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A boom pump for sale also named concrete boom pump truck for sale, is used to convey concrete. The Boom truck for sale consists of a concrete pump and concrete placing boom, it is efficient concrete conveying equipment, not only can move freely but also pump and distribute the concrete. This kind of concrete pump boom for sale can work nimbly and quickly. But it has strict demand for construction sites. Therefore, although the concrete pump truck cost is a little high, if your project can only use placing boom concrete pump, you have no way to choose others.

AIMIX Concrete Pump Trucks

In fact, there are two kinds of concrete boom pumps available, one with a mixing function and one that can only pump concrete, but they have some differences, we briefly introduce these two kinds of pumps mainly from the following three aspects, hope it can help you to choose:

Differences between concrete boom pump and concrete mixing pump

Different functions: boom concrete pump is mainly used for conveying concrete from the pump truck to the construction site, while the boom concrete mixer pump can mix and blend concrete while conveying.

Different uses: A boom concrete pump is suitable for occasions that need to transport a large amount of concrete, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc.; while a boom concrete mixer pump is suitable for occasions that need concrete mixing and blending while transporting, such as road construction, river bank reinforcement, etc.

Different structure: boom concrete pump generally has only conveying arm and piping system, while a boom concrete mixer pump has to mix a drum, hydraulic system, and other parts on top of conveying arm and piping system.

Concrete boom pumps – only pumping concrete

If you need, we also can supply you with 20m, 28m concrete boom pumps for sale.

Concrete boom pumps – can mix and pump concrete

How far can a concrete pump truck reach

It all depends on the capacity of the machine, you can check our specifications below!

Dimension: L*W*H8800*2500*3360mm9000*2470*3360mm9000*2470*3360mm10250*2500*3750mm11700*2500*3950mm12600*2550*3950mm13850*2550*4000mm
ChassisSaic HongyanSaic HongyanSaic HongyanDongfengSinotruk ShandekaSinotruk ShandekaSinotruk Shandeka
Sinotruk Shandeka4×24×24×24×26×46×48×4
Engine BrandYuchaiYuchaiYuchaiYuchaiGerman mannGerman mannGerman mann
Vertical height of boom26m30m32.3m38m47m50m57.6m
Horizontal length of boom21.6m26.6m28.8m33.5m42.6m46m53.5m
Vertical depth of boom10.5m20m20m22m29.4m36.5m38m
Boom folding form4R5RZ5RZ5RZ5RZ6RZ6RZ
First Boom(Length/Rotation angle)6700mm/90°6400mm/90°6400mm/90°7500mm/90°9500mm/89°10000mm/89.5°11687mm/90°
Second Boom(Length/Rotation angle)4800mm/180°5000mm/180°5000mm/180°6200mm/180°7700mm/180°8250mm/180°9534mm/180°
Third Boom(Length/Rotation angle)5100mm/180°4800mm/180°4800mm/180°6100mm/180°7550mm/180°8050mm/180°9055mm/180°
Fourth Boom(Length/Rotation angle)5000mm/212°5100mm/212°6100mm/212°6700mm/229°8900mm/243°9450mm/243°11362mm/240°
Fifth Boom(Length/Rotation angle)/5300mm/180°6500mm/180°6700mm/212°9000mm/214°5750mm/220°7271mm/220°
Sixth Boom(Length/Rotation angle)/////4300mm/110°4653mm/110°
End delivery soft hose(Length)3m3m3m3m3m3m3m
Rotation angle of the turntable±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°
Front leg spread width5470mm5700mm5700mm6800mm8500mm9500mm9475mm
Rear leg spread width5140mm6800mm6800mm8350mm9400mm9800mm12853mm
Longitudinal distance of front and rear legs5710mm5900mm5900mm6800mm9000mm10400mm10483mm
Theoretical concrete displacement (low pressure)120m3/h120m3/h120m3/h140m3/h163m3/h163m3/h170m3/h
Distribution valve formS ValveS ValveS ValveS ValveS ValveS ValveS Valve
Cylinder inner diameter/stroke230/1600mm230/1600mm230/1600mm230/1550mm260/1600mm260/2200mm260/2200mm
Main oil pump displacement190ml/r190ml/r190ml/r190ml/r260ml/r260ml/r320ml/r
Inner diameter of conveying pipe125mm125mm125mm125mm125mm125mm125mm
Maximum aggregate size40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm
Concrete collapse160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm
System oil pressure31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa
Hydraulic tank volume500L500L500L500L700L700L700L
High low voltage switchingAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto Switch
Lubrication modeCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubrication
Hydraulic oil cooling modeAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir cooling
Overall parameterDimension: L*W*H9000*2350*3400mm11000*2500*4000mm11000*2500*4000mm11400*2550*4000mm11400*2550*4000mm
ChassisAisino WanshanSinotruk ShandekaSinotruk ShandekaSinotruk ShandekaSinotruk Shandeka
Drive mode4×26×46×46×46×4
Engine brandWeichaiGerman mannGerman mannGerman mannGerman mann
Power/Rotate speed198Kw/2200RPM254kw/2200r/min254kw/2200r/min253kw/2200r/min253kw/2200r/min
Tire size10.00R20 18PR11.00R20,12.00R2011.00R20,12.00R2011.00R20,12.00R2011.00R20,12.00R20
Wheel base4600mm4600+1350mm4600+1350mm4600+1350mm4600+1350mm
Boom leg parametersVertical height of boom33m38m40m41.1m43.7m
Horizontal length of boom28.9m33.4m36.2m36.3m39.7m
Vertical depth of boom22m22.6m24.5.m24.6m26.2m
Boom folding form5RZ5RZ6RZ5RZ5RZ
First armLength6400mm7500mm8100mm8850mm9500mm
Rotation Angle90°90°89°90°90°
Second armLength5000mm6200mm6500mm6700mm7100mm
Rotation Angle180°180°180°180°180°
Third armLength4800mm6100mm6100mm6500mm6700mm
Rotation Angle180°180°180°180°180°
Fourth armLength6250mm6700mm7500mm7100mm8000mm
Rotation Angle212°229°229°229°229°
Fifth armLength6450mm6700mm3800mm7100mm8400mm
Rotation Angle180°212°212°212°212°
Sixth armLength//4200mm//
Rotation Angle//60°//
End delivery soft hoseLength3m3m3m3m3m
Rotation Angle of the turntable±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°
Front leg spread width5700mm6800mm6800mm6800mm6800mm
Rear leg spread width6800mm8000mm8000mm8000mm8000mm
Longitudinal distance of front and rear legs5900mm6500mm6500mm6500mm6500mm
Leg opening modeFront legGong shape out legs
X shape out legsX shape out legsX shape out legsX shape out legs
Fear legGong shape out legs
Swing out legsSwing out legsSwing out legsSwing out legs
Pumping system parametersMixerJW1500JS750JS750JS750JS750
Mixer produce capacity20m³/h25m³/h25m³/h25m³/h25m³/h
Theoretical concrete displacement (low pressure)120m³/h120m³/h120m³/h120m³/h120m³/h
Distribution valve formS valveS valveS valveS valveS valve
Cylinder inner diameter/stroke230/1600mm230/1550mm230/1600mm230/1600mm230/1600mm
Main oil pump displacement190ml/r190ml/r190ml/r190ml/r190ml/r
Inner diameter of conveying pipe125mm125mm125mm125mm125mm
Maximum aggregate size40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm
Concrete collapse160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm
System oil pressure31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa
Hydraulic tank volume500L500L500L500L500L
Type of hydraulic systemOpen typeOpen typeOpen typeOpen typeOpen type
High low voltage switchingAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto Switch
Hydraulic oil cooling modeAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir cooling
Concrete pipe cleaning methodwashingwashingwashingwashingwashing
Lubrication modeCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubrication

