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Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

Stationary asphalt mixing plant is a complete set of equipment to produce asphalt mixture in bulk. It is well suited to mix asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, and colored asphalt mixture, therefore, it is a piece of requisite equipment for highway building project, classified highway construction, urban road construction, airport construction and port construction. At present, there are many types of asphalt batching plant stationery on the market. Also, there is numerous stationary asphalt batching plant suppliers, we AIMIX GROUP CO., LTD can produce high-quality continuous drum type and batching type asphalt mixing plant for your selection. And we mainly have 40t/h, 60t/h, 80t/h, 100t/h, 120t/h, 160t/h, 200t/h, 240t/h, 320t/h. You can see the specifications of stationary asphalt mixer for sale carefully, then make the right choice from the stationary asphalt mixer supplier!

Congratulations AIMIX GROUP 80T Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Has Been Installed Smoothly In Russia

  • 80T Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant In Russia
  • 80T Stationary Asphalt Plant In Russia
  • 80T Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Russia
  • Asphalt
  • 80T Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant In Russia
  • 80T Stationary Asphalt Plant In Russia
  • 80T Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Russia
  • Asphalt

Specifications Of 80T Stationary Asphalt Batch Plant

Hopper Capacity4×7.5m³
Collect Belt Capacity100t/h
Dryer Sizeφ1.5m×6.7m
Dryer Capacity100t/h
Fuel Consumption120-600kg/h
Vibrating Screen (Layer)4 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper1000kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper200kg

How To Choose The Right Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

For stationary asphalt plant near me can produce all kinds of mixtures, and suitable for many construction projects, you need to make detailed comparison among those stationary asphalt plants for sale when you searching for an asphalt batch plant stationary. The followings are some tips for you to learn how to choose a suitable asphalt mixing plant.

You need to know which finished products you need, quantities and qualities should be taken into consider.

1. Pay more attention to quantity.

ALQ100 Stationary Asphalt Plant
ALQ100 Stationary Asphalt Plant
Hopper Capacity4×7.5m³
Collect Belt Capacity120t/h
Dryer Sizeφ1.65m×7m
Dryer Capacity120t/h
Fuel Consumption150-1000kg/h
Vibrating Screen (Layer)4 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper1300kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper200kg
Bitumen Metering hopper150kg

If your project needs asphalt mixture with general quality, stationary drum continuous mix asphalt plants can produce asphalt pot by pot, save production time, as for quantity, you can choose a proper capacity according to your real need.

2. Pay more attention to quality.

If your project need high-quality asphalt, you can choose compulsory type stationary asphalt plant for sale, which has compulsory concrete mixer, can produce high-quality asphalt, and our JS twin shaft concrete mixer has shaft end seal patent technology, which will prevent residue waste.

How To Get The Most Reasonable Stationary Asphalt Batching Plant Price

We know price is the most factor affecting whether customers will buy the asphalt plant, buy which capacity plant and whether customer will buy again. But stationary asphalt mix plant price is not fixed, it depends upon many elements, such as, types of asphalt mixing plants, capacity of asphalt plant, configuration of plant, etc. Here we can’t tell you exact stationary asphalt plant cost, but we want to tell you as long as you tell us which type is your favor, and all of your requirements, we can send you stationary asphalt plant price in detail. If you are not very familiar with details of stationary asphalt mix plant, leave your doubts on my website, you will receive professional reply within 20 hours.

Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper Capacity4×4.5m³4×6.5m³4×7.5m³4×7.5m³4×7.5m³5×12m³5×12m³5×12m³6×15m³
Collect Belt Capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h140t/h200t/h220t/h280t/h360t/h
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Sizeφ1.2m×5.2mφ1.5m×6mφ1.5m×6.7mφ1.65m×7mφ1.8m×8mφ2.2m×9mφ2.6m×9mφ2.6m×9.5mφ2.8m×10.2m
Dryer Capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h140t/h180t/h240t/h260t/h360t/h
Fuel Consumption70-300kg/h100-400kg/h120-600kg/h150-1000kg/h150-1000kg/h150-1400kg/h180-1800kg/h180-1800kg/h260-2500kg/h

Stationary Bitumen Batching Plant Supplier

There are so many stationary asphalt batch plant suppliers on the market. When you want to buy a stationary asphalt mixing plant, you need to search online for reputable stationary asphalt plant supplier, or find local manufacturers, but there are some things need to pay attention. Providing you need ALQ120 stationary asphalt batching plant.
1. You need to search ALQ120 stationary asphalt batching plant supplier or manufacturer, if necessary, add your country, you will get much more accurate information;
2. If you find a favorable supplier, but it is on abroad, you need to pay a visit to their factory, only have factory, they won’t charge you much money;
3. You need to ask for more details about ALQ120 stationary asphalt mixing plant, such as components, raw materials, processing techniques, brand parts, etc;
4. If he gives you a non-affordable price, you must ask them why;
5. Pay much much more attention to after-sales service, pre-sale and on-sale service, they must do better, therefore, you need to concern about after-sales service, so you can judge whether they are reliable stationary asphalt mixer manufacturer.

