semi automatic hydraulic block machine to Honduras

ABM-3S Semi Automatic Hydraulic Brick Machine Was Transported To Honduras

Congratulations to the successful delivery of AIMIX ABM-3S semi-automatic hydraulic brick making machine to Honduras. This hydraulic brick machine can produce road shoulders, river bricks, slope protection bricks, square bricks, wharf bricks, grass planting bricks and other products as long as the mold is replaced. It is an ideal choice for new starter. Let’s take a look at the characteristics and performance of this hydraulic brick making machine.

ABM-3S hydraulic block machine
ABM-3S semi automatic hydraulic block machine
semi automatic hydraulic block machine
semi automatic hydraulic block machine to Honduras
shipment of ABM-3S hydraulic block machine Honduras

Specifications of ABM-3S semi automatic hydraulic brick machine

JQ400 concrete mixer:
Input capacity: 650L;
Output capacity: 400L;
Dimension(mm): Diameter*1500mm; Height*1300mm; Side thickness: 8mm;
Power: 7.5KW;
Weight: 750kg

Hydraulic unit: 1piece
Pallets feeder: 1piece
Blocks conveyor: 1piece
Color feeder system: 1piece
Spare parts: 1piece

Conveyor belt: 8 meter
Manual cart: 2 sets
Stacker: 1 set
Mold: 400*200*200mm; 400*125*200mm; 400*100*200mm

AIMIX hydraulic block machine to Honduras
semi automatic hydraulic-block machine for Honduras
transport hydraulic block machine to Honduras

Characteristics and Performance of ABM-3S semi automatic brick machine

1. Low-frequency feeding and high-frequency vibrating, the table-pressing vibration system makes the concrete fully liquefied and exhausted in two to three seconds to achieve high density and high strength.
2. Advanced hydraulic proportional control technology can easily control the pressure and oil volume of any branch oil circuit of the hydraulic system, so that different raw materials can be used to produce the same high-quality products.
3. The integrated oil circuit system adopts the international standardization model, with a long life and low energy consumption design. The introduction of a large number of imported devices is another guarantee of high quality.
4. The vibration system is composed of two parts, both table vibration and pressure vibration, the product is formed quickly, and the compactness is uniform. Novel fabric system, accurate feeding and consistent product density.

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