Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

What is a mobile asphalt plant? In the road and bridge construction industry, mobile asphalt mixing plant plays an important role for producing asphalt aggregate. Unlike stationary asphalt plants, mobile asphalt plant offers quick installation and dismantling, reducing the time and cost of frequent relocations. This flexibility ensures high efficiency on tight project schedules. Its adaptability and efficiency help construction companies stand out in a competitive market ensuring timely and high-quality project delivery. Whether in urban roads or remote rural areas, the asphalt mobile plant provides professional asphalt mixing solutions.

100 ton mobile asphalt drum mix plant

In the following, we will introduce the mobile asphalt mixing plant for road construction in different aspects. Then we hope it can provide valuable insights when choosing the right mobile asphalt mixing plant for your needs. Therefore, let’s delve into them together!

What Are the Types of Mobile Asphalt Plants for Sale?

Depending on the mixing technique, design, and functions, we usually divide the mobile asphalt plant for sales into various types: mobile asphalt batch plant, mobile asphalt drum mix plant, simple type mobile asphalt plant, and all-in-one continuous mobile asphalt batching plant. All types of asphalt plants serve a specific purpose, enhancing road construction convenience and value. Here’s a closer look at these asphalt mixing machines.

ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant

The asphalt mixing plant mobile is designed for modern road construction needs, offering high efficiency and mobility. Combining advanced mixing technology with easy transport, it ensures excellent production quality in various construction environments. This asphalt plant features precise weighing, intelligent control, and quick installation, making it ideal for road construction projects of all sizes.

ALYQ40 mobile asphalt batch plant

ALYQ80 mobile asphalt batch mix plant

ALYQ100 mobile asphalt batching plant

ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant Specification

Capacityt / h6080100120160
Mixer capacitykg8001200130017002200
Mixing cycles4545454545
Total powerGasoline(kW)5463.5104.5125157.5
filter aream2370420480510620

Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant Characteristics

Efficient Mixing

The unit design of the intermittent drying drum and horizontal twin-shaft mixing drum ensures thorough material mixing and higher product quality.

Precise Weighing

The high-precision weighing system guarantees stable mix quality.

Flexible Operation

Similar to mobile double-drum asphalt plants, the drum rotates clockwise to dry materials and counterclockwise to discharge, with a compact and simple structure.

Smart Control

Integrated PLC control with a touchscreen interface allows easy switching between automatic and manual modes.

Easy Transportation

Equipped with a mobile chassis for quick and convenient transport and installation. The burner can use coal or oil, depending on customer preference.

Mobile Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant in Malaysia

Capacity: 80 tons/hour

Model: ALYQ-80

Project Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Project: Guatemala National Highway Project

Application Scenario: Used for various road construction and maintenance projects in Malaysia.

ALYT Series Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

The mobile drum mix asphalt plant is a flexible and efficient road construction device designed to meet various road construction and maintenance needs. Its unique structure and advanced control system enable it to move quickly and operate efficiently across different construction sites. With cost-saving, easy operation, and high adaptability, the mobile asphalt drum mix plant is widely used in highways, city roads, rural roads, and airport runways, making it an indispensable asset in road construction projects.

ALT40 asphalt drum mix plant

ALT60 continuous type asphalt plant

ALT80 asphalt drum mix plant

ALYT Series Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Specification

Cold Aggregate Feeding System3.5m³×14m³×44m³×46.5m³×46.5m³×46.5m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin2m³2.5m³4.5m³5m³7m³7m³
Asphalt Temperature120-180℃120-180℃120-180℃120-180℃120-180℃120-180℃
Fuel Consumption(Fuel Oil)5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t5-7.5kg/t
Fuel Consumption(Burning Coal)13-15kg/t13-15kg/t13-15kg/t13-15kg/t13-15kg/t13-15kg/t
Asphalt Tank10t20t30t30t35t35t
Optionbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collectorbag dust collector / water dust collector
Whole Plant Optionwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixedwhole mobile / semi-mobile / fixed

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Characteristics

Drying and Mixing Drum Unit Design

This design simplifies the equipment structure and significantly reduces investment costs.

