ABJZ40C Small Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Was Sent To Indonesia

Congratulations ABJZ40C small diesel concrete mixer pump was ready to Papua, Indonesia. Our client planned to use this efficient concrete mixer pump for his building construction. This concrete mixer and pump not only can pump concrete but also produce concrete. In addition, it is diesel type, can work normally and efficiently in poor electricity condition, such as, electric voltage is unstable and electricity is not very sufficient.

ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump Indonesia
diesel cement mixer pump
diesel concrete mixer with pump Indonesia
nameplate of mixer pump

Why buy from AIMIX

1. As for concrete mixer with pump, particularly diesel type, we had large orders, and we processed more than 500 orders for diesel concrete mixing pumps, so we have rich experience.
2. Our diesel cement mixer pump can reach stable performance.
3. We imported brand parts, so that diesel concrete mixer with pump has a long service life.
4. We have professional after-sales service team, can give you timely help.
5. There is spare part supply warehouse, any needs, you can contact us immediately! Of course, when we arrange shipment, we will prepare some wearing parts for you.

diesel engine concrete mixer pump
diesel engine concrete mixer pump

Items: ABJZ40C
Max. theo. concrete output(L./H)(M3/h): 40
Mixer rated feed capacity(m3): 0.56
Mixer rated discharge capacity(m3): 0.45
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)(MPa): 10
Distribution valve type: S Valve
Winding motor power(KW): Hydraulic motor
Stir the motor power(KW): Hydraulic motor
Water pump motor power(KW): Hydraulic motor

Last year, we set up our office in Indonesia, to give you better and closer service, now our salesman is there. So as long as you need, leave your message on our website. We will give you prompt response.

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