ALQ120 Stationary asphalt plant in Pakistan
ALQ120 Stationary asphalt plant in Pakistan
Hopper Capacity4×7.5m³
Collect Belt Capacity140t/h
Dryer Sizeφ1.8m×8m
Dryer Capacity140t/h
Fuel Consumption150-1000kg/h
Vibrating Screen (Layer)4 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper1500kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper300kg
Bitumen Metering hopper250kg
Mixer Capacity1500kg

Main components of stationary asphalt mixing plants for sale

ALQ Series Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant3

Features Of Each Component Of Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Frequency conversion control and materials shortage alarming device, cleaning device, middle filter, pre-lubricated bearing, belt tension device and anti-slanting wheel ensure the smooth work of the cold aggregate supply system;

2. Thick insulation layer of stationary asphalt mixing plants greatly improves the productivity of the drying drum, and the drying drum is driven by four-wheel friction, which achieves stable transmission. For burner, it is easy to install and maintain, we have oil burner and coal burner for your selection;

3. Discharge outlet adopts special structure, which reduces the wear and noise, under the elevator is tighten device, it is used to adjust the tightness of chain and change or maintain the hopper;

4. Four layers screen design makes it easy to replace and maintain;

5. Filler weighing is by the screw conveyor, the first screw conveyor is to weigh the filler and another one is used to convey; asphalt will be weighed twice, the second weighing is on the basis of the first weighing, so the asphalt-aggregate ratio is precise and stable, in addition, asphalt weighing adopts pressure spray, which is efficient;

ALQ160 Asphalt Plant
ALQ160 Asphalt Plant
Hopper Capacity5×12m³
Collect Belt Capacity200t/h
Dryer Sizeφ2.2m×9m
Dryer Capacity180t/h
Fuel Consumption150-1400kg/h
Vibrating Screen (Layer)5 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper2000kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper300kg
Bitumen Metering hopper250kg
Mixer Capacity2000kg

6. The stirrer is made under the guidance of European advanced technology, the miner and mixing blades adopt high chromium wear-resistant materials, so they have a long service life. The stirrer is driven by double reducer, two shafts contra rotate, which make the materials much more even. What’s more, the framework of the mixing tower adopts modular design, it can be put into standard container, which saves a lot of transportation cost;

7. Aggregate from volute dust collector will be conveyed to the aggregate elevator and used as aggregate, filler from the bag dust collector will be sent to the filler elevator and used as recycling filler. Bag dust collector is made from imported NOMEX needle-punched felt, bag dust collector adopts automatic control, and it has the function of over-temperature alarming;

8. There are arch breaker pneumatic devices at the bottom of both new filler silo and recycling filler silo, which can avoid agglomeration in the filler silo. The recycling filler can be discharged together, which can effectively reduce the environmental pollution;

9. Asphalt supply system in stationary asphalt mix plants consists of oil discharging tank, oil discharging pump, asphalt tank and circulating pump, the asphalt tube is protected by the hot oil and have a good insulation effect;

10. Electric control system adopts large electric machine, large electric machine adopts reasonable step-down start; cold aggregate supply system adopts frequency control, which can achieve automatic control and adjustment according to the proportion; burner can achieve automatic ignition and remote control; asphalt will be weighed twice, and asphalt-aggregate ratio will be tracked in time. It has characteristics of advanced control, accurate measurement and convenient operation. You need to find a reliable stationary asphalt batching plant supplier, then they can supply you the best control system, cause control system is the core of the whole asphalt batching plant, you must choose a best one.

Hopper Capacity5×12m³
Collect Belt Capacity220t/h
Dryer Sizeφ2.6m×9m
Dryer Capacity240t/h
Fuel Consumption180-1800kg/h
Vibrating Screen (Layer)5 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper2500kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper320kg
Bitumen Metering hopper250kg
Mixer Capacity2500kg

Working Process Of Stationary Asphalt Plant The Operator Should Know

In general, the raw materials are gravel, filler and asphalt. Therefore, the working principle of the stationary bitumen batching plant means conveying, weighing, mixing and discharging of these three raw materials. How to accomplish those procedures successfully? Operator should be in strict with specifications of stationary asphalt mixing plant for sale.

1. Gravel

Put cold aggregates into the cold aggregate supply system, actually, it is aggregate batching machine, there are 3 to 6 bins for your selection. Those aggregates will be screened in a large screening machine, and then, the screening aggregate will be conveyed to the drying drum through the tilted belt feeding conveyor. After the drying and heating, the hot aggregate will enter the vibrating screen through the hot aggregate elevator on the top of the mixing tower to be screened, and aggregates with different size will be sent to the corresponding hopper; the hopper will discharge the aggregate to the aggregate weighing hopper under the control of air cylinder, after the weighing, weighed aggregate will enter the mixing system;

2. Filler

Filler usually means mineral powder. Filler includes new filler and recycling filler. When the cold aggregates enter to the drying drum, there will be some filler produced, they are called recycling filler. To save the construction cost, we often adopt new filler and recycling filler as one of the raw materials producing asphalt mixture. New filler will be blew into the filler bin through the air control system, while recycling filler will be transported to the filler bin through the elevator. In fact, filler is conveyed to the hopper through the screw conveyor, there are two screw conveyors, one is to weigh the filler, and another is to convey the filler to the mixing system;

3. Asphalt

Asphalt will be put into oil discharge tank, with the help of three-way valve, the asphalt will be pumped to the asphalt tank through the asphalt pump; convey asphalt to the asphalt weighing tank through the circulating pump and weigh the asphalt; after the weighing process, asphalt will be evenly sprayed to the mixing system through the oil injection pump;

4. Mixing

Under the control of the electrical system, it will take about 45s to mix the mixture. Finished products can be conveyed to the road construction site and also can be stored in the finished product storage bin.
To sum up, it’s important to know the working process of the stationary batch asphalt plants. Here is a video about how an asphalt plant works in the following.

AIMIX, as one of outstanding stationary asphalt mix plant supplier, offer excellent products and services. We are professional stationary asphalt mixing plant supplier, we can give you best product with right asphalt mixing plant price. Come on to contact us!

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