Bi-Directional Drum Rotation

The drum rotates clockwise for drying materials and counterclockwise for discharging. This compact and simple structure ensures convenient operation.

Dense PLC Control System

With touch screen operation, users can freely switch between automatic and manual modes, enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency.

Mobile Chassis Structure

This design allows for faster installation and transportation, quickly responding to different project needs.

Dual-Fuel Burner for Oil or Coal

Users can choose between oil or coal based on project requirements, further enhancing the equipment’s adaptability and cost-effectiveness.

asphalt mobile drum mix plant

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant in Ecuador

Capacity: 100 tons/hour

Model: ALYT-100

Project Location: Ecuador

Project: Road Maintenance Project

Application Scenario: Road repair and maintenance in Ecuador

ALYJ Series Simple Type Mobile Asphalt Plant

The simple mobile asphalt plant is a small, mobile asphalt mixing device with a simple structure, easy installation, and straightforward operation. It is ideal for small-scale road construction and maintenance projects, such as rural roads, city streets, and parking lots. The simple portable asphalt plant, known for its cost-effectiveness and ease of use, is particularly suitable for small-scale, short-term road construction and maintenance projects, providing an efficient and flexible solution for customers.

ALYJ20 simple mobile asphalt batching plant

ALYJ40 simple mobile asphalt batching plant

ALYJ80 simple mobile asphalt batching plant

ALYJ Series Simple Type Mobile Asphalt Plant Specification

Capacity10 t/h15 t/h20 t/h30 t/h40 t/h60 t/h80 t/h
The ability toPetrol48kw59kw68kw106kw132kw146kw186kw
Burning coal67kw78kw91kw129kw170kw192kw262kw
Cold Aggregate Hoppers3m³×33m³×33m³×35m³×35m³×35m³×35m³×4
Finished Product Hopper2t5t5t9t9t9t20 t
Asphalt Temperature120-180 ℃
Fuel consumptionPetrol5-7.5kg/t
Burning coal13-15kg/t
OptionWater dust filter, Bag dust filter, Control room, Asphalt heat tank, Mineral flour tank

Simple Type Mobile Asphalt Plant Characteristics

Its main features include:

  • Lightweight Design: The compact structure and light weight make it easy to transport and install, especially for projects requiring frequent relocation.
  • Quick Installation and Dismantling: The equipment is designed for fast installation and dismantling, saving time and labor costs.
  • Easy Operation: The simple control system makes the operation process easy, suitable for various operators.
installed drum type asphalt batch mix plant in the Philippines

Simple Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant in the Philippines

Capacity: 60 tons/hour

Model: ALYJ-60

Project Location: Philippine

Project: Medium-sized road construction projects

AYLZ Series High Integrated Mobile Continuous Asphalt Batch Plant

With the development of modern times, the time required for road paving has become shorter. Therefore, a highly integrated, mobile asphalt mixing device that is easy to move is more in line with current demands. In this context, the high integration mobile asphalt batch mix plant was designed. This new asphalt plant not only enhances construction efficiency but also significantly reduces transportation and installation costs, providing an efficient and flexible solution for modern road construction. The high integration continuous mobile asphalt plants are ideal for projects that require frequent relocation or temporary repairs.

new mobile continuous asphalt batching plant

new mobile continuous asphalt batching plant AIMIX

new mobile asphalt mixing plant 3D animation

AYLZ Series All-in-one Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant Specification

