plant adopts the semi-trailer design, with traveling system and standard traction pin, it can be dragged by a tractor, which enables convenient and quick equipment transfer and installation.

AJY-35 mobile concrete batching plant Philippines

AJY35 installed in Dumaguete, the Philippines

— Installed in Sep, 2019
— One set of 35m3/h Mobile Ready-mix Type
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AJY60 batching plant in the Philippines

AJY-60 installed in the Philippines

— Installed in Aug. 16th, 2019
— One set of 60m3/h Mobile Type
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A Video About AJY-60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Specifications of mobile type

Model Belt Type
AJY-25 AJY-35 AJY-50
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 25 35 50
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS500 JS750 JS1000
Mixer Power (kW) 18.5 30 2×18.5
Mixing Cycle Period (s) 72< 72 72
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L) 800 1200 1600
Max.Aggregate Size (mm) Φ60 Φ60 Φ60
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³) 2×3 2×5 2×5
Category of Aggregate 2/3/4
Powder Storage Silo (ton) (Optional) 1×50 2×50 1×100
Max. Discharging Height (m) 3.8 3.8 4.1
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Aggregate (kg) (300~1500)±2% (300~1500)±2% (300~3000)±2%
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Cement (kg) (100~300)±1% (100~300)±1% (250~900)±1%
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Water (kg) (60~150)±1% (60~150)±1% (80~300)±1%
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Additive (kg) / (8~20)±1% (8~20)±1%
Overall Weight (ton) ≈15 ≈22 ≈26
Installation Power (kW) ≈61 ≈73 ≈92
Power Supply 380V/220V/415/440V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Feedback From AJY-35 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Users In the Philippines

What is a dry batch concrete plant?

A dry-type concrete plant is to produce concrete without adding water. Its function is similar to an aggregate batching machine, which evenly mixes all the aggregates together after the proportioning. When you need concrete or cement, add water according to the proportion and mix it before using it in the project.

AJG60 dry concrete plant
AJG60 dry concrete plant
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What is a wet batch concrete plant?

The wet concrete plant produces concrete with water. After all the aggregates and powders are matched, weigh the water and additives as needed, then discharge all the materials into the mixer to start mixing, and after the specified time, discharge the mixed concrete or cement from the discharge port. This kind of concrete can be directly used in engineering. If the construction site is some distance away from the concrete production site, users can consider using a concrete truck to transport fresh concrete to the site.

AJ-35 wet batching plant installed in Myanmar
AJ-35 wet batching plant installed in Myanmar

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What Are The Main Systems Of Concrete Batching Plant?

Mixing System

Our mobile, stationary, central mix or ready mixed plants adopt a compulsory concrete mixer, which has good mixing performance and strong adaptability for mixing ordinary concrete and special concrete. In addition, a compulsory concrete mixer ensures the good quality of concrete in the concrete plant. Also you can choose a concrete drum mixer, planetary concrete mixer according to the demand of your project.

Twin-shaft concrete mixer manufacturer
Twin-shaft concrete mixer manufacturer

Storing System

In general, aggregates are stored in open-air places. The powder is stored in a closed silo. Admixture is stored in steel structural containers. Cement is stored in a cement silo. Our cement silo is equipped with a digital display, which can provide an accurate indication of the cement remains in the silo. In addition, the capacity of our cement silo is usually in a range from 20 to 200 tons, so it can be customized by our users in line with their different needs.

horizontal silo to Malaysia
horizontal silo to Malaysia

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welded cement silo
welded cement silo

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horizontal cement silos
horizontal cement silos

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Weighing System

The weighing system is a key component that affects the quality and the cost of concrete. It is divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing, and liquid weighing. Aggregates mainly include large stones, small stones, sand; liquid containing water, and liquid admixture; the powder is divided into cement, fly ash, and slag. All the weighing are operated at the same time and controlled by the computer. Users can input the ratio to the computer according to their different requirements.

Batching System

Our concrete batching machine can mix three to six kinds of aggregates, such as sand, rocks, gravel, potash, fly ash, and cement. I have to say, our aggregate batching machine has high work efficiency. There are two warehouses, three warehouses, and four warehouses available.

PLD batching machine

aggregate batching machine
PLD concrete batcher

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Conveying System

The conveying system consists of three parts. Aggregate is conveying by hopper and belt. The hopper conveying has the advantages of small transportation area and low cost. The belt conveying has the advantages of a small footprint and low cost. Belt conveying has the advantages of high efficiency and long transmission distance. Water and liquid admixtures are transported by the pump. Concrete is conveying by a screw conveyor from the cement silo to the concrete mixer.

belt conveyor system
belt conveyor system
screw conveyor
screw conveyor

Control System

The whole control room is big and bright, which is equipped with air conditioning. Our concrete mixer plant is controlled by a microcomputer, which is really convenient to operate and maintains for users. In the absence of automatic control, the manual operating system can still control the whole concrete mix plant.

control room
control room
control panel
control panel
control room
control room
electric control system
electric control system

Dust Removal System

The dust removal system of the on-site concrete batching plant is composed of a dust collector and dust removal pipe. Our dust removing device can purify the air to realize civilized concrete construction, which is really good.

