Full Tracking from Shipment to Production of ajy60 concrete batching plant

Shipping and Installing Mobile Batching Plant in Kazakhstan

Great news! Aimix mobile concrete batching plant has been successfully put into production in Kazakhstan! This customer chose Aimix’s AJY-60 mobile concrete batching plant. Let me give you a detailed introduction to this casaas Purchase and Production After comparing several suppliers, this customer selected aimix. After comprehensively considering the engineering needs, our team recommended the …

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Kazakhstan Installation of stationary concrete batching plant

From Installation to Operation: Batching Plant in Kazakhstan

Aimix, known for its vast experience and strong technical skills in concrete batching plants, has become the first choice for many customers around the world. Recently, a customer from Kazakhstan chose our AJ-60 stationary concrete batching plant. It has now been successfully installed and put into use. Let me give you a detailed introduction to …

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April 2024 aj75 Stationary concrete batching plant to Kazakhstan

Speed & Communication: Stationary Batching Plant to Kazakhstan

In 2024, Aimix Group reached a significant agreement with a customer from Kazakhstan, marking the beginning of our collaborative relationship. The customer is in urgent need of a concrete batching plant. Under the guidance of our team, the customer decided to purchase the AJ-75 stationary concrete batching plant. Project Initiation and Production Process AJ-75 is …

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AJ180 stationary concrete batching plant Kazakhstan

Braving the Snow: Aimix Batching Plant Setup in Kazakhstan

At the end of 2023, we received an order from Kazakhstan. The customer needs a large concrete batching plant to ensure the concrete needs of the project. Under the analysis of aimix professionals, the customer finally decided to choose AJ-180 stationary concrete batching plant. Shipping and Arrival The preparation process went smoothly, with all equipment, …

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AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Was On The Way To Kazakhstan

In the last month of 2021, we received payment from a customer in Kazakhstan for an AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck for residential construction. This customer purchased the equipment through our local agent. The customer knew that the AS-3.5 was the best-selling model, and it just met his engineering needs, so he quickly placed the …

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selfloadingmixer export

Export AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck To Kazakhstan By Car

AIMIX shipped a self loading concrete mixer truck to Kazakhstan on December 22, model AS-3.5, with an hourly output of 14 cubic meters of concrete. It is understood that our client wants to use self-loading concrete mixer trucks to build roads. The customer found our website on Yandex. At first, the customer wanted to buy …

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self loading concrete mixer to Kazakhstan

Three Sets Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Trucks Exported To Kazakhstan

Great news here! Three sets of self-loading concrete mixer trucks were exported to Kazakhstan on August 18, 2021. Here are some shipment pictures for your reference. Self-loading concrete mixer truck is the most popular type of construction machine not only in Russia but also in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We have exported more than 50 sets …

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self-loading cement mixer Almaty

AS-3.5 Self-Loading Concrete Truck Mixer Was Exported To Almaty Kazakhstan In May

Good news coming! AIMIX exported AS-3.5 self-loading concrete truck mixer to Almaty Kazahstan on May 17, 2021. Affected by the epidemic and rising freight rates, many of our customers are on the sidelines. However, many customers took this opportunity to purchase our equipment, especially self-loading concrete mixer trucks, and the sales volume is still the …

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self-loading concrete transit mixer Kazakhstan

3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machine Exported To Kazakhstan In April

Congratulations AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer machine was exported to Kazakhstan on 20th, April! The followings are some loading pictures for your reference. It is the most popular one among our group. And we have exported more than 50 sets of 3.5m3 self loading concrete mixers to the world, such as, Uganda, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, …

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self loading cement mixer Kazakhstan

2.6 Cubic Meter Self Concrete Mixer To Kazakhstan

Good news! 2.6 cubic meter self concrete mixer was going to Kazakhstan! We have exported more than 50 sets of self concrete mixers to Russian region, and all of them received high praises. And we have exported 1.2 cubic meter, 1.8 cubic meter, 2.5 cubic meter, 2.6 cubic meter, 3.5 cubic meter and 4.0 cubic …

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