Yield(under standard working conditions)80-100t/h100-120t/h
composition structureIngredient drying, dust removal and mixing mobile unitIngredient drying, dust removal and mixing mobile unit
Asphalt and fuel supply mobile unitsAsphalt and fuel supply mobile units
Powder supply system mobile unit(optional)Powder supply system mobile unit(optional)
Measuring accuracyAggregate±2%Aggregate±2%
Powder ±1%Powder ±1%
Asphalt ±1.5%Asphalt ±1.5%
Dust emission concentration≤50mg/Nm3≤50mg/Nm3
Hot aggregate discharge temperature stability±5℃±5℃
Discharge temperature stability of finished product±3℃±3℃
Equipment operation reliability≥95%≥95%
Operation methodFully automatic control (manual control)Fully automatic control (manual control)
DimensionsMaximum reference: length 26.7mx width 3.43mx height 4.5mMaximum reference: length 26.7mx width 3.43mx height 4.5m
Total installed powerMaximum 180kwMaximum 230kw
Overall machine qualityAbout 70tAbout 75t
Ingredients bin volume3x8m³3x8m³
Drying drumφ1.7m (diameter) ×7m (length)φ1.8m (diameter) ×7m (length)
Bag filter320㎡400㎡
Continuous mixing hostMotor 2x22KwMotor 2x30Kw
Asphalt tankDirect heating 30m³+5m³ diesel tankDirect heating 30m³+5m³ diesel tank
New powder supply systemHorizontal (or vertical) powder tank 30m³/50m³ (optional)Horizontal (or vertical) powder tank 30m³/50m³ (optional)

Features of High Integration Mobile Continuous Asphalt Plant

High Integration Design

All components are centralized in one mobile unit. The control room and electric control cabinet are also centralized, reducing transportation costs.

Detachable Design

This design facilitates easy shipping and container loading, making the process convenient and quick.

Small Footprint

The design occupies a small area, making it easy to use. When moving, the legs can be retracted quickly and conveniently.

Quick Installation and Dismantling

The plant can be installed and dismantled quickly, allowing for easy transfer between different sites.

new asphalt batch plant working

High Integrated Mobile Continuous Asphalt Batch Plant in Indonesia

Capacity: 120 tons/hour

Model: AYLZ-120

Project Location: Road construction

Project: Urban Road Construction Projects

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Price

How much does a mobile asphalt plant cost? Understanding the price of mobile asphalt mixing plants is crucial for informed investment. These mobile asphalt stations offer flexibility, efficiency, and cost-saving benefits for various projects. They range from small-scale road repairs to large-scale highway construction. Let’s know the large or mini mobile asphalt plant latest price from manufacturers in the following together!

  • ALYQ Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant Price Range

    ALYQ60-ALYQ100: $270,000 – $380,000
    ALYQ120-ALYQ160: $440,000 – $600,000

    These ALYQ mobile asphalt batch plants are designed for small to large-sized projects. They offer excellent flexibility and efficiency. Contact us to know the specific mobile asphalt batching plant price.

  • ALYJ Compact Mobile Asphalt Plant Price Range

    ALYJ10-ALYJ30: $50,000 – $100,000
    ALYJ40-ALYJ80: $130,000 – $200,000

    The ALYJ compact asphalt mobile plants are ideal for smaller projects or temporary setups,offering simple mixing and are portable. Get the specific quote about the mobile asphalt drum mix plant cost now!

batch type mobile asphalt plant

What Projects Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Can Be Used in?

What are the different uses of a mobile asphalt mixing plant? Here are several projects that frequently use mobile asphalt mixing plants for sale, highlighting their unique features. When selecting an asphalt mixing plant, consider factors such as the temperature of the asphalt mixture, not just the application area.

road construction

Road Construction

  • Mobile asphalt mixing plants are crucial for road construction projects
  • Produce asphalt directly at the construction site, ensuring a continuous supply
  • On-site plant, reducing logistical costs and improving project efficiency

Asphalt Mixture Temperature Range: 150°C (302°F) – 170°C (338°F)

Ensure optimal workability during placement and compaction

Resulting in strong and durable pavement

Model Recommendation: Mobile Batch-type Asphalt Plant

Highway Maintenance

Highway Maintenance

  • Mobile asphalt mixing plants are essential for highway maintenance projects
  • Pothole repairs, resurfacing, and overlaying require a constant asphalt supply
  • Provide efficient and immediate asphalt production
  • Ensuring maintenance crews have on-site materials, reducing downtime