How about cases of concrete batching plants?

Customer Spoke Highly Of Our AJ-50 In The Philippines

AJ-50 Worked In Uzbekistan

Install 50m3 Foundation-free Type In The Philippines

Feedback From AJ-35 Operator In The Philippines

What is a cement batching plant or concrete batch plant?

Cement batching plant is an important building material production equipment, which consists of five components: cement silo, material weighing system, belt conveyor or hopper, concrete mixing machine, PLC control system (pneumatic system), and other auxiliary equipment. It mixes cement, sand, gravel, fly ash, and other raw materials together into a concrete mixture, then puts the mixture into construction and production as a wall material. Since the concrete batching plant was put into use, it has been playing an important role in China’s construction and building materials industry. Of course, this is also determined by the superior characteristics of the concrete plant itself.

AJ-50 batch plant in Pakistan
AJ-50 batch plant in Pakistan
AJ-50 hopper concrete plant in Pakistan
AJ-50 hopper batch plant Pakistan

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What are the types of concrete batching plants and their differences?

Aimix mainly can supply users with four types of concrete plants: wet mix type, dry batch type, ready mix type, and precast type, etc.

Wet mix type: It means when the concrete is produced, will add water, so we call this type of mixing plant a wet concrete mixing plant. After the production, it can be used directly in engineering or transported to the construction site through a concrete transit mixer.

Dry batch type: Contrary to wet concrete mixing plant, this dry batch concrete plant produces concrete. No water is added during the reproduction of this concrete, so we call this type of mixing plant a dry concrete mixing plant. In fact, it is also equivalent to an aggregate batching machine, but all the materials are accurately proportioned and mixed.

Ready-mix type: In fact, it is the same product as the implementation of the wet type concrete plant. They are used to produce concrete with water added for various projects. It’s just named after the concrete state, called the ready-mixed concrete batching plant. This means that the concrete production site and the construction site are not the same places, and the concrete needs to be transported to the construction site after the concrete production site has finished producing it.

Precast type: The difference between this concrete mixing plant and the general mixing plant lies in the fluidity of the concrete. Usually, the concrete produced by the general mixing plant is relatively fluid, and the precast concrete mixing plant produces precast parts with no fluidity, which are usually used in precast parts factories.

How does the concrete batching plant work?

There are four steps in the whole concrete production process: loading, batching, mixing, and discharging.

1. Firstly, users need to use the wheel loader to transport all kinds of aggregate to the concrete batching machine. Such as pebble, sand, and small-size stone.

2. Secondly, there are two types of batching: aggregate batching and powder batching. Aggregate batching will be conducted in the aggregate batching machine, and powder batching is mainly means the fly ash and cement are stored in a cement silo. And these two powders will enter the twin-shaft concrete mixer through a screw conveyor. By the way, According to the types of aggregate, you can choose the type of aggregate batching machine. AIMIX usually provides users with a three-bin batching machine or a four-bin batching machine.

3. Thirdly, it is the most important process: mixing. When all of the raw materials enter the mixer machine, open the switch, mixing shaft will begin to stir the materials.

4. Finally, when the materials are mixed at the stipulated time, the finished concrete mixture will be discharged from the discharge outlet. And there will be a concrete transit mixer to transport the fresh concrete to the construction site.

Here the whole concrete production process is finished.

How to choose the concrete batching plant?

When it refers to how to choose the right concrete batching plant, you must know that are there different types of concrete plants. Only know the types, you will know their applications. For example, the precast concrete plant is quite different from the ordinary mixing plant. It is easy to distinguish where the precast concrete mixing plant can be used. Another example is the dry type concrete plant, without adding water. In fact, it is a simple concrete mixing plant, suitable for projects with a low budget. After the concrete proportioning is completed, the user can add water by himself under the guidance of the engineer to make fluidity concrete.

AJ-50 batching plant in the Philippines

AJ-50 concrete plant Philippines
AJ-50 batch plant in the Philippines
AJ-50 concrete batching plant philippines

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What Are The Functions Of A Concrete Batching Plant?

In fact, the function of the concrete batching plant is to mix all the aggregates, powders, and liquids according to the requirements of the concrete required by the project, so as to produce high-quality concrete, which is then used in various projects. Such as buildings, construction sites, parking lots, parks, airports, dams, water conservancy projects, etc.

Users should select the right type according to the condition of their construction project. If you don’t know how to choose, contact us, our professional salesman will help you make a decision. What’s more, we have engineers to help you make a scheme, they will customize a perfect batching plant for your project.

AJY-35 mobile concrete batching plant installed in Uzbekistan for isolated hospital construction

AJY-35 mobile batching plant in Uzbekistan

AJY-35 mobile batching plant Uzbekistan
AJY-35 mobile concrete batching plant in Uzbekistan
AJY-35 mobile concrete plant Uzbekistan

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How to operate the concrete batching plant?

1. All workers must wear safety helmets, dust masks, and other safety protection equipment as required, and concrete batching plant operators must hold certificates to work.

