AJ-120 concrete batching plant-for-concrete production and sales

Use Stationary Concrete Plant For Commercial Concrete Production

Hello everyone, are you struggling to find equipment that can produce high-quality concrete? Are you struggling to find a reliable manufacturer? Are you struggling to meet the needs of your end customers? Do not worry! On this page, AIMIX will provide you with a very cost-effective product that can perfectly solve all the above problems. …

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aimix after sale team

The Story Of AIMIX And Luyya

O Customer Background Today, it is my honor to introduce one of our friends to you, Luyya. Luyya is one of our clients from Indonesia. We get acquainted about 3 months ago. Once Luyya does the investigation for a cost-effective concrete mixing machine through the internet. Then, she finds AIMIX Group. After that, our story …

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Indonesia batching plant installation

Finish The Installation Of AJ-90 Stationary Belt Conveyor Concrete Batching Plant In Indonesia

Good news from the Indonesia office! The AJ-90 stationary belt type concrete mixing plant has been installed in January 2022. The project address is in Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia. Let’s learn more about the details of this case! Brief description of the project The customer purchased two AJ-90 concrete mixing plants for a hydroelectric project. As …

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small batching plant installed in Uzbekistan

Complete The Installation Of AJ-35 Small Batching Plant In Uzbekistan In March

We are glad that our AIMIX small concrete batching plant is once again present in Uzbekistan. in March 2022, our engineers completed the AJ-35 concrete batching plant in Nukus, Uzbekistan, and below we show you the images of the installed small concrete batching plant. Installation picture of the concrete batching plant Model AJ-35 Theoretical Productivity …

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crusher plant was exported to the Philippines

AIMIX Batching Plant And Crusher Plant To The Philippines

AIMIX shipped a concrete mixing plant AJ-60 and a 30 tph crusher plant to the Philippines. From our salesman, we know that the customer wants to use these two machines for road construction. And produce concrete to sell. Let’s have a closer look at these two products. Configuration of the crushing plant The crushing plant …

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export mobile concrete plant for Philippines

AJY-35 Mobile Concrete Plant Philippines Was On The Way

As you can see from the title of this title, we finished the transportation of one set of mobile concrete batching plant Philippines. The delivery date is January 17, 2022, and it will take about half a month to reach the destination. After arriving at the destination, our engineers will also rush over to help …

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The Shipment Of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant In The Philippines

The good news is that AIMIX arranged the delivery of the AJY-35 mobile concrete batching plant in the Philippines. Originally, our AJY-35 series mobile concrete batching plant was equipped with an AJS-750 twin shaft concrete mixer, but the customer wanted to produce higher quality concrete, and the material had special requirements, so our salesman and …

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One Set Of AJ-180 Concrete Batching Plant For Malaysia Has Been Shipped

Hello everyone, let me introduce to you the relevant situation of a concrete batching plant for Malaysia with relatively large capacity, we recently exported to Kuching. The client was introduced by our old client who wanted to buy a commercial mixing plant to sell concrete locally. Therefore, a concrete batching plant with maximum capacity is …

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mobile concrete batching plant in Indonesia

AIMIX Installed The AJY-35 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant In Indonesia

Great news! AIMIX finished the installation of the AJY-35 mobile concrete batching plant in Indonesia. Here are some pictures on-site from our engineers. AJY-35 mobile concrete batching plant, also known as 0.75 cubic concrete mixing plant, has a 0.75 cubic discharge. The main advantages of this batching plant are: less occupation of the capital, small …

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install AJ-50 hopper batching plant in UZ

The Installation Of AJ-50 Hopper Batching Plant In Uzbekistan

AIMIX installed one set of AJ-50 hopper batching plant in Uzbekistan. Our users purchased one set of AJ-50 concrete batching plant with three 100 ton cement silos, and the silos are welded types. Next, let’s learn more about this configuration. What about AJ-50 hopper batching plant? Hopper batching plants mainly have AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50, and …

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