Asphalt Mixture Temperature Range: 140°C (284°F) – 160°C (320°F)

Ensure efficient and effective repair and maintenance

Model Recommendation: ALT,ALYJ, ALYQ Series

Emergency Repairs

Emergency Repairs

  • Mobile asphalt plants play a critical role in facilitating quick repairs
  • Rapid deployment and on-site asphalt production
  • Enable prompt repairs and minimize traffic disruptions

Asphalt Mixture Temperature Range: 140°C (284°F) – 160°C (320°F)

Rapid production, placement, and compaction

Ensure quick and effective road repairs

Model Recommendation: ALT mobile drum mix plant

Remote or Temporary Projects

Remote or Temporary Projects

  • In this project, mobile asphalt plants offer a practical solution
  • Easily transported to these sites
  • Provide on-site asphalt production without relying on external suppliers

Asphalt Mixture Temperature Range: 150°C (302°F) – 170°C (338°F)

Ensure proper compaction and durability of the asphalt

Model Recommendation: ALYQ mobile asphalt batch plant

Road Construction
Highway Maintenance
Emergency Repairs
Remote or Temporary Projects

Consider the specific project requirements, climate conditions, and type of asphalt when determining the temperature of the asphalt mixture. Consult industry standards, project specifications, and local authorities to determine the precise temperature requirements for each project.

Comparison Between Mobile and Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plants

How does a mobile asphalt mixing plant differ from a stationary asphalt mixing plant? Choosing between mobile and stationary asphalt mixing plants depends on the project’s specific needs. Understanding the differences in mobility, cost, capacity, and application can help make an informed decision. Let’s learn about the main difference between mobile and fixed asphalt plants together!

Mobility and Flexibility

Cost and Investment

Production Capacity

Application Scope

Difference between mobile and stationary asphalt plant

Mobility and Flexibility

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant China

  • High Mobility: Easy to transport and set up at different locations.
  • Flexible: Ideal for projects needing frequent relocation, like road repairs and remote construction.
  • Quick Setup: Fast assembly and disassembly save time and labor costs.

Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plants

  • Low Mobility: Fixed in one location, requiring significant effort to move.
  • Permanent Setup: Suitable for long-term, large-scale projects.
  • Time-Consuming Setup: Installation and dismantling take more time.
ALYT mobile asphalt drum mix plant

Cost and Investment

Mobile Asphalt Mixer Plant

  • Lower Initial Cost: Generally more affordable to start with.
  • Ongoing Cost Savings: Reduced transportation costs by moving closer to the project site.

Stationary Asphalt Mixer Plant

  • Higher Initial Cost: Requires a larger investment due to size and complexity.
  • Economies of Scale: More cost-effective for continuous, high-volume production.
integrated mobile asphalt mixer plant for sale

Production Capacity

Mobile Asphalt Mix Plant

  • Limited Capacity: Typically suited for small to medium-sized projects.
  • Flexible Production: Can adjust to specific project needs on a smaller scale.

Stationary Asphalt Mix Plant

  • High Capacity: Designed for high-volume production, ideal for large-scale projects.
  • Continuous Operation: Can run non-stop to meet extensive road construction demands.
mobile asphalt mixer plant

Application Scope

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for road construction, highway maintenance, emergency repairs, and remote projects.
  • Adaptable: Suitable for short-term projects or those with changing locations.

Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

  • Dedicated Use: Best for long-term infrastructure projects like highways, airports, and urban roads.
  • Specialized Projects: Ideal for projects requiring consistent, high-quality asphalt production.

In summary, mobile asphalt mixing plants are cost-effective and flexible, perfect for short-term or variable projects due to quick setup. Stationary asphalt mixing plant provides higher production capacity and are more cost-effective for large-scale, long-term projects. Let’s learn other aspects of the mobile asphalt plant for sale.

