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2.6 Cubic Meter Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Was Going To Uzbekistan

Congratulations to the 2.6 cubic meter self-loading concrete mixer truck ready to be sent to Uzbekistan. According to the cases before, customers from Uzbekistan particularly like self-loading concrete mixer trucks. It is not only 2.6 cubic meter, but also 1.2 cubic meter, 1.8 cubic meter, 3.5 cubic meter and 4.0 cubic meter. So why are self-loading concrete mixer trucks so popular?

concrete drum of self mixer
drum of self mixer
self loading concrete mixer truck for Philippines
self loading mixer Philippines

Why do customers prefer to choose a self-load concrete mixer truck?

1. Instead of manual stirring, reject traditional stirring.
2. Instead of transport concrete mixers, save transportation time.
3. Instead of blender, it is very power saving.
4. Instead of loader, reduce reciprocating loading and unloading.
5. Instead of concrete mixing plant, the cost is high and transportation is delayed.

2.6 cubic meter self loading mixer
2.6 cubic meter self loading mixer

Equipment Model AS-2.6 m3 Self Loading Mixer truck
Engine Model Yuchai 4102 Turbo-Charged
Rated Power 78kw
Gear Box Model ZL-280 Power Shift Transmission
Gearshift 2 Forward 2 Back
Fuel Tank 75L
Total Hydraulic System Capacity 75 Liters
Oil Tank 16 Liters
Reducer HJ80-43
Hydraulic Pump CBGQ 2050/2032
Hydraulic Motor BM5-160
Water Tank 500L
Water Supply Time Relay
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 7860*2750*4100
Wheelbase (mm) 2800
Curb Weight (Kg) 6500
Drive Form Torque Converter

Parts of selfloading concrete mixer truck<、h2>
1. Adopt Yuchai engine, full power, nationwide warranty.
2. One-click to start the cab, simple operation and complete functions.
3. Imported hydraulic rotary motor.
4. Using automatic water-suction centrifugal pump, can achieve fast water loading.
5. Equipped with a camera, you can clearly and intuitively see the surrounding conditions.
6. Hydraulic oil cylinder: simple structure, stable operation and strong flexibility.

Our self-loading concrete mixer truck is suitable for all projects that require concrete, such as rural roads, roads, mountain roads, building houses, company construction, bridge construction, etc. If you are interested, please contact us!

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