2. Check all devices before the operation, and the batching plant can be started after all meet the requirements. After starting, it is necessary to ensure that the operation of each component and the indication of each instrument should be normal, and the pressure of oil, gas, and water should meet the requirements before concrete production can be carried out.

3. When the batch plant is working, it is strictly forbidden for non-construction personnel to enter the production area, and for personnel to enter the storage area and under the lifting hopper; when removing the residual material inside the upper hopper, the power supply must be cut off and a special person must be supervised.

4. When the twins shaft concrete mixer is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your hands and feet into the hopper or mixer.

5. When a component is stuck by an obstacle, it must not be removed forcibly, and a drag shovel must not be used to lift heavy objects. During the pulling process, no turning operation is allowed.

6. The concrete mixer cannot be stopped when it is fully loaded and mixed. When a fault or power failure occurs, the power supply should be cut off immediately, the switch box should be locked, the concrete in the mixer should be cleaned, and then the fault will be discharged or the power supply will be restored.

7. The parts of the mixer must not be overloaded. The operation of the motor should be checked. When it is found that the running sound is abnormal or the temperature is too high, it should be shut down immediately for inspection; when the voltage is too low, it must not be forced to run.

8. Before stopping the mixer, unload it first and then turn off the switches and pipelines in order. All the cement in the spiral pipe should be transported out, and no material should remain in the pipe.

9. After the operation, the mixer, the discharge door, and the discharge hopper should be cleaned and rinsed with water, and the additives and supply system should be rinsed at the same time.

10. In freezing season, drain the water in the water pump, additive pump, water tank, and additive tank, and start the additive pump of the water pump to run for 1-2 minutes.

How much does a concrete batching plant cost?

When it refers to the cost of a batch mix plant. We can’t tell you the specific cost. But we will tell you where you need to spend money. Goals will be the best factor that affects your choice of an ideal concrete batch plant. Let’s look at them from three aspects. In addition to the concrete batching plant cost, there will be many things you need to afford, such as cost of raw materials, cost of labor, cost of electricity, cost of water, cost of later maintenance, cost of shipment, cost of insurance, etc. But the most important is concrete plant cost, it all depends on your goals.

1.For your own project

If you want to produce concrete for your own project, we will recommend you buy a small hopper-type concrete batching plant. Because this type of hopper batching plant has characteristics of small volume, easy maintenance, you can choose AJ-25 and AJ-35. Here means capacity affects the cost. What’s more, the configuration will also affect the cost, because the configuration is not stable, for example, you can choose a 50-ton cement silo, or you can choose a 100-ton cement silo, it depends on your construction period. But if you choose a small type AJ-25 or AJ-35, it will save much more money than choose AJ-50, AJ-60, AJ-75, and AJ-90.

hopper type batching plants
hopper type batching plants
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2.For commercial concrete production

If you want to produce a large quantity of concrete for local businesses. Efficiency is the first factor you need to consider. So we must recommend you choose large belt type concrete batching plant, for example, AJ-60, AJ-90, AJ-120, and AJ-180. Only these types can meet your requirement and help you produce concrete in large quantities and of high quality. But this belt type is much more expensive than the hopper type, and related costs will be much higher.

belt type concrete batching plants
belt type concrete batching plants
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3.Many construction sites

If you have many construction sites, we advise you to choose a mobile type concrete batching plant, it can be disassembled for another site, and begin to produce concrete again. Moreover, the mobile concrete plant has a small footprint and volume, it is very convenient to move among near sites.

How much is a concrete batching plant?

In terms of types, different types of concrete batching plants have different prices. The higher the configuration, the higher the price. Because in a concrete mixing plant, many components are uncertain. For example, the customer can request a three-bin batching machine or a four-bin batching machine, and the three-bin batching machine is cheaper than the four-bin batching machine.

For another example, the number of cement silos that a customer can configure for a mixing plant is uncertain. Moreover, the types of cement silos are also different. We can provide welded type cement silo, bolted type cement silo, and horizontal cement silo. Of course, their production costs are different, and transportation costs are also different.

concrete batching plant working site 3D
concrete batching plant working site 3D

What’s more, there are many options regarding the mixing engine. Usually, we use twin-shaft concrete mixers, but some customers have special requirements for the quality of concrete, and they can also be equipped with a planetary concrete mixer, Sicoma concrete mixer, or pan concrete mixer. All of them need to consider your projects.

How to start a concrete batching plant?

On how to start the business of a batch plant. There are two issues you need to be clear about. First of all, you have to figure out the purpose of starting the concrete plant business, and second, you have to understand your own resources, such as money. The first question is, is the purchase of a concrete mixing plant for the production and sale of concrete or for its own projects? This is related to the selection of a mixing plant with a large capacity. In response to the second question, budget is the fundamental factor in choosing a batching plant. You can buy a mixing plant as large as you have. Although the concrete mixing plant is a very good funded project, one of the advantages is that it can pay back quickly, but it also takes a certain amount of time to accumulate. Users need to make a reasonable plan for their budget.

If you are not very clear about this aspect, you can leave us a message, and we have professional engineers and salesmen who will make engineering plans for you.

how to start a concrete batching plant from AIMIX
how to start a concrete batching plant from AIMIX

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