Compositions of concrete boom pump for sale

Dynamic system

Our boom pressure concrete pump uses a world-famous brand chassis that has characteristics of strong bearing capacity, good dynamic performance, low energy consumption, and convenient maintenance.

Hydraulic system

The pumping hydraulic system of the boom pump truck for sale adopts a double pump double circuit open hydraulic system, oil pump uses German products. The main oil cylinder and swing oil cylinder are respectively driven by two pumps, the swing cylinder can move quickly and forcefully.

Pumping system of boom pump

The maximum volume of the hopper can reach 600L, the inner adopts an arc design, has no accumulated material, and can produce less concrete residue. S valve uses a high wear-resistant eyewear plate, and cutting cup, with long service life, which can reduce the use cost.

components of concrete boom pump truck

Placing boom and jack

Through finite element analysis, dynamic analysis calculation, and experiments, based on accurate data support. The material is made of a high-strength low-alloy steel plate. All materials and welds have passed 100% nondestructive inspection, ensuring the reasonable structure of the boom; the jack and oil-way of the boom can change freely, avoid misoperation, and ensure the safety of concrete pump trucks for sale.

Lubrication system

S valve and concrete conveying cylinder of concrete boom pumps adopt centralization lubrication, can work smoothly, and avoid blocking of each lubrication point, which is convenient to check and maintain.

Effective cooling system

Boom pumps for sale are equipped with an efficient electrically controlled cooling system, keeping the hydraulic oil temperature stable.

Control system of boom pump for sale

A simple and reliable electric control system, mainly from Schneider, equipped with wireless control, adopts the famous brand wireless remote control.

Show you some working videos about the boom pumps, so that you can have a better understanding of this equipment.

Boom pump worked in the construction site

Advantages of boom placer concrete pump

This boom concrete pump for sale has high reliability, high safety, high economical efficiency, and high durability. Chassis, dynamic systems, electric control systems, hydraulic systems, and pumping systems are very reasonable. In addition, the concrete placing boom can stretch out and draw back freely and fast, the jack has a small footprint, and the whole boom pumps are convenient to move.

  • 1. More suitable for new rural middle and lower-level construction.
  • 2. Specialized in designing and manufacturing for a short boom for HSR construction.
  • 3. Emission design is in line with international standards, more energy-saving, and environmental protection.
  • 4. It is easy to maintain the hydraulic automatic reversing system of the pumping system.
  • 5. X shape jack makes operation more stable and safe.
  • 6. It is cost-effective to buy a concrete pump truck.
63m concrete boom pump truck

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Concrete pump truck service

Firstly, you must ask us how much is a concrete pump truck. Actually, we can’t tell in specific data, we will ask you how far you need to pump concrete, then we will give you an ideal introduction, this is type selection. Only we know clearly about your project, we can give you the right guidance. If you are not very clear, we can dispatch our engineers to your site and do a site evaluation and planning.

Secondly, we will send you the right boom pressure concrete pump price for your reference. Also, we can give you an explanation about the price. What’s more, you can even go to our factory and see how a concrete pump truck work. You can make a comparison between other concrete boom pump manufacturers with us.

Thirdly, if you bought our concrete boom pump truck, we will give you the best service, pre-sale service, on-sale service, and after-sales service. Up to now, we have set 5 LBS centers in the world, such as Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, in the future, we will also set up LBS centers in Bangladesh, Malaysia, New Zealand, etc, all of these will give you better after-sales service and support! Welcome to contact us now!

In addition, besides concrete boom pumps, we also supply concrete mixer and pump, diesel concrete pump, etc, which are hot types, you can learn more!

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