Working Principle Of Mobile Asphalt Plant

How does a mobile asphalt plant work? The working principle of a mobile asphalt plant China involves five key steps. These steps ensure efficient production of high-quality asphalt mixture using cold aggregate, mineral powder, and asphalt. Let’s see them together!

Aggregate Feeding
Heating & Drying
Screening & Weighing
Dust Collection
Preparation & Mixing

Cold Aggregate Feeding

Transport crushed stones from the cold aggregate supply system to the drying drum via a tilted belt conveyor.

Cold Aggregate Silo

Heating and Drying


Inside the drying drum, materials are heated.


Dry the materials inside the drying drum using the burning system.

dryer drum

Screen and Store Aggregates

Lift the heated aggregates to the screening system, sort by size, and store in the hot aggregate bin.
Weigh the aggregates and discharge them into the mixing drum.

asphalt vibration screen

Dust Collection & Preparation

Collect dust from the heating and drying process using the dust collection system. Store the dust in the recycling powder warehouse.
Store mineral powder separately, combine it with recycled dust, weigh, and discharge into the mixing drum.

baghouse dust collector

Asphalt Prepare and Mixing

Pump asphalt into a heated and insulated tank. Weigh materials on asphalt system, then discharge into mixing drum and mix together. Move mixed asphalt to storage bin, then to heated tanker.

asphalt plant main mixer

These five steps ensure a clear and efficient process for producing high-quality asphalt mixture.

Components Of Asphalt Mixing Plant Mobile

A mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale is a versatile and efficient solution for producing high-quality asphalt mixtures. It consists of various asphalt plant components such as the cold aggregate supply system, drying drum, vibrating screen, and mixing tower. Each part plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and production of top-grade asphalt for various construction projects.

  • Cold Aggregate Supply: Transports crushed stone for cold aggregate stores.
  • Tilted Belt Feeding Conveyor: Lifts cold aggregates to the drying system.
  • Drying Drum: Heats and dries the cold aggregates.
  • Burning System: In the drying drum, it heats and dries aggregates.
  • Hot Aggregate Elevator: Lifts the heated aggregates to the next system.
  • Vibrating Screen: Screen hot aggregates by diameter post-elevator lift.
  • Storage Warehouse: Stores proportioned hot aggregates.
  • Filler Supply System: Stores mineral powder, such as sand.
  • Dust Collecting System: Dust is removed, dried, and recycled.
  • Asphalt Supply System: Supplies asphalt.
  • Mixing Tower: Mixes the asphalt mixture.
  • Pneumatic Control System: Controls pneumatic devices.
  • Electric Control System: Manages the entire working process.
  • Finished Product Storage Bin: Stores the asphalt mixture.
mobile asphalt batch plant

These components work together to ensure efficient production of high-quality asphalt mixture.

Mobile Asphalt Plant FAQs

What Is Mobile Hot Mix Plant?

What is mobile asphalt plant? A mobile hot mix plant is a mixing equipment that can be easily moved between different construction sites, primarily used for on-site production of hot mix asphalt concrete.

Why Should We Choose Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant?

Choosing a mobile asphalt drum mix plant for sale offers convenience in quick deployment and relocation, making it ideal for tight construction schedules and frequently changing locations. This significantly enhances construction efficiency and flexibility.

Top Benefits of Using Mobile Asphalt Plant for Construction Business?

The main mobile asphalt plant advantages are flexibility, fast deployment, lower logistics costs, and scalable production based on needs. This perfectly suits the diverse requirements of the construction industry.

Why You Should Think About Mobile Asphalt Plant?

With its convenient mobility and swift production capabilities, an asphalt plant mobile can quickly respond to varying site demands, thereby saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing overall project efficiency.

How to Check Out the Mobile Asphalt Plant Price?

You can contact mobile asphalt plant manufacturers or agents for detailed pricing based on your specific requirements and asphalt batch plant.

What Is the Capacity of Mobile Asphalt Plant?

The capacity of a mobile asphalt plant varies depending on the equipment model and configuration. You should select the appropriate capacity level based on your specific needs and project scale.

What Factors Affect the Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Price?

The mobile asphalt mix plant price is influenced by equipment model, capacity, technology, materials quality, brand, and mobile asphalt mixer manufacturer’s after-sales service.

How to Set up Mobile Asphalt Plant?

To install a mobile asphalt plant, choose a flat site close to the construction area with easy material transportation and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Then, clear and level the ground, install necessary foundations, and prepare for operation.

ALYQ asphalt plant mobile

Advantages Of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Mobile asphalt mixing plants for sale offer numerous advantages that make them ideal for various construction projects. Let’s explore these benefits in detail.
  • Modular Design

    The modular design ensures quick and convenient relocation, meeting the needs of different construction sites.

  • Special Mixing Blades

    Specially designed mixing blades, combined with a strong driving force, ensure more reliable and efficient operation of the mixing drum.

  • Efficient Vibration Motor

    Imported vibration motors drive the vibrating screen, improving efficiency and reducing fault rates.

  • Cloth-Bag Dust Removal System

    The cloth-bag dust removal system operates under dry conditions and is mounted on top of the mixing drum. This setup reduces heat loss, saves space, and conserves fuel.

  • Reversed Stock Bin Structure

    The bottom structure of the stock bin is reversed, minimizing land occupation and eliminating the need for a lifting space for finished materials, which reduces fault rates.

  • Double Row Plate Aggregate Lifting

    The aggregate lifting system uses a double row plate design, extending the elevator’s service life and enhancing functional stability.

  • Dual Automatic Control System

    Features a fully automatic control computer or manual control with an automatic fault diagnosis program, ensuring safe and easy operation.

These advantages of mobile asphalt plant make mobile asphalt mixing plants for sale a top choice for efficient and reliable asphalt production on various construction sites.

AIMIX Service: Your Partner for Mobile Asphalt Mixing Solutions

As a mobile asphalt mix plant supplier, AIMIX is excited to introduce our services and advantages. We specialize in high-quality mobile asphalt mixing solutions. With years of experience in road construction, we, as an experienced asphalt plant supplier, provide high-quality equipment and comprehensive support to ensure your project’s success. Learn more about them in detail.

Professional Consultation

Our experienced team offers expert advice on equipment selection, configuration, and application to ensure you choose the best asphalt mixing plant mobile.

Customized Solutions

We, as a mobile asphalt batching plant supplier, tailor equipment solutions to meet your specific project requirements, providing personalized service.

Installation and Commissioning

We offer on-site installation and commissioning services to ensure proper setup and efficient operation. Our technicians also provide training to help your team quickly master the asphalt plant mobile.

Support and Maintenance

Our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist with any issues during use. We also offer regular maintenance and servicing to ensure long-term stable operation.

Spare Parts Supply

We provide ample supply of original spare parts to ensure timely availability when equipment requires maintenance or replacement of parts. This minimizes downtime effectively.

After-Sales Service

We are committed to excellent after-sales service, including prompt customer feedback response, problem resolution, and ongoing technical upgrades and improvement suggestions.

Choose AIMIX, Achieve Success

In the road and bridge construction industry, AIMIX stands as one of leading mobile asphalt mixing plant suppliers, dedicated to providing efficient and reliable solutions. Our mobile asphalt plant, incorporating advanced technology, offers advantages such as quick mobility, efficient mixing, and eco-friendly energy savings, meeting diverse project needs. Whether for new road construction or maintaining existing infrastructure, AIMIX supports every project with outstanding equipment quality and professional service. Choosing AIMIX means selecting not just reliable mobile bitumen batching plant but also a long-term partner in advancing road construction. Welcome you to contact us and get the detailed information, we will give you the best asphalt